Deep Background: The U.S. Pluto Return

Tonight’s article is a fresh look at the Pluto return of the United States, which is in full force and effect. The American Pluto return affects everything that considers itself part of the “Free World.” I study closely the impact of digital conditions on current events.This link is to the article only; the one below has the horoscope and the article.

Planet Waves by Eric Francis for October 12, 2021

The new edition of Planet Waves includes the Eric Francis horoscope and a new article about Mercury retrograde, and all the goings-on in the world. We are at a slight lull in the astrology for a few days. For about two weeks we’ve been living through Mercury retrograde on steroids.

What’s Going On? The United States Pluto Return

Dear Friend and Reader: Today I have a new article about the United States Pluto return. We might wonder why the chaos of 2020 is dragging out to the end of 2021, and as I suggested in a number of articles last year, the issue from an astrological standpoint is that the United States is … Read more

From the Video Lab: Your Tuesday Letter

Dear Friend and Reader: While I do my best to write an astrology letter on Tuesdays, today I am in production on METAMORPHOSIS, the 2021 autumn reading from Planet Waves. In case you missed the memo, this reading is included with the Backstage Pass. You may see the preview video here. We are also including … Read more