Walls, Doors and Bridges

“The Doors of Two Suns” by Lanvi Nguyen.

INTELLIGENCE for Cancer by Eric Francis

Your destination at the 2020 winter solstice is a place of agreement and accord; a space of order in your life that is rare to find. This involves both your relationships and your financial agreements. It’s as if you get access to a trust fund, or form a highly successful partnership or corporation. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets, occurs in your 8th house. This conjunction takes place just once every 20 years, and is an important marker of generational movement.

One of the most sensitive of the lot, the 8th house is where humanity keeps some of its worst troubles — such as its obsession with secrecy, power, death, jealousy and control, as well as many negative attachments to sex. Yet to place Jupiter and Saturn here is to overwhelm the 8th with creative and constructive potential. And where the two are placed together, potential has an excellent chance of manifesting.

It will help immensely if you hold a vision for yourself, which must be an evolving rather than a fixed one. The most helpful thing you can do is to keep your perspective moving; the most dangerous is to fixate on one thing, one goal, or one ideology. When you envision, take a holistic approach: imagine your idea of an integrated life, where everything relates to everything else in a wholesome way.

The image of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius in your 8th solar house (8th by whole signs for Cancer rising) is one of perfect integration: of self and other, of mutual commitment, of community and of mission. It’s an image of where idea meets action, and where the building process of your life is inspired by wisdom coming from what seems like something beyond you.

The 8th also serves as a kind of magnet, the quality of which is described by the sign involved, and the planets involved. With Aquarius on your 8th, groups have a role in your life that many people you know have no concept of — a depth of involvement and of purpose. As this astrology takes hold in late 2020, that purpose comes into full fruition for you.

Seen another way, you are moving to a level of full involvement with the people in your life, though this will likely be unfolding on a much larger scale than you’re accustomed to. The 8th house includes important elements of the flow of events, money, people and information. It can be the scene of lifelong bonds; that is the deeper intent.

Saturn set in this context will provide a stabilizing influence, and Jupiter offers a sense of the expanded scale. Yet to get there, it’s necessary to focus on all the work that you need to do, where relationships are concerned. This is not really work in relationships, but a commitment to growth as an independent being. While the 8th brings involvement and Aquarius often signifies groups, the underlying theme is asserting your true self, your personhood, your actual autonomy and ability to make decisions within the context of involvements and relationships.

This is the place where most people get lost: they want the benefits of involvement and are often afraid to assert themselves for fear of losing what they have. You will benefit from taking the opposite approach, a bold one, based on being solid in the person you are. This, you are working toward today.

Events in Capricorn, 2008-present

These developments would be a stark contrast to the events of previous years, indeed long years, when it seems that all the chaos and turmoil of the world has been right in your face. One after the next, you’ve met forces beyond your control. This stretches back to about 2008, when Pluto entered your opposite sign Capricorn, your 7th solar house (or 7th by whole signs) of relationships and your prevailing environment: that is, the world you experience directly in front of you.

Pluto through the 7th has come with a gradual ramping up of the intensity of your life the past decade. There have been a series of peak moments as well, particularly centered around the Uranus-Pluto square in the 2012 era (there have been others). Now the Pluto-in-Capricorn era is building to its peak, as Saturn approaches a conjunction to the anti-planet at the edge of reality; that takes place Jan. 12, 2020.

In the remaining few seasons before this event, take the time and make the effort to wrap up pending or incomplete business. This would best involve both people and things: taking care of relationships, and taking care of physical spaces. Make an effort to come to closure on outstanding commitments, particularly work responsibilities that you no longer want. Tap into the power of both Saturn and Pluto traversing your 7th, which will enhance your ability to clear space. The idea is to make room for what you want, by resolving or removing what you don’t want.

This transit may come with the feeling of “time running out.” There is inherent in both Saturn and Pluto the notion of mortality. Under these conditions, this is not the time to live like there is all the time in the world. Rather, it’s your reminder to live as if time is precious, and use every day wisely. This transit is here to remind you why you’re alive — and to live for that purpose and that purpose only.

Time Check: Chiron in Capricorn, late 2001-2005

For about four years, from late 2001-mid 2005, Chiron was in Capricorn. These were rough years for many Americans, in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 incident, and a phase of lockdown/freeze-up in society. The trauma of Sept. 11 was so much that many people did a psychic version of the “wrap the house in duct tape and plastic” routine, which was (in fact) being suggested in case there was an anthrax attack.

