Coming Soon: The Inauguration & the U.S. Pluto Return

Pluto from New Horizons. The spacecraft visited Pluto in 2015. Check out NASA’s Top 10 Picks here.

Why the Chaos on the United States?

The United States is now in the midst of its Pluto return — that is, the first return of Pluto to its position in the birth chart of the United States. That’s what’s behind all of the chaos in government, and the prolonged drama of Covid, which seems to have resolved itself everyplace except for our relatives Canada and the United Kingdom. I’ll be developing my thoughts on that this week in this space and also on Planet Waves FM this Friday night.

I covered the topic in Tuesday night’s article on the Cap New Moon. And we have a special resource area set up if you want to dive into the topic before I return to it on this page. Here’s the Pluto Return Resource Area (with lots about Eris).





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