Moonshine Horoscope for March 2012

By Genevieve Hathaway

Full Moon rising at Sounion, the temple of Neptune near Athens, on July 15, 2011. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

This horoscope pertains to your Moon sign. You can look that up by casting your chart at or You may need your time of birth. The Moon changes signs every three or so days, and the closer you are to the edge of a sign the more necessary it is to know the time of your birth. For this purpose, the approximate time will do, but it’s better to cast your chart right if you’re casting it for the first time. In any natal chart, there are three basic personality elements; the Sun, the Moon and the rising sign.

There’s no easy way to describe the differences in these positions; it takes practice with real charts to get the subtle points. However, you can think of the Sun as the expressive adult ego, the self we actively and most confidently are in the world. Think of the rising sign as the face we put on for the world, though there is a deeper quality of the future self we are trying to grow into.

Think of the Moon as the inner core personality, which is closely related to the child we once were, and which is closely related to the influence of mother. The Moon describes security needs, personality tendencies that seem like they will never change, and the ‘real person’ we feel like inside, that we don’t always show the world.


Aries Moon — Your Moon needs to initiate, to shape, to mold. And that initiating quality has real influence. When you try to wrap your emotional bearings around a situation, the first thing you usually do is to reach outwardly for it. This month you can’t use dynamite or your usual mojo to get things done. Rather, you have to gently mold and shape your world like a glass blower shaping a work of delicate art in a kiln. You are taking a journey into your own intuition, but through the hidden realm of your subconscious. It may be difficult for you to track this journey, like it’s behind a veil. You can almost make out its profile at times, but not quite. It’s the same feeling as when a word is on the tip of your tongue and you can’t quite find it. Clear answers won’t come from staring at the question. Even the glow from a burning dynamite fuse won’t help you see any better. Let this deep, subconscious journey float around the most hidden corners of your emotional realm and trust that the answers will arrive once they have fully gestated, often when you least expect it. This highlights an important element for your happiness: providing yourself steady outlets for the expression of your fiery core. If you feel like you’re burning up inside, like you have so much energy and power and nowhere to direct it, that’s a sign not enough of your passionate emotional energy has been expressed. Allocating set activities to channel this fire into, will free up a part of your emotional world to hold space for time to work its course and answers to grow and become clear when they are mature ideas. To you that may feel like waiting, but it’s really an active, fertile pause. –– by Genevieve Hathaway