The existence of cultural and individual trauma may have thrown you off the scent of some cherished goals, or impacted your relationships in a harsh way. I suggest that you do a little recovery work here, and remember what it was you really wanted to do in those days that you may have been sidetracked from. If you were able to persist with your plans and your desires, you deserve extra credit.

As you scan back through that era, you may recall issues that came up, and consider how you addressed them. Assess whether you actually came to closure on matters that arose in those years, particularly involving personal relationships. How did those events shape your trajectory? What decisions did you make? What position did you commit to? This is some of the same material that may arise in the context of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. You don’t need for it to surface on its own; you can take the initiative and do the cleanup work on those specific issues, cares or concerns.

One of the injuries that anyone who lived through that time may face is lack of trust in society and the stability of society. We are now dealing with this same issue today, in another form. It may seem comical that the president of the United States has threatened to investigate Saturday Night Live for mocking him, but only if you forget that there are a lot worse things that can go wrong. I suggest you make the theme of “trusting the stability of society” into a conscious spiritual quest. Establish a new relationship with it, and do what you can to determine what your role should be under the conditions society is facing. You have an excellent view of the changes that are emerging, which puts you in the position to adapt early and play the role of a guide, leader or teacher. Other factors in your chart suggest this as well.

Interior, Exterior: Cancer and Aries

Your sign is famous for its interior quality, for making a home, and for the love of solitude. These are states of being that are essential to your wellbeing, and I suggest you go out of your way to honor them. In order for you to feel secure anywhere in the world, you must feel confident and like you belong in your own home. In particular, it must in some way reflect your tastes, and your practical needs — particularly your bedroom and your kitchen.

This may sound like the most ordinary thing in the world out of the most basic astrology book, though some of that is true, and some of it is ambrosia. Home is your sanctuary, and you must always know that it’s there for you to return to, no matter what you may do — or where you may go — in the world. Your home being as you want it, and as you need it, is some of the most essential medicine and nourishment you can give to yourself. It’s worth investing your resources in as a top priority.

Yet there are qualities that call you out of yourself, and they are being activated now. One of them is the placement of Aries on your 10th house, which is all about reputation and public responsibility. In its more domestic forms, the 10th is about being a parent, or the head of a family, though with the world so career-focused today, the professional aspect of life is so hyper-focused that it’s an essential element of the 10th.

Where you have Aries you will seek yourself (this goes for anyone). Because Aries is found in your 10th, you will be drawn out of your shell as a requirement for your growth. It is a position of inherent leadership. Though you may be a reluctant leader, you can be an excellent one, and certainly raising a family can be an expression of that. Yet it’s this same orientation that draws you into leadership on a wider scale, such as organizational or corporate, and can place you in a foundational role when it comes to starting an enterprise of some kind. This is because Aries is the sign of initiative, and in this position represents either being a founder or someone else who gets involved on the ground floor.

Transit activity to this house/sign will tell us something about the nature of that drawing out, and of the work itself, and there has been plenty in recent years. Since about 2011, Uranus was a presence, which had a dual effect: activating this house, and also to a real degree scattering your energy.

Among the ways you may have been scattered is through unfocused group energy: unwieldy people, groups without a clearly defined purpose, and also the inherent chaos and confusion of our day. Much of this is technologically rooted, with difficult and sometimes disastrous results from too much attempting to understand one another without nonverbal cues, or the trust built up from actually relating to one another in person. That presumes the attempt to understand; there are other situations where few people care, but where you still end up with responsibility for the outcome.

Enter Chiron Into Your 10th

Yet over the past year, the influence of Uranus has been replaced by that of Chiron. While Chiron always brings a new set of challenges, the good news is they tend to be useful, informative, workable and productive. Chiron is an occasion that is worth rising to. This means a reorientation and a new approach to aspiration and the whole concept of achievement; a new approach to leadership and self-leadership.

All bona fide leaders are able to manage their lives, and work from a place of strength. Be mindful of that. Any struggle to handle your own affairs could come off as hypocrisy when guiding other people in what to do and how to work together.

Uranus through the 10th has been exciting at times, and it’s provided you with a lot of experience, though it’s good that it’s over. Time will tell what you learned from your experiences; there has been plenty.

But you’re too reserved a person for that kind of chaos, and Chiron now in your 10th for the next eight years or so will provide you with opportunities to focus, to refine your mission and to consolidate your power. I don’t use that word lightly or in the sense of an energy drink. I mean it in the sense of self-mastery, and therefore, a degree of authority over your affairs.

