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Lanvi Nguyen – photographed in Hong Kong

We are friendly, and we want to hear from our customers and our readers. Whenever possible, someone will pick up the phone or call you right back. If you are trying to contact Eric Francis, or looking for customer support, here’s how to reach us, for all purposes (including consulting, news reporting, general business, etc,):

By email:

Vashon (206) 567-4455 or New York (845) 481-5616

By ground mail: P.O. Box 3606, Kingston (Wiltwyck) N.Y. 12402

Planet Waves, Inc.
Founded 1998. Incorporated 2003.

Editor & Publisher | Eric F. Coppolino
Back Office | Claudia Mansbach
Video Editor | Cate Ryzhenko
Assistant Editor | Melissa M. DeGasperis
Photography and Graphics | Lanvi Nguyen
Client Services | Victoria Emory
Accounts | Jenn Cameron
CPA | Craig Sickler
Textiles Bureau | Cheryl Corson
Minor Planets | Kirsti Melto
Bodyman & Canine Handler | Kortni Love
Investigations | Cindy Tice Ragusa
Code Handlers | Terry Arthur, Steve Hensen, Dave Levine. Stephen Je

Additional Research | Loreen Costa, Ro Dann, Max Holm, Yuko Katori
Attorneys | Piper McGovern, Michael Sewell
Eternal Webmaster | Anatoly Ryzhenko

Aunt Josie Forever!

Eric & Aunt Josie, 1992. Photo by Sabine.

May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every rung
And may you stay forever young
— Bob Dylan, Planet Waves

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6 thoughts on “Keep in touch.”

    • Hi Christine — just go to MY ACCOUNT and on the little menu bar in there, on the far right — you’ll see a tab that says ‘Account.’ Click on that. There’s a menu bar on the left with a bunch of icons, one of which is a little book — click that, it’s your subscription. You can cancel from there.
      Of course we’re sorry to see you go, and I am happy to give you half off what you’re paying, if that would help. But that’s how you do it. Thank you Christine, for your business, and your trust. I will also email you.

  1. Dearest Eric,
    You are amazing! As a long time subscriber and follower, I want to let you (and your staff) how much I appreciate the detailed, intelligent and well researched information you provide and share.

    Huge love and congratulations on your 24 years of no-ad insights and reporting.


    • Hey there Clifford — While Eric was triple-tasking, while finishing the TUNE IN 2022 Annual readings, he was supplementing the bi-weeklies with the Starcast astrological updates. I think the January Monthlies will come out tomorrow, if not then later in the week.
      But I know that Eric will be relieved to have the inevitable year-end load finished, and will resume regularly scheduled programing asap!
      He has been sending regular articles during this time, which you should have received in your subscriber account, yes?
      Note that you’ll get much quicker replies by writing to us at — and Happy New Year to you, Clifford : ) Very Many Thanks

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