2012 Letter: Not Your Parents’ Activism

Dear Friend and Reader: Monday morning I picked up my local paper, attracted by the headline, “Wall Street Protest Grows; Demonstrators Vow to Hang In.” The occupation of a small plaza in the midst of New York City’s financial district has entered its third week and is showing no signs of letting up. The plaza, … Read more

Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope — October 2011

Dear Friend and Reader: This month is dominated by Aries and Libra — the polarity of ‘I am / we are’. This astrology peaks with the Aries Full Moon of Oct. 11. Inside of our relationship dramas, sagas and desires, our DNA and hormones are humming along, giving us instructions to reproduce the species. And … Read more

Introducing a Weekly 2012 Diary by Eric Francis

Introducing a Weekly 2012 Diary by Eric Francis Dear Friend and Reader: This thing called 2012 is approaching fast. We’ve got just one more season and we’re there. This is one of the most predicted-about times in human history. I can tell you that there will be a lot of unemployed prophets on Jan. 1, … Read more

The Harvest Moon & the Pegasus Syndrome

By Gary P. Caton Traditionally, the Full Moon closest to the fall equinox is called the Harvest Moon. The idea is that for a few days the light from the Full Moon allows farmers to work later, and helps them to bring in their crops. Because of the shallow angle the ecliptic (the path of … Read more

Chiron Files: Mercury Opposite Chiron

Dear Friend and Reader: Last month in Chiron files we looked at Mercury retrograde in Leo and Virgo, called Tales of Mercury and Chiron. The two planets are related through an association to Virgo. We often associate Chiron with the healing process. Hermes, the Greek messenger god identified with the Roman Mercury, is mistakenly associated with … Read more