Taurus Moon — The sensation of expansion you currently live with at times has made you feel as though you can take on the world, all at once. Simultaneously you are also moving through a period of seeming constriction, as though you’re passing through the neck of a bottle. You may feel the need to stretch into the larger space ahead of you, or just beyond where you are now, but your existence in the present moment might feel like the narrower space of the bottle’s neck. This feeling of constriction is trying to guide you to remember to take care of your health and emotional wellbeing. Trying to do everything at once stretches you too thin — your health will suffer, your energy will be depleted, your work will suffer and your relationships will suffer. You will have less of you to give. But if you maintain balance between inward sustenance and outward flow, you will have plenty for yourself and plenty to give. Even though that constricting feeling may have felt in the past like it was dampening the fun in your life, in fact it was providing you with temperance, that rare, precious and often hard-won human quality. That required you to take stock of what was most important and not overextend yourself. Whether you’re tackling many goals or channeling your energy into a focused mission, your emotional resources are a source of energy for you to draw on, though that requires actually feeling them for what they are. You must tend and manage your process of tapping these resources. This stewardship will be important as the intensity and speed with which life moves increases exponentially. Practice now so you can apply this managing of your energy and emotional resources when it most matters. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Gemini Moon — An amphibian is an animal that can live both on land and in water. Your Moon is like this critter: you split your time between living in two or more different elements, such as your mind and your emotions, your outward temperament and your introspective side. Even though the Gemini Moon comes with its share of mental ideas and detachment, when it comes to the expression of your emotions, it’s all water and reflection. I suggest you see this as an advantage, and harness the power of being able to shake off your skin and slip into a different element. This month, let the mental give way to the emotional and intuitive. Shake off your mind’s control over your emotions, slip into what you feel. And then ask yourself whether you are living your highest goals and greatest aspirations. Are you fulfilling your highest calling in life? A clue that the work you do is your highest calling is that it resonates deeply in your emotional realm. Take stock on where you stand and what you want. Proceed from a place of intuition when checking in on what you want to be known for. For you, there’s an importance placed on creativity and dualism. Your “calling in life” is dualistic. It may have two distinct sides or be two distinct things, but the common thread is creativity. Sink into your intuition and explore without a need for facts or answers, and as ideas surface, write them down. After a few weeks look at the page and connect the dots. Clarity and insight will come from what you find. But with this new understanding will come the responsibility of making the necessary changes in direction and structure to your life. Remember, your life at the end of the day is your own and only you can prioritize your biggest, most meaningful goals. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Cancer Moon — Caring for others is essential to your emotional well-being. It brings you meaningful happiness, and is a big part of how you participate with the greater world. Part of your ability to care is the ability to slip out of your skin, your own issues and struggles, and slip into someone else’s experience to bear witness to their struggle, healing or growth. This ability is a rare gift, though I would caution that if you slip into enough skins you’ll begin to lose contact with your own. Be careful not to adopt pain, fear and guilt from those individuals whose space you hold and pain you join with to help them heal. Caring is a core value for you, a core principle that governs your philosophy of life, and that’s a beautiful thing in a world that is so often lacking in just this quality. But my Cancer Moon friend, who is caring for you? You have a need to care for others, but like everyone else, you also need to be cared for. Part of your emotional security is having plenty of reserves to care for yourself, and a support network of people close to you who do not just ask you to shed your shell but also build you up and nourish you emotionally. As you reevaluate your approach to nourishing others, notice where nourishment is lacking for yourself; pay attention to where your need to be cared for is not fully actualized. Then see what you learn here about your relationship with your mother and her inner emotional material. Some of that is what gets in your way — and if you work through some of that you’ll be more open to receive, and find it easier to look after yourself. –– by Genevieve Hathaway