Uranus can be disruptive, and can up-end plans that were long in the development and building. It’s also a source or sign of invention and innovation. You’ve likely been put in many situations where you’ve had to use your skills to adapt and create your career as you go, in a way that’s typical of our era of history but especially so.

What emerged during this transit, and what survived it, has demonstrated considerable staying power. Now is the time to evaluate what has worked, and develop that. There will be some obvious points and there will be some subtle ones.

Go back to 2010-2011 and consider what you’ve accomplished since then. Moreover, consider what plans you had back then, and evaluate how they’ve materialized today. Consider your process of going through your revisions. Make a brief history of all the weird things that have gone wrong: the sidetracks, the seeming failures that turned out not to be, the things that really didn’t work at all, what blew up, what came out of nowhere — and also the ones that started as a good idea and then took 10 to 20 revisions to get where they are today.

As I described at length in the Aries reference reading, this particular sign has been one of the scenes of the digital age and all that it represents — especially the human impact. It’s likely that your work is more invested in the digital realm than you would like. You thrive on human contact and a sense of familiarity. Digital is terrible for these things, though you have not changed. You’ve adapted, out of urgent necessity. I would not be surprised if you’re still a late adapter to many technological advances, in lieu of avoiding them totally (which is not really possible these days).

Chiron is showing up with a jolt, pulling the focus of your work and leadership back into the human realm. You can help this process, and you will benefit from doing so. First, notice the effects of what is happening. Consider the trajectory of technical advances in the time you’ve been alive, and in the workforce.

For example, get as many meetings out of email and chat and into in-person spaces, or — at worst — on the phone. Pay attention to what individual people need, and how you might be of service to them. Remember that within all group relationships are many one-on-one relationships; it would be wise of you never to relate to the group, but rather to individual people.

It would make an interesting brainstorming session to discuss how to divest from digital and reinvest in the physical. Ideas might include using physical objects (pen and notebook), sending letters instead of email, calling people instead of emailing, visiting them instead of conducting a conversation on the phone (walk down the hall; go out to lunch), and so on. I am sure that with three or four smart people and an hour of brainstorming, we could come up with 100 ways to go retro and subvert the dehumanization of digital, though in the end, it’s about being human, and remembering that you’re human.

Chiron will be good at pointing out the places where there has been a loss of humanity or personhood; and that will point to where and how to respond and recover. The most helpful thing you can do is to be a person, not a machine.

Chiron’s Leadership Style

There is a particular style of leadership associated with Chiron when it’s working well, and it begins with making sure you leave your problems at home, or work them out in the therapist’s office. Be aware of your weaknesses, and own them fully. Make every effort not to project them onto others; this will not help anyone.

The basis of Chiron’s leadership style is one-on-one. It’s never about prevailing over the masses. It’s much more about teaching than being the boss, though you must never be afraid to take authority when you need to. It’s just that the basis of your authority is about respect rather than about power-over. The most important teaching is by example. What you say matters less; what you do matters more. Whether there is consistency between what you say and what you do matters the most. Make sure you attend to these things.

Currently, Chiron is hovering around the very beginning of the zodiac, and will be for a couple of years. This is a zone where the personal realm intersects with the collective. The presence of Chiron in this location has come along with an eruption of wounding; the essence is that many people are taking cultural narratives and recasting them as something extremely personal; and at the same time, taking the most personal material and pretending that it’s about everyone and everything, everywhere. This is then packaged as progressive activism. I would urge that you approach this phenomenon with caution in any form it takes, as your Chiron transit across early Aries has you in a position of collective responsibility, but also of visibility. And, notably, Chiron transits can mark the arrival of people who are in some way acting out their wounding rather than addressing it honestly.

Whatever leadership role you’re in, whether on the level of your family, your business, your community, a large company or a whole country, you’re likely to run into this issue. And to be safe as someone who will handle it, you must clarify this boundary for yourself: for example, you need to know what is collective and what is individual. I suggest erring on the side of everything being personal, and not easily accepting that something is an issue affecting all of society — until you have documented proof over a long period of time.

People love to try to get rid of their problems by saying “this is about everyone” — and part of your leadership role is being the person who does not do that; being the person who takes responsibility for your own situation. One condition that surfaces a lot in our time of history, described by both astrology and cultural events, is the need for personal accountability, and some level of personal responsibility for our lives: what we feel, what we need, what we believe, what circumstances we place ourselves in, and what results we get.

