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Ceremonial fire in the Chironian. Photo by Eric Francis.

Welcome to Inner Space for Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising

Dear Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising Sign:

I’m happy to offer your 2023 annual reading. Thank you for your investment in yourself and in Planet Waves astrology. Your reading comes in two formats, written and audio. You will find them both linked below. Before you dive in, a thought or two. Astrology is sensitive business. I do my best to choose every word, though note what does not resonate with you — and perhaps set it aside for future consideration.

Eric Francis

While not everyone has purchased all the signs, they work as a cycle and the full set works as a complete whole; I do my best to make every individual reading work as a hologram as well.

The written reading is designed to be printed rather than read on a device. My intent is for you to take ownership of these readings, mark them up, underline, cross out, note your questions and get involved: I have designed them as an inner key.

The written and audio work together, speaking to different sides of your brain, and explain many of the same topics a few other ways. You may find that cross-referencing provides you with new information not explicitly delineated in your readings.

For those curious, I do several forms of personal consulting.

The most efficient are readings called Chart Keys. There is the very nice original model, and an extended one where I work with your Chiron transits in addition to your natal chart. I also do live consulting; more information is here. If you want a custom astrology set, we offer that as well.

Written Readings are Delivered as PDFs

We are delivering it in U.S. Letter and A4 formats so may print the reading and take full ownership of it. You may read them on a phone or tablet but you may have screen sizing issues. However, you may download an app called Adobe Acrobat Reader that makes PDFs scale to your phone’s screen size. We have made guides for iPhone and Android devices.

Inner Space for Taurus – U.S. Letter

Inner Space for Taurus – A4 (European)

I have an essay from 2021 that I consider an important point of reference — it’s called The Great Reconciliation of Accounts and of Humanity. If you scroll down to the very last item on this page, you will find your 2021 Aquarian Era reading as well.

Please note that there are additional resources on this page.

Audio is Playable and Downloadable

Download Inner Space audio for Taurus | Alt Player

You may also play your reading on any device using our new player, right below my signature.

Thank you for your time, your business and most of all, your trust.

With love,

Eric signature

“25th Annual Edition: 2023 Inner Space – No. 02 Taurus.” Multi-Medium Art by Lanvi Nguyen.
Chart for Taurus

About the House System I Use in Your Reading

Dear Friend and Reader:

Thank you for ordering Inner Space for Taurus 2023. I expect to have your reading in your hands by New Year’s Eve.

Eric Francis

Meanwhile, I’ve prepared an audio that will help you understand the house system I am using — which is solar houses, counted from the position of the Sun. Note that I use the term “house” and “place” interchangeably. For our purposes, a house is a house, whether counted from the Sun or the sign rising.

The 1st house, in any chart, is a point of reference, where the discussion of the chart begins. There are many ways to designate the 1st house, though the usual two ways are the Sun sign and the rising sign.

When reading for your Sun sign, the 1st house is the sign where your Sun is located. If reading or listening from your rising sign, I am counting whole signs from the ascendant as houses (whole sign houses), and skipping the part about house cusps that intersect the middle of a sign. While calculated houses can be useful, they not strictly necessary.

The important thing is to have a concept of the houses, which are the departments of life. I do a LOT of explaining what they are about each time I reference them. However, this article I wrote for The Mountain Astrologer looks at the topic of the houses in a holistic and I think fun way.

Here is the audio — please let me know if you are following along; if not, I will explain further.

Below are additional astrology materials for your review, including my most recent written readings, Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age, released in mid-2021. Thank you again for your business and your trust.

Eric signature

PS — Here is the most recent written annual edition, Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age, for your sign:

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age


Download PDF: A4 / US Letter

You can buy more Inner Space signs here

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