Leo Moon — Your Moon sign is ruled by the Sun, the only body in our solar system that produces its own light. Like the Sun, you need to shine forth to feel good. This is the most essential daily experience for your happiness. Part of shining brightly is not giving away your light, or power, to others without clear intentions. It can take some experience to learn how not to give away your power to others. This might include worrying about how someone else is living their life — such as what they are thinking, feeling and doing, or trying to solve their problems for them. This month, I suggest you do an all-systems check. Where is your energy going? Where are you worrying about other people’s business? To clarify, caring is not the same as worrying. Listen to your gut. If you feel off kilter, anxious, or if your emotions feel murky, that’s a warning. If you’re worried, stressed or jealous around someone else, that’s a sign you’re not shining in your inner light but instead giving it away. You may be caught in a subtle power struggle. In the desire to control what another person does, you lose your power. Where you notice you’ve done this, pull it back to you. Focus on feeling good, being confident, and living in your truths. Be confident. Those around you will be drawn to your inner Sun shining brightly. And remember, you have the right to shine brightly. For you, it’s the same as having the right to breathe air, drink water and feed yourself. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Virgo Moon — You’re at your happiest when the little things in life are ironed out. When details are straight and your environment is orderly and those around you are appreciating how hard you work, you’re feeling good. And when they’re not you can get cranky. Be careful of frustration and self-criticism this month, and of criticizing your closest relations. For you, relationships strike an emotional and satisfying note when there is a strong element of creativity, artistic quality, fluidity and depth. For these sorts of relationships to flourish they can’t be held to strict, unchanging details that are nailed every time. With Mars retrograde occurring in your Moon sign and your ruling planet Mercury soon retrograde as well, that’s a lot of inner focus. Relationships are often a reflection of our inner struggles, inner growth and work we need to do. You are in the process of an inner journey into your emotions and their reflection. Basically, you get to approach the situation from two angles. If approached from an open place, those two perspectives will bring greater clarity. Clarity is something you can work with. Resist the urge to nitpick anything at all, yourself or others. If you get all the small things right and the other person appreciates you for it, but they can’t get all the small things right (even though they try hard) what is the worst that would happen? Would the love and caring end? Would the whole house of cards come crashing down? I propose the answer is no. Even when the little details falter, the structure and purpose of the relationship remains. This is a good moment to employ that detachment air signs are known for. Get perspective and realize that the feelings of the need to be critical may not be appropriate for the slights that occurred. And then give partners in your life grace to be imperfect. You may just find this grace reflecting back on yourself. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Libra Moon — For you, beauty is an essential aspect of your environment: beauty that you can see, touch, hear and admire. Yet you also thrive on the awareness of intangible or inner beauty, the kind that requires one’s spiritual eyes to be open. For you, that inner-outer relationship is the ultimate expression of balance. I would caution you against getting caught up in the idea that for there to be beauty there needs to be perfection. Imperfection is an essential element: it reminds us that it is part of this world and not some unattainable ideal. It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re always chasing what you cannot reach. Life is ‘imperfect’, yet what that means is that there is always room for improvement. Part of its beauty lies in the creativity that is spurred by what we think of as imperfection. This month examine your perspective on beauty. What does beauty look like for you? What role does perfection play? Explore where you require perfection in your life — and where those ideas on perfection came from. You may get some interesting answers — answers that could stem from your earliest memories. Part of your living a happier, emotionally healthier life is grounding your perceptions in tangible reality. Life is a work in progress and as such never reaches the ideal state. As you ease up on this chase for perfect balance, you’ll know you are making headway when you feel a release of pressure. It’s like you’ve been holding your breath without really noticing it, and soon you can breathe easy again. Then take note of how more comfy and welcoming your emotions feel, and more importantly how much easier it is for them to feel balanced with the pressure easing off. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Scorpio Moon — One of the rulers of your Moon sign is Mars, Mr. God-of-War himself. As March progresses, I suggest you focus your energy on making art, not war. You already have abundant creativity at your disposal, and yet another layer of creative depth has been revealed. You’re being pulled through your emotions into this newfound dimension of creativity to learn how to harness it. This journey is not a logic puzzle or Rubik’s Cube you can figure out with your mind; rather, it’s a journey navigated by your feelings and intuition, a journey that’s a focused investigation. As you work out your relationship to the larger social spheres or even the public, this month you’re simultaneously working out what you are going to create to share with the world around you. Consider what provides you with meaning, and then approach that from an artistic mindset. If something emotionally fulfills and sustains you, that’s a clue you’re on the right track. As you get to know your own creativity, you’ll then be able to share it. Experimentation is part of the process. It involves letting go of controlling the outcome, testing the waters, and seeing what happens. This is an uncomfortable prospect for most Scorpio Moon folks, who often feel best when they have a sense of control. Create a physical space in which to experiment. This is an art studio of sorts for you, but more importantly it is a safe space where you can drop your guard, be imperfect and not be in control every second. As you explore art, think of yourself as a sculptor working and shaping your approach to experimentation itself. At first it may look or feel crude; but with practice an elegance begins to form. Go boldly this month — in the art you make and pushing into your deepest creative emotions. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Sagittarius Moon — For someone who spends so much time connecting to the world at large, you need to have a solid grounding in your intuition. Intuition is crucial in situations where you’re operating with partial knowledge and learning the rest of the information on the fly. Oftentimes when we are interacting with people we don’t know that well, we come to the table with some understanding of the situation and then learn more information or reach greater clarity in the midst of ongoing interactions. An example of this is travel. When you travel there’s always a piece of information that you don’t know, but then learn when you have your feet on the ground and meet real people. What gets you safely through operating with partial information is your intuition. That includes discernment — having a baseline to quickly categorize information into “more true” and “less true.” The other piece of intuition is the hairs on the back of your neck, a vibe check of people, and listening to what comes up through your core root of security. Be sensitive to how spaces feel, the first thing you notice about someone and the scent in the air. You’re as sensitive as a precision instrument. Your emotional security base is highly tuned to the psychic world to begin with, and for a while is even more highly sensitive, but in an easily accessible manner. None of this is cut and dried, nor can it be reduced to instructions. The information that comes back is more difficult to evaluate than a multiple choice test. If you’re unsure, test the waters before you dive in. Know where your comfort zone is, then go out to the very edge, and see what you notice. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Capricorn Moon — This month, I suggest you investigate your father’s psychological state and how it affected your ability to be clear on your needs. Much in your chart in March is calling for a conscious addressing of this issue of that ‘fatherly’ environment, in whatever form it may appear. Accompanying this call for healing are the tools to heal any challenge you might encounter. Whether the timing seems right or not, whether your father is alive or not, you can make significant headway this month in clearing out this old material that has hindered you for too long. As you sift through the information that is coming up through your emotions, look for residue of earlier power struggles or where you had to cover up how you felt to survive living under your father’s (or father figure’s) roof. If you approach this inquiry from a place of shameless and unfettered honesty, you’ll gain unusual clarity. These issues may seem unappealing to bring up, especially if you thought they were settled, but this is critical healing work you must do to sort out what your emotional needs are and how to get them met. Sometimes the most unpleasant emotional work is the most necessary. Once you exorcize these demons of pain and guilt, the next step is to realize that you don’t need to propagate this dynamic anymore. Your emotions don’t need to be tied up or influenced by how you were treated as a child or what the ‘rules’ were. You’re in fact in the middle of a years-long process of noticing these emotional patterns and triggers. Rather than trying to dig with a shovel, I suggest you take your lead from archeologists and use a brush. Dust off the debris gently. If you have siblings and they were not direct propagators of your wounding, use that trust and share what you learned and ask them what they learned. You may be surprised to learn that you were not the only one who had to play by the rules and sweep who they were under the carpet to survive. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Aquarius Moon — You have complex, imaginative and creative emotional resources. Basically, you have a big, colorful bag of tricks that include portable teleportation devices, wormholes, your own private comet and some flying horses for good measure. You can draw on these almost mythic resources whenever you need to. For you, all these fantastical things seem ordinary, and I would propose that you consider this is not true for others not of the Aquarian lunar breed. It’s important to understand your emotional resources and how others perceive them, so that you can clearly communicate your needs to those who may not understand how you produce a flying horse or hitch a ride on your own comet. Put another way, your emotional realm is like a Salvador Dali painting — melting clocks, doors in the sky, roads that go every direction at once, wispy people that appear and disappear before your eyes. You perceive the message and love the seemingly endless complexity, strangeness and newness — others can see the odd beauty but don’t necessarily connect with the meaning or the message. This month you are getting plenty of insight and good ideas regarding your emotional resources, which have a creative aspect to them and a deeply intuitive connection — almost like they come straight from the fabric of the Universe. That means you can’t think your way through them no matter how hard you try. You must feel your way through the territory, perceiving with all of your senses. As you proceed, honor and cherish how different your emotional resources are. Once you notice, others will too. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Pisces Moon — Surround yourself with beauty and take the time to just sit and soak it in. Get inspired, then go and create your own art or music from that inspiration. You may feel more drawn into your inner world than usual. It’s as if you have been teleported in an instant into one of the deepest layers of emotions, but when you get there the world is moving in slow motion. I suggest you not be alarmed how slowly your inner world moves at the moment. This will give you an opportunity to take stock and examine what you find in fine detail. There’s something here about your relationship to your partners and your relationship to yourself and the point where those two meet. Ultimately, for you it’s about knowing how to establish healthy boundaries, particularly when others are experiencing conflict that has nothing to do with you. Plenty of information and clues will be coming through as you explore that idea. Part of your creative process is allowing others the space to feel what they feel. That implies that you have the space to feel what you feel, which is essential to your creative process. This will allow you to let go of the heavier things some people around you are experiencing. As a Pisces Moon, you have an endless tank of inspiration for creativity. As you paint or photograph or make music, or sculpt or dance, you will be able to bring out to the surface some of what you’ve been feeling deep in your emotional spaces. When you talk about ‘relationship’, this is what you’re talking about exchanging with others. — by Genevieve Hathaway

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