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Lanvi Nguyen – photographed in Hong Kong

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Aunt Josie Forever!

Eric & Aunt Josie, 1992. Photo by Sabine.

May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every rung
And may you stay forever young
— Bob Dylan, Planet Waves

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16 thoughts on “Keep in touch.”

  1. Dearest Eric,
    You are amazing! As a long time subscriber and follower, I want to let you (and your staff) how much I appreciate the detailed, intelligent and well researched information you provide and share.

    Huge love and congratulations on your 24 years of no-ad insights and reporting.


  2. Hey there Clifford — While Eric was triple-tasking, while finishing the TUNE IN 2022 Annual readings, he was supplementing the bi-weeklies with the Starcast astrological updates. I think the January Monthlies will come out tomorrow, if not then later in the week.
    But I know that Eric will be relieved to have the inevitable year-end load finished, and will resume regularly scheduled programing asap!
    He has been sending regular articles during this time, which you should have received in your subscriber account, yes?
    Note that you’ll get much quicker replies by writing to us at — and Happy New Year to you, Clifford : ) Very Many Thanks

  3. Hello, I just finished listening to my Taurus Tune in 2022 and wanted to tell Eric Francis what a profound, wonderful reading it was for me. Eric actually saw me….my strengths, weaknesses and potential. Thank you Eric Francis….you are a master astrologer and now I consider you a spiritual mentor and friend. Esther

  4. I’ve renewed my subscription. I do not find the evidence Eric is promoting regarding certain situations as substantial enough to warrant his conclusions. I disagree with much of what he says. BUT, I do respect Eric and his astrology and have as a result renewed my backstage pass. I may disagree, but I do want to listen to his voice. We must retain some degree of questioning of our own beliefs, and his words help me sort through my own biases.

    • Thanks very much, Thomas.
      Eric’s busy writing today, but I’ll pass your feedback along — and I’m pretty certain that he would be quite open to friendly disagreement. There is no actual order for your renewal — when do you think you renewed your Backstage Pass? I cannot locate an order.
      Questioning assumptions and beliefs is the name of the game, and we appreciate both your renewal and your feedback, for sure.
      (I’ll email you as well, with this note)

  5. Hi everyone and thanks for the c-dinner comedy. Even more hilarious was the fact I couldn’t bring it ip on my internet in Canada if I didn’t have my VPN on. Once plugged into the US no problem. Still a sad state of affairs up here. And they are thinking if keeping some of the Emergency Act in action!

  6. Greetings Eric, I hope all is well. As I sit here listening to Wes Montgomery, I’m wondering if you have ever done a reading on the US. Alice Bailey in her book ‘Destiny of the Nations’ talks about countries being evolving spiritual entities as are human beings. I get that. You look at the beginnings of America the principals it was founded on, and then look at where we are today. I wonder what it’s going to take for this country and others as well to align with spiritual principles.

    • Hey there Art,

      I have done many readings of the US chart…we have in recent years drifted far from the founding principles, though we would have to study when we were ever close, in terms of spiritual growth. Domestically, we come close with the Civil Rights movement and related Scotus decisions in the 1950s all during the Red Scare and the development of the H bomb…..we never seem to get it right. Here are some of my old articles

  7. Eric looking forward to your presentation at Tucson Astrology Guild on November 12. Know I have whispered loudly your Genius Astrology ability to many.
    I, a native of New York City, I have followed your insights and also studied astrology for many years. Have much in common: investigative profession, astrology, and last but not least I am Sicilian 2nd generation 100%. All is Well! Kathlyn

  8. first time subscriber to annual readings and new to planet waves generally. takes me multiple listens to get flashes of insight, and they are coming. as a virgo sun, cancer rising I’m confused by the advice re: 2023 sexuality. virgo seems to say throw away inhibitions and revel in new situations. cancer seems to say be very careful. wonder how to combine the two. perhaps when I listen to pisces moon it will make it clear.

  9. Hi, am interested in a personalized reading but can’t find a breakdown of offerings. I’d like a specific reading for this year or the year out from June 10th on. I see various offers of things and had a general Gemini reading for 2022 for $44 I believe. I also thought I had access to general horoscopes as a subsciber but now it looks like theres a cost? Thanks, Lisa

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