Planet Waves Monthly for December 2023 by Eric Francis

Horoscope link without password | Email link to a friend Your cosmic assignment this month is to tune in to your inner voice. That means listening to yourself, and in particular, listening for some clarity beneath all of the static of existence. Digital life is nearly all crackles and fuzz. You might want to listen in … Read more

Planet Waves Weekly for Nov. 16, 2023 by Eric Francis

Sagittarius – The last few days before the Sun enters your sign are always a combination of strange and intense. This is especially true now, with a diversity of factors raising the pressure and the emotional stakes. You may not even know what you’re feeling, much less understand it, though pausing to reflect would make a good start. See if you can get yourself to a body of water — any one will do — and reflect quietly, perhaps in the hours just after sunrise.

Somewhere In Between :: Pluto Into Aquarius

We are heading for a most unusual experience in 2024 as Pluto changes signs — a rare event for all of us, and rare enough for astrologers to confront and address. Today I want to tell you a little about the annual, my process of creating it, and the astrology I’ll be exploring. The result will be 12, one-hour audio readings and 12 book-quality written readings applicable to your Sun, Moon and rising signs.

Hang Loose: Standoffish New Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign of hormonal desire and the drive to connect, to merge and to create life. Monday, the Moon and the Sun align in the dark and mysterious 8th sign for the annual New Moon here. This event would be quite enough on its own to draw up the waters from inside the cave systems deep beneath awareness.

Planet Waves Weekly for Nov. 9, 2023 by Eric Francis

You are the power source of your life. You, not someone else, are your inspiration; the light of your world. The gift of your existence is your personal canvas of creation. Our societies and all they teach exalt relationships above all else.