Day 900

Scene from the film version of The Andromeda Strain (1971).

THE SCIENCE FICTION GENRE is brimming with tales of biological weapons getting loose, of plagues and other outbreaks that kill everyone. And people love them.

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Chrichton (1969) addresses such an outbreak of extraterrestrial origin. The Stand by Stephen King (1978) describes the release of a biological weapon that kills 99.9% of the population and follows the stories of the survivors.

The genre has its probable origins with Mary Shelly’s The Last Man (1824, ridiculed at the time of its publication) and possibly Daniel Defoe’s Journal of a Plague Year (1722). A World of Women by J.D. Beresford (1913) is the story of a disease that wipes out nearly all of the men. Society or most of humanity getting wiped out by a disease is a topic of persistent fascination throughout history and literature.

But I do not know of one story that describes the claim of a plague where there was none, supported by bogus “scientific” evidence, pumped up by the media, endorsed by nearly all the technologists, scientists and doctors, believed by billions, and used as an excuse to take over the world.

Imagine a story where the anxiety is driven so high that when the government comes out with the “solution” to the outbreak — a deadly “vaccine” — people not only line up for it, but even bring their children in to get the shot — despite being told repeatedly that kids are not at risk.

Even as the toll mounts by the day, people refuse to look at the evidence that the only deadly elements are the lies and the “medical” interventions that people so willingly accept. Many who go into the hospital with minor symptoms — and never come home. It’s as if they are living out a fictional scenario they are certain is real.

Scene from the 2020 AMC version of The Stand.

The Background of Environmental Devastation

As background to our story, serving as a bed of coals to the anxiety, we have the constantly looming shadow of potential nuclear war, plus global disasters lapping at our heels. So much of the planet already practices apocalyptic religion that billions of people think this is a “normal” event of the long prophesied “End Times.” Many are even relieved that it’s finally happening; they think their long wait is over.

When the action in our story opens, almost everyone had already experienced the effects of floods, massive wildfires, devastating storms and rising sea levels — all serving as direct, personal evidence that the world is “ending.” And if they don’t have direct experience, the images are flashed at them every day, stoking the expectation of catastrophe, and the belief that it’s happening everywhere.

Meanwhile, the people in our story know that the background levels of environmental contamination have been rising for a century. They keep hearing about it, but nobody thinks that any of it affects them, because a little won’t hurt you — such as DDT, PCBs, dioxins, Roundup, and the residue of a series of repeated nuclear meltdowns. This added to their unconscious sense of the pressure rising, and soon to blow.

Deeper in the background of this scenario is the total proliferation of digital technology, which had left humanity confused, disoriented and wandering around the physical world like ghosts who cannot make contact with one another. The advent of this technology came on so fast that most people didn’t even notice what was happening to them. Some remember life before the transformation, but many do not, adding to the sense of groundlessness and mental chaos.

In this scenario, the seduction of digital had given rise to the preference for virtual experience — sculpted by those who create, control and censor the virtual realm. This total immersion in electronic technology has created the legacy of disembodied, free-floating terror rooted in the seeming vulnerability of the physical body, which most people don’t know they have abandoned in exchange for their lavish imaginary lives.

Through this process, they have lost their ability to tell what is real from what is not — and many factors are helping them remain in this state. The few people sensitive to what is happening, or who are able to sort out the technological issues and point out the fraud, are ridiculed or censored.

This is now something we see daily, in some form.

People Had Already Abandoned Their Bodies

As a consequence, when the action opens, most people in the scenario have already stopped taking care of or even being aware of their bodies, which they have long contaminated with artificial, chemical-based foods that are slowly starving them and creating emotional stress. Many survive on a diversity of medications, in a society where many billions of prescriptions are filled each year. It is a given to these people that they would die without their medication, so they already live at the mercy of the medical system.

When the claim of a deadly new biological threat is introduced to consciousness, supported by bogus data, nearly everyone is certain that it’s real. They don’t notice that all of their existing diseases are being swept together and called something new.

