Planet Waves Alt Horoscope – November, 2009

BY ERIC FRANCIS Aries (March 20-April 19) You seem to have an emotional investment in a career issue that you would be wise to consider through a more objective lens. It would make even more sense to focus on the creative aspects of what you are doing rather than having an attachment to success. If … Read more

Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope – November 2009

BY ERIC FRANCIS There are those moments when astrology informs us that big changes are on the horizon, and this is one of them. On Oct. 29, Saturn changed signs to Libra; this was covered in detail in the most recent Friday edition. Any sign change of Saturn is significant. Yet what happens Nov. 15 is … Read more

Saturn in Libra: Planet Waves for November 2009

Dear Friend and Reader: In a matter of hours, Saturn will begin its first visit to Libra since 1983. That happens Thursday in most time zones. How it worked back then was, Saturn entered Libra for the first time on Sept. 21, 1980, right before Ronald Reagan was supposedly elected. History has not properly recorded … Read more

Tuesday Letter: Libra to Scorpio

Dear Friend and Client: Libra has been one of those seasons with five Tuesdays. I don’t issue the first monthly horoscope until the first Tuesday that Sun has ingressed the new sign, so I’m here with a brief letter telling you what I think you need to know about this week’s astrology. The Sun is … Read more

Planet Waves Alt Horoscope – October 2009

BY ERIC FRANCIS Today’s bonus horoscope is our third monthly for the Libra cycle of the Sun. Imagine reading it in one of those big thick fashion magazines, only down in Australia. We’ll be back with another Tuesday bonus edition next week, but it won’t be a horoscope. See you with a regular edition Friday! … Read more