When Chiron does the victim trip, it’s ugly. It is the essence of the “wounded healer” or in this case “wounded leader” aspect of Chiron. This need not be. Yet for it not to be, you will need to depart from the crowd and its obsession with blame, and projecting responsibility onto others.

So we could say here that the first element of Chiron’s leadership process is taking full charge of your healing process, and getting the help, the teaching, the support and the experience that you need. Chiron’s presence in the 10th is a calling that you will respond to, not something you would approach with ambition. If there is any aspiration in the equation, it’s about reaching for an ethical approach to fulfilling your role, serving the greatest good for all concerned.

This is not easy. There are issues that will take time, patience and resources to work out the right way rather than the simple, seemingly efficient way. Think of it like this: the top line of the chart — the 10th house cusp, in any form that it takes, in any kind of chart — represents a form of executive authority. And that is the very one thing in the world of the least concern to Chiron.

Chiron is more effective at informal leadership — the kind without the official title and door sign; the kind based on respect and communication ability. Ultimately, whether the context is formal or informal, Chiron leads through teaching and example, not through power. Yet when Chiron is present in this angle, there must be considerable attention paid to those levels of authority: a very high level of responsibility and of awareness of the human environment.

Speaking of: as I relate carefully in the Aries reference reading (please read this for more information), Aries has been the scene of a technological takeover of personhood. Society has become a technocracy, with artificial “intelligence” (a form of synthetic stupidity) being applied to every facet of leadership. For every problem, there is a supposedly technical solution, not a human one. Your job is to ensure that the human level is your primary focus, and is always in the discussion. This is inconvenient; humans are messy. But the impact of technology is messier, particularly if it’s taken on the level of a god — which in our society, it is.

I just received an email from a reader, who described these technological “solutions” as “fragmentary mechanics of thinking and subsequent conflicting images, and which can never, ever understand and embrace the whole picture – the intimate, flowing wholeness of everything.”

Now, you might not want to say this in a job interview or at a staff meeting, but it’s something to keep in mind, or at least program into a reminder in your phone. Set an alarm for every 15 minutes, reminding you to honor the intimate, flowing wholeness of everything (perhaps use the “marimba” ring tone). This topic is not discussed enough. It came up in Book 3 of Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, and I’ve quoted this passage frequently:

“As I have said, this isn’t the first time your civilization has been at this brink. I want to repeat this, because it is vital that you hear this. Once before on your planet, the technology you developed was far greater than your ability to use it responsibly. You are approaching the same point in human history again. It is vitally important that you understand this. Your present technology is threatening to outstrip your ability to use it wisely. Your society is on the verge of becoming a product of your technology rather than your technology being a product of your society. When a society becomes a product of its own technology, it destroys itself.”

So you can think of your role as being one who guides the sane use of technology in any context where you have a leadership role.

Chiron likes to run a meritocracy: those who learn and master skills, and who prove themselves to be dependable, get more responsibility.

One of Chiron’s purposes is to teach us how to be different — how to stand out. This is best done for a relevant purpose rather than for its own sake. Chiron is the rebel with a clue, a mission, an idea and an ideal.

Usually that concept is long in the development, so this transit is suggesting that you work with a story arc for what you want to accomplish. You learned from the Uranus-in-Aries era that quick hits are not your thing. They don’t accomplish much in our transient world.

When it’s not working well, Chiron’s 10th house presence can lead to needless conflicts with authority figures, corporations and governments. So you will want to mind your Ps and Qs where laws, rules, policies and regulations are concerned, and make sure you follow the minimal guidelines, and the very important ones — so that by this means, you can diverge from the rules in more relevant ways.

The Salacia Factor

This year, Chiron in your 10th house is in a long conjunction with a slow-mover called Salacia; this will last well into 2020, though the peak is this year. I cover this in detail in the Aries and Capricorn reference readings, and I suggest you take a look. In this passage, I plan to contextualize this conjunction into your professional environment, and also account for a connection to your closest personal relationships.

There will be many contexts in which understanding your one-on-one contact with people guides you to better professional work methods. All relationships are ultimately one-on-one. Bear in mind that all of our relationships are in some way based on our original family of origin relationships, deep programming that is not easy to unravel. It depends on doing the deeper working out of relationships with your mother, father and very early surrogate parents. Influences coming in through Capricorn, your relationship house, emphasize this point.

