The World in a Grain of Pholus

Link to original So leave me now the Moon is up But remember all the tales I tell The memories that you have dredged up Are on letters forwarded from hell — Joe Strummer / “Something About England“ Dear Friend and Reader: Every now and then, a significant global event affirms the theme of one … Read more

Here at the Edge of the World

Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: In the midst of all of this nuclear madness, Nat Geo channel premiered a special about some scientists who have discovered the remnants of what they believe is the lost city of Atlantis. Its location, according to the theory? Some mud flats in southern Spain, near Portugal, called … Read more

You Are Who You Are: Your Zodiac Sign Has Not Changed

Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: Last week’s ‘Your Sign Is Wrong’ hoax that spread like feathers at a pillow fight was a rare trip through the news for the craft of astrology. Every now and then our old profession gathers a little attention, usually due to a misunderstanding or a prediction someone has … Read more

Beneath the Guns and Politics, Gender Rage

Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: In the wake of the shootings in Tucson nearly one week ago, the focus of the discussion is on the political causes and implications of the incident. There are many, though what’s also clear is that there are issues below the issue, such as the deep frustration, rage … Read more

History, Turning on a Phrase

Published Oct. 8, 2010 | Link to original “We don’t want freedom. We don’t want justice. We just want someone to love.” — David Byrne / Talking Heads Dear Friend and Reader: Yesterday’s Libra New Moon quietly marked a threshold in world history, if you use astrology as a way of keeping track. We know … Read more