What I’m Doing with my Winter Vacation:
Making Astrology Work for You

Chart for the Somewhere In Between Gemini reading.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

The word “vacation” always reminds me of Cheech and Chong.

Your Somewhere In Between readings for 2024 are coming together. I’m still in the writing stage, about three-quarters done, trying not to let Mercury retrograde mess with my mind. There are days I feel like I’m flying into a headwind, though my direction is always “onward.”

Click or tap to pre-order Somewhere In Between.
Click or tap to pre-order Somewhere In Between.

The astrology of these next few seasons is ominous, and it leads into a three-year stage of events with significant public impact — the focus in 2025 is the Aries Point.

The good news is that the callings are clear; the charts describe situations, and also provide ideas for what we can do with them, and about them.

Most astrologers would consider a project like this to be a lifetime achievement. I do it every year, aspiring to make each edition better than the next — 25 times before the current edition..

These are book-quality readings, in printable format, written for those with no prior understanding of astrology. You do not need to be an expert in any sense, and these readings will answer many questions you’ve been carrying around for years. If you are an astrology student, you will find them mighty informative.

These are readings that a smart teenager would understand (and suitable for them), and they will be even more relevant to adults working to make the most of their lives. These readings take a long view, bringing you up to date from the Pluto in Capricorn era, and pointing the way forward into the next-gen astrology of Pluto in Aquarius.

By astrology, I mean the unfolding story of our lives, as written in the planets. If the past three years are any basis for comparison, things are looking up. And we are headed into the Chinese year of the Dragon. That’s always an adventure and rewards a bold approach to existence.

Somewhere In Between Previews for All 12 Signs

Photo by Eric Francis.

Today is Gemini’s Day

Today seems to be the day I’m wrapping the Gemini written project. All the signs have a solid draft; in completing them, I’m working my way in from the two ends of the zodiac, toward the middle. Gemini is easy to write about. The conversational and mental nature of this sign lends itself well to words. Just read the lyrics to any Bob Dylan song for confirmation.

For contrast, Capricorn took the past three days. It was like working in stone.

My readings all work with four major events of 2024 (Pluto entering Aquarius, the Aries solar eclipse conjunct Chiron, Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn conjunct Nessus in Pisces). Then I use events specific to any one sign. For example, Jupiter entering Gemini will be in the lead of the Gemini reading.

These readings are taking a lot of rewriting, which you would expect with Mercury retrograde. I revise and edit to make sure that I not only get it right, but that I do no harm. One unclear or misplaced sentence can turn someone against themselves, or discourage someone from an important goal. My job is to navigate the obstacles, not create more of them.

Shout that from the rooftops.

Here is how to preorder Somewhere In Between. There will be a significant price increase once we’ve published.

Your current astrology is in the podcast above the horoscope. I’m planning Planet Waves FM tomorrow night, just to get a break from all this writing.

Thanks for tuning in, and for your business, and your trust.

With love,

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Somewhere In Between Previews for All 12 Signs

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