Part of the crisis in our society involves sex, and what is perceived as sexual power. There is currently a panic around the place where authority and sexuality intersect, which is fueled in part by the fact that people in authority are often considered sexually attractive or at least compelling. That might include you.

Sex and power are often conflated. The use of sex, in any form, to gain power over someone, in any form, is all the same, no matter who is doing it to whom. This is rarely seen for what it is. Anyone, of any sex, gender or sexual orientation, is capable of wielding sex as a means of gaining an advantage. The sex you want is that which is freely given, rather than in any way bartered, offered as a privilege, or used in compensation for some advantage gained or given. Sex, when wholesome, is for play, communication, sharing and healing. It is not about power.

I am not talking about “power play,” or “power exchange,” which is a recreational activity engaged in by wholly willing participants, by agreement (sometimes referred to as dominant/submissive play). The person who is taking a submissive role in the play aspect of sex may not be a submissive person in the relationship. The two may be unrelated.

One meme of our times is the notion that sex always has some inherent quality of violation. Those making this claim cannot substantiate it, though it is used to whip people into a frenzy, and meddle with otherwise sane, healthy experiences; and it does not do much to protect the world from the abuse of power or sexual power.

One underlying problem is not sex per se, but how new electrical media push people out of their bodies. In this condition, any attention to the body can be seen as “violative.”

Sex has been a persistent enough problem over the centuries, or more accurately, has been made into one. This would be an easier problem to solve if we recognize that it’s a synthetic issue. Nonetheless, it exists, and you will need to be mindful of it. It could become an issue in your work environment. This is going to call for a human rather than an ideological response. The current trends are all about ideology and exceedingly little about humanity. For you, that means a focus on facilitating a healing process, rather than an authoritarian blame scenario.

Finances: Houses 2 and 11, Drive and Experimentation

It’s not well understood that the 11th house is about money; usually houses 2 and 8 are considered financial houses. For you, both are oriented on stability and abundance. For being solid in your finances, Cancer Sun or rising is one of the best placements you can have. The 8th becomes a major factor in your astrology at the end of 2020, so that’s where this discussion is leading, though first let’s consider two component elements.

The 2nd house is like a trove of resources, or at least it is when it’s working well. You have Leo there (by solar houses for Cancer Sun, and by whole sign houses for Cancer rising), and that is an excellent start. Leo is the core of the zodiac; it’s a fixed sign, and it’s ruled by the Sun — the source of much of our biological energy. Leo in this position describes you as someone who can photosynthesize energy. You have a strong ability to sustain yourself, or to acquire what you need to do so.

Leo here describes someone who wants to be financially independent. I don’t mean independently wealthy, but rather in the more modest sense of one who can stand on their own two feet. At the moment, there are two factors influencing your 2nd, in addition to Leo itself. They are considered “minor” factors though that really translates to not typically being used.

One is Varuna, a slow-mover in the Kuiper Belt, discovered in 2000. The implication here is that your financial stability comes from your ability to fulfill your agreements and contracts. Make this a primary focus of your affairs, if it is not one already. Pay special attention to what you agree to, and what others agree to. The world is at a point where verbal agreements are just not doing it anymore; we do so much work with people we don’t know and don’t have direct access to.

So the contract thing is also about making sure people fulfill their obligations to you. If you have a business, ensure your billing is on time; make sure that people keep their promises to you, and do what they’re supposed to be doing. This may require you to seem less trusting than you actually are, in the sense that you will need to use a system other than the honor system to regulate your finances.

The other influence is Vulcanus (also spelled Vulkanus), an influence named for a god of metalworking and fire. In astrology, Vulcanus is counted by those who use it as pure energy — a kind of ultra-Mars. The 2nd house and any quest for financial wellbeing is driven by motivation, and Vulcanus is describing just that. The thing to do is to connect with what is driving you, and in the case of an ethical person, that means your values.

Your values are what you live for when you’re living honestly. We do a lot of masking of values in our society; we do a lot out of what we think of as obligation, which is often not rooted in an honest assessment of ourselves. You know what is important to you. You know where you want to invest your faith. Your Leo placements are driving you to really take that to heart, and to connect with the energy that is generated, or that you tap into, from doing so.

You may have to cut through some excuses, though once you set your mind to orienting on the truth, you will find it much easier. Your own sincere commitment will get you far. Note that these are ultra-long-term influences, which are just at the beginning.

