The Dharma — Your 2020 Spring Reading for Libra

Introduction from Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Client:

Your DHARMA readings are ready. These video presentations are the result of many years developing sophisticated astrology discussions using the whole-sign/solar chart. For some questions, the birth chart offers extra guidance. The solar chart is rich with information as well, as you will see.

To this work, I bring many years of experience and practice as a consulting astrologer, business consultant and personal advisor — and journalist. The presentations include readings of the astrology, but are much more than that.

Eric Francis Coppolino

I suggest you play them at least twice: once watching, and once just listening. You will have two different experiences, and hear different ideas and thoughts emerge. Try to notice what you detect via either method.

You will see that I am using a diversity of newly discovered planets, most of which are well developed in Planet Waves literature. We’ve added some articles about the key ones that I mention to the resources list below.

I suggest, though, that the astrology is secondary to the subject matter; what I say about it and its influence on you is more significant. My intention as a presenter is to put you in contact with your personal resources, to impart a positive attitude, and to motivate you to take action. Stated as one goal, my intention is to give you reasons to have faith in yourself, your abilities and your ideas.

Take your time: I design my work to save you years of therapy and pointless effort — in an era when it’s very difficult to find a good therapist, and more difficult to afford one.

That said, astrology can be interesting, especially if you take it as an introspective study. I am doing something different with astrology than any of my colleagues: in this work, I serve more as a therapist than as a diviner. I am here to show you where you stand in relationship to history. I am here to point you to where the action is in your chart.

I make many references to houses. Here is an excellent guide that I wrote back in 2017, based on two decades of research, reading, writing and experimentation.

For additional depth, I suggest you read the INTELLIGENCE 2020 readings. I consider those my best written work — and it’s nice and fresh, written about this year.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

with love,


Introductory background video:

The Dharma for Libra:


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