Libra Equinox: Of Integrity, Justice and Beauty.

Dear Friend and Reader: Humanity has always had a little going for it, and these days it seems to have ever less. But two things we count on to preserve our sanity and give ourselves reasons for continuing on are beauty and justice. And we depend on integrity β€” commitment to truth and honesty β€” … Read more

October Monthly Readings, Part One.

Notes, Photos and Charts for the new STARCAST Share this horoscope with a friend using this link. Whether you or someone else initiates a discussion, the encounter must happen and be on honest terms. When that happens, you will see that your viewpoints are probably not so far off. Aries (March 20-April 19) β€” Standing … Read more

Pisces, Virgo and the Corruption of Healing

  Dear Friend and Reader: Virgo is the sign of healing. We could weave many yarns around how it evolved that way from a primary association with agriculture and food storage, though it has. Virgo, a cousin of the 6th house, represents practitioners, treatment spaces, and is worth studying for all matters of health and … Read more

Planet Waves Weekly for Sept. 14, 2023

One of the mistakes people aware of Mercury retrograde make is trying to get it all done as soon as the retrograde ends (4:12 pm EDT on Sept. 15). Rather, conduct little experiments here and there; probe your environment to see how your ideas are received. Aries (March 20-April 19) β€” You have just passed … Read more

Planet Waves Weekly for Sept. 7, 2023

Share This Horoscope with a Friend The Light in Virgo, and All Those Retrogrades Dear Friend and Reader: Virgo sunlight is unusual. I don’t know what it is, though it’s a whole different shade of illumination than even weeks earlier in the summer. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are growing shorter as we … Read more