So, that’s the 2nd; now let’s consider the 11th. The 11th has a financial concept in that it’s the 2nd house of the 10th. “The 2nd” in this case means “the very next,” which describes the financial implications of any house (for example, the 8th is the 2nd of the 7th, which means it’s about the financial implications of 7th house relationships: marriages and partnerships). Remember that, because this is where our whole study is going.

The 10th is your profession; we’ve talked a lot about that, though I could say more about Chiron in the 10th being your cue to get yourself entirely on-mission. You have done enough other things; you have waited long enough; and even if you are confident that you’re on-mission, you can always tune that up and bring the full Chiron spirit of teaching and service into the equation.

You have Taurus on the 11th house, which bodes well for an underlying level of financial stability related to the work that you do, if you are true to your values. Even if you’re not, you can work your chart and extract quite a bit in the way of resources on less ethical terms (meaning, action out of accord with your deepest values). Taurus on this house insists on you living the truth of your values, though it’s always possible to break the rules.

Uranus has just entered Taurus to stay, a seven-year transit — so this is for the foreseeable future. And I would note, the beginning of an outer planet transit is a fertile time to get into the spirit of the energy, get a feel for it and see what it’s about. One thing Uranus brings is change. It can be passive or active; Uranus tends to inspire inventors to create something new. It can fuel or provoke breakthroughs. If you’re looking for the theme of “innovation” in a chart, checking Uranus is an excellent place to look, because it’s also associated with breaking taboos and doing things one’s own way. Where you have Uranus, you’re likely to exceed your ken. You will either want to know more, or you’ll have experiences that ensure that you find out more.

Now, if we take everything I’ve just said in the context of revenue gained from your profession, that describes a lot of potential — if you bring the flexibility and sense of adventure. The 11th has the angle of community, groups and the small version of the public: such as your friends and everyone they know, or any group or organization. So there’s this very helpful dual angle you can work with; there is a social angle to your success, which is amped up by Uranus.

Whatever sign Uranus may or may not “rule” (I don’t think that modern planets rule signs, but they have affinities for them), Uranus has a group affiliation. It’s a kind of social magnet, though it can be a little disorderly. Taurus and its affinity for tradition will keep a grip on that, cooling off and grooming what can be the somewhat unpredictable energy of Uranus. The more I get a feel for this combination of energies (which I will develop more fully in the Taurus reading, two stops from now!) the more it feels like a beneficial combination of factors.

The takeaway here is: don’t be afraid to try new things. In fact, you will thrive on doing so, though I suggest you not put all your eggs in any one investment, or get the notion (in advance) that something is [will be] the gosh-darned greatest thing in the world. If something is indeed the greatest thing in the world, it will draw you in, and you will get some feedback that guides your choices. Though it’s in vogue these days (and has been for a while), I suggest you define success as something other than, and better than, massive cash flow or financial wealth — or better said, don’t let others (such as potential business partners) define this agenda for you.

Stick to what you value, what you respect, and what you want to live with. You have some vast horizons that are about to open up, horizons that will be accessible to you based primarily on the integrity of your partnerships, and your ability to work within groups, yet still maintain your identity and sense of inner groundedness.

Have I mentioned that as also a theme of Chiron for you? There you have it.

Into the 8th House

Let’s end where we began — the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in your 8th house, Aquarius. The two largest planets, both of which do very well in Aquarius, will form a conjunction in your 8th house of legacy, inheritance, exchange and deep sexuality. In our time this may sound like wishful thinking, though my perspective is that this conjunction signifies a stabilization of events on a wide scale, and a dawning of more enlightened consciousness in enough people to make a difference.

For you, it looks like earned opportunity, or the rewards of focusing your life on what you know is right and true. Yet for that to manifest, you will need to focus on the tasks at hand, both immediate and those inspired or necessitated by your clearing process. Take every possible step you can to focus your life. Take any opportunity to declutter your mind, your emotions, your body and your physical space. Live with purpose every day.

Since a group or groups will be involved, it’s essential that you focus your leadership mission, as people will be looking to you for both ideas and examples of what is possible, and how to respond to world conditions in a way that works for everyone involved — which means a solution that works for you, and for the people around you. Yet first you will need to have your life in order, and know your priorities.

That is rare enough to find, though this is truly rare astrology and its intersection with your life makes it accessible and relevant. We could say that the moral of the story is have faith in yourself, so that others may have faith in you. No small task, but a truly relevant one.

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