Comment on Dr. Judy Mikovits by Eric Francis

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A closing thought for the weekend as we enter a new week. I’ve been following the flame war and massive pushback over Dr. Judy Mikovits, and I’m noticing just how many people are dismissing her purely based on what others have said. Yet the details of what she’s saying about science and its industrial-scale practice are being left out of the discussion.

Central to her whole presentation, the crux of the matter really, is the method by which vaccines are made, and the way that the whole process is infiltrated with impurities on the viral level. These are picked up from various cell lines including from the organs of dogs, pigs, monkeys, chickens and others, including at times human.

While most people concerned about vaccines discuss issues like mercury and aluminum level of toxicity, she is talking about infiltration on the viral level — that is then injected into people with no idea what will result.

She has said the most about flu shots, which have numerous other viruses coming along for the ride along with the ones intended for immunity. This is not some new revelation; just look up the SV40 issue for a horror story. So amidst all this incomprehensible, aggressive pushback against her, what is getting lost is her description of what people are being injected with, and what that might create in the way of disease and new diseases.

People pushing back against Dr. Mikovits are resisting someone who is above all calling out the disgusting vaccine making process for what it is. Which includes things like vax preparations from multiple manufacturers being mixed into one product without the mixture itself ever having been tested for what are called synergistic effects.

These virus sequences from which so many are now cowering are routinely injected into the blood of people around the world, by the millions, recommended by doctors. The most succinct summary of what she is saying is: this causes unpredictable patterns of disease, including the spontaneous creation of new viral strains turned loose on the global population, and allowed to morph into whatever they may become.

Who doesn’t think that’s a problem? Who does?

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