Moonshine Horoscope, Schedule Tune-Up — and Uranus-Pluto

Dear Friend and Reader: This week we have the Moonshine horoscope for you, written by upstart horoscope writer Genevieve Hathaway, filed from Australia. By the way, Genevieve’s contribution to last week’s edition — her reportage from the neighborhood of the Egyptian embassy in Cairo — went uncredited (see second paragraph). We know the street where the embassy … Read more

Tuesday Letter: A Moment of Psyche

Dear Friend and Reader: We’re not done editing the Moonshine horoscope yet, so it’s going to wait a week. Working with a young writer who is learning to write horoscopes is giving me a new appreciation for how challenging it is to translate astrology into a few succinct sentences, and have it be helpful, accurate … Read more

Inner Space Horoscopes for September 2012

Dear Friend and Reader: September begins with the Sun in Virgo and ends with the Sun in Libra. Along the way we should have relatively clear sailing; astrology during the prior eight months of the year has been all kinds of turbulent. There has been this feeling of swimming against the tide. The Pisces Full … Read more

When Little Planets Make Big Moves

Dear Friend and Reader: This is going to be an interesting week — astrologically and otherwise (however in astrology, “astrology” and “otherwise” are the same thing). The two most significant moves in the sky involve Mercury and Venus — the two known ‘major’ planets whose orbits are shorter than that of the Earth. Mercury and … Read more

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for August 2012

Dear Friend and Reader: The Sun is in Leo through Aug. 22, when it ingresses Virgo. Mercury is retrograde in Leo through Aug. 8 (that began July 14), after which we get the first extended phase in 2012 with no inner planet retrogrades. From midsummer through late autumn, direct motion planets means we finally get … Read more