Few think to question what is happening, nor can they muster the curiosity to do so. They are so terrified, they will do anything they are told; anything to get some vestige of their prior lives back. In hopes of normalcy, they obey the lockdown orders, cover their faces, refuse to be near one another, and hold nearly all other people as a threat to their lives.

They divest themselves of their friends, their families, their communities and their normal life activities, excommunicating loved ones from holiday meals for so little as not having an additional “booster shot.”

And in a strange twist of the plot, many of society’s most highly credentialed doctors and scientists went along with the plan — that along convincing nearly everyone that it was real. How could all those experts be wrong?

A scene from real life: Model City, or the Love Canal neighborhood near Niagara Falls, New York, was built on 23,000 tons of nuclear and chemical waste.

Part of a Larger Plan

But little do these people know that these injections are part of a larger program to bring all of world society under the control of the technological and economic masters. These hegemonic forces have risen to global prominence in the new century — but until now they had not yet made their big move.

The shots, developed long before the “new” disease emerged, contain a molecule-sized form of nanotechnology that can be read and written by radiowaves. Transmitting devices have been installed throughout cities and many rural areas while everyone was distracted by the seeming deadly outbreak.

And as the death toll of the “medical” interventions rises, people believe that the deaths and injuries are the consequence of the alleged original disease, and they get even more of the nanoparticle injections they think are “vaccines.” As this happens, the divisions in society grow deeper. And as the shock of the original false threat wears off, the operators of the scam introduce new threat after threat, one more ridiculous than the rest. These serve to keep people divided, confused and afraid.

And what few understand is that billions of people now contain these nanoparticles, which the technological masters believe can place people under total control. They don’t know this for sure; and they are hesitating to enact the next stage of their plan: the perfect setup for the second book in the series.

I am certain that had this plot been introduced 20 years ago, and written well, with a little luck, it would have been a bestseller, collecting all of the top science fiction awards. And it would have been seen as an unlikely but plausible enough scenario, and a warning of what was possible if digital technology got out of control.

And — it really happened. And it is still happening.

Friday, Aug. 19, 2022 marks day 900 that I have been covering the “covid” scam every day, often for 12 hours a day. I am not sure why I chose March 3, 2020 to begin; it was, at least, the day that I figured out that the issue was not going away. So I called a staff meeting of my editors, and we got busy.

On that day, I started a daily publication called Covid19 News to track the developments. I assembled a discovery team to dig into the claims of government officials and the impact on society. And I engaged a young lawyer to go back in time to figure out what happened from the very beginning — a project I eventually took over personally, and that has resulted in a 185-page, 15 year forensic record of history. This document currently goes to the end of 2020. We are working on the even more devastating record of the “vaccine” centered in 2021.

On the first day of publication, we reported that the Olympic Committee said the 2020 games would go on; New York City had tested 12 people for the claimed virus; a pathologist claimed that the claimed virus was snake-related; the pope tested negative for the claimed virus; a Brown University professor refused to take the test; and we published my article about how “hand sanitizer” is not only useless, but makes matters worse.

On the second day, we reported that China reported reinfections among recovered patients and that the virus may render men infertile. By March 4, there were 103 claimed genomes of the phantom virus — but not one reference copy or actual specimen (and that is still true). The next day, California declared a state of emergency. Eight days later, Gov. Andrew Cuomo shut down New York City’s economy by shuttering Broadway and effectively banning tourists.

A month later, I figured out that there was no test, and a year later, figured out that there was no virus. These were not casual observations; they were the result of hundreds of hours of research and examination of the scientific data, with the help of other journalists who had done similar stories since the 1980s. They include Jon Rappoport and Celia Farber.

It is said in the Tao Te Ching that the end is written in the beginning. In Chaos Theory, conditions at the outset are the most important factor in determining the conditions at the outcome.

Consider this: We are still here. Right at the beginning, just 900 days into this nightmare. There’s still time to wake up.

Eric Francis Coppolino is the author of the Comprehensive Chronology and host of Planet Waves FM on the Pacifica Network. He is the founder of Covid19 News.

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