Moonshine Horoscope for December

Dear Friend and Reader: These horoscopes, written by our global correspondent Genevieve Hathaway (who is now in Australia), are based on your Moon sign. To look that up, enter your birth data into It helps to have your birth time but it’s not necessary in most cases. I suggest you also read your Sun and … Read more

The Power of Words — and Feelings

Dear Friend and Reader: During the Mercury retrograde that ended Monday evening, I discovered the Twin Peaks series. For a few years I’ve been engaging with a movie that came out after the series ended, called Fire Walk With Me. I’ve watched the film perhaps 10 times and in the course of studying it scene by scene, David … Read more

A Whole Lotta Scorpio

Dear Friend and Reader: The Sun will be in Scorpio for a couple of more days, though this is no ordinary journey of the Sun through this sign. Last week we experienced the first eclipse of the Sun in Scorpio since 1995. At the same time, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. Over the weekend we … Read more

Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Dear Friend and Reader: Today’s edition is a recap of the total solar eclipse that takes place today, Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 5:09 pm EST. It is the first solar eclipse in Scorpio since 1995. I’ve condensed some of the key ideas in a few different articles for this letter. [Here is an article that … Read more

Voting is Not Enough

Dear Friend and Reader: Today is Election Day in the United States, long-awaited, anticipated and the focus of much anxiety. Today is the day to brave voting lines, interrupt your schedule, miss hours or a day of work, all to do what may seem futile. We have a lot of problems in the world and … Read more