From the Video Lab: Your Tuesday Letter

Dear Friend and Reader: While I do my best to write an astrology letter on Tuesdays, today I am in production on METAMORPHOSIS, the 2021 autumn reading from Planet Waves. In case you missed the memo, this reading is included with the Backstage Pass. You may see the preview video here. We are also including … Read more

Sun Entering Virgo, the Sign of the Holistic Principle 

Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope; Sun Entering Virgo, the Sign of Integration and the Holistic Principle  Dear Friend and Reader:  Today I have your extended Aquarius Full Moon horoscope. It is based on the chart for the Full Moon in the last degree of Aquarius. I have also based the Astrology Studio for Leo reading on … Read more

Planet Waves – Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope

See related letter about the Sun entering Virgo on Sunday See related letter about the Aquarius Full Moon  Planet Waves – Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope Aries (March 20-April 19) — Among the many things you can do to nurture your health and wellbeing is to be more open. Most people keep quite a few secrets, and … Read more

Planet Waves Readings by Eric Francis for August 2021

Link to 8/20 Full Moon Planet Waves Horoscope Welcome back to Planet Waves. We are presenting the monthly horoscopes in a new format, with one sign per page. Your page includes monthly readings back to the beginning of the year. All free readers get a few clicks. To get unlimited access to all signs, weekly … Read more

Weekly Horoscope by Eric Francis, July 20, 2021

This week’s special edition horoscope offers excerpts from Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age for each of the signs. This week’s horoscope is a sample of Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age, a multi-year annual edition that tracks your astrology out to about 2026 (Chiron conjunct Eris in Aries). While this is an unusual duration for an astrological reading, … Read more