Graphene Oxide, From the Basics to Total Insanity


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Reporter’s Notebook:
Conversation with independent biochemist David Rasnick about graphene oxide | updated July 28

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Sharble Version of This Article

Today I spoke with biochemist Dr. David Rasnick, one of my trusted sources. We covered a few different topics, including graphene oxide (a presumed ingredient in the “covid” “vaccines”); how mRNA technology turns all of one’s cells into spike protein manufacturing plants; the relationship between spike proteins and the ACE and ACE-2 receptors; how the vaccines are hormonally active (much like dioxin); the adenovirus packaging of the data in the Johnson shot; the lipid nanoparticle wrapper of the data in the mRNA vaccines (now slated for “flu shots”); the vector vaccine (meaning. the contagious shot, which we now know from various documents that “covid” shots are); and the potential regional experiments going on in the “vaccine” program.

Speaking to the issue of vector vaccines or “self-disseminating” vaccines, here is a document from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that asserts their existence. And here is another from Johns Hopkins which verifies they are real. Here is the Pfizer document which confirms that the Covid injections spread to people who have not actually been shot up (see page 67). This was the story-du-jour about two months ago.

Structure of the graphene oxide molecule. It is flat and one atom thick — a diamond nanoparticle razor blade.

I have three pages of notes and much that I remember. I am writing this to get something in the ship’s log on the day of the conversation. One of the standout focal points was graphene oxide (GO).

We have been trying to piece that issue together; it was the story-du-jour about three weeks ago. These have about a 10-day life. My coeditor Patria Gallagher has gathered a resource area, which we can now share.

However, I learned much from Dr. Rasnick that I had not heard before. Graphene oxide is a presumed ingredient in the “covid” “vaccine” that is a suspect for cause of the reactions to the shots. Some claim that based on chemical analysis, it is proven to be in the covid injections. Rasnick is uncertain but said it’s been in the plans to include as a nanoparticle vaccines for decades. It is not proven to be a cause of the reactions, but it is a potential ingredient and for the sake of discussion must be presumed in the shots rather than not.

There has been much discussion of it being a potential ingredient in the PCR nose swabs and in masks.

What is it? It’s a one-atom thick, flat (planar) diamond. Diamond is the hardest substance known, and can cut through anything — such as tempered steel, or your cells. By one account at least, graphene is 40 times stronger than diamonds. Graphene in a “vaccine” would be like injecting millions of nano diamond razor blades. The fact that it’s planar means it does not need to cut anything. It will slip right into enzyme receptors like a plug into a wall outlet and, unlike an enzyme, “diamonds are forever.”

“Anyone who decided to do this is not benevolent. Anyone in the medical system doing this is a criminal.” — Dr. David Rasnick

Graphene oxide is capable of being magnetized. In tech terms, it can be bonded to create ferromagnetic material like a floppy disk or audio tape. It can therefore be programmed; it can contain computer code. It can also work as an antenna within the body, amplifying electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

What’s the upshot? Well, if there is graphene oxide in these injections — and the chances of that seem pretty high — it provides a way to project data into the body, or to scan people like E-Z Pass. Back in 2016, The Guardian published an article about how scientists could remotely control complex animal behavior using what they called a “genetically engineered magneto protein.”

From the article:

“Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.”

Basically, they can do anything with this stuff, and rightly belongs confined to the pages of a science fiction novel. However, it is in our current science insanity.

As Dr. Rasnick said at the end of our conversation, “Anyone who decided to do this is not benevolent. Anyone in the medical system doing this is a criminal.”

PS — David just wrote to me and said: “Here is the link to my dropbox folder nano particles & graphene (380 Mb). You can read or download any/all of the files. Some will be of no use, others I think useful. There is a huge literature on this stuff.”

Eric F. Coppolino

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