Leo Full Moon: Thinking For Yourself

Dear Friend and Reader: We’re on the verge of the Leo Full Moon today. At the same time, Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Aquarius. So this is an unusual and especially influential Full Moon — which may be translating to feeling like there is some extra tension in the air — as well as … Read more

Moonshine Horoscope for March 2012

By Genevieve Hathaway This horoscope pertains to your Moon sign. You can look that up by casting your chart at Astro.com or Serennu.com. You may need your time of birth. The Moon changes signs every three or so days, and the closer you are to the edge of a sign the more necessary it is to know the time … Read more

Before and After Neptune in Aquarius

Dear Friend and Reader: In what I trust is the last quirk of the publishing schedule after completing the 2012 annual, I had the choice today whether to write a late version of the Inner Space horoscope for February, or a letter to you. Given the quality of the moment, I’ve opted for the letter … Read more

Of Aquarius, Water and Dragons

Dear Friend and Reader: The Chinese Year of the Dragon began Monday, Jan. 23 with the Aquarius New Moon. The Dragon is the Chinese equivalent to the western sign Aries — high initiative and innovative. Dragon years are almost always memorable years in Western society, and 2012 will be no exception. This is the Dragon … Read more