Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of the Moon

Dear Colleague or Contributor: It’s New Year’s Eve and we have an eclipse of the Moon in Cancer — the sign ruled by the Moon. Eclipses represent dependable transitions; this is fitting astrology for the end of a year, and even a decade. Yet by our calendar, this is not technically the end of the … Read more

Earth Stations Retrograde

Dear Friend and Reader: We’re now in that special moment: two planets stationing retrograde, two eclipses are on the way and Jupiter is making conjunctions. The first-ever Capricorn solstice conjunct Pluto is about to happen, in a square to Saturn. The Sun is now conjunct the Galactic Core. Everything really is happening at once. Many … Read more

Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune: We Live in the Technosphere

Dear Friend and Reader: Over the past few days, we experienced the conclusion of the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius. This has been working out all year; this week’s was the third of three contacts since May, then July. I believe this is one of those aspects that future astrologers are going to look back on, … Read more

The Winter Whirl: Planets on the Move

From mid-December through mid-January are some of the most whirlwind months of astrology in recent memory, and that is saying a lot. The nice part is that we who honor astrology can actually use it as a tool to make our lives a little easier. We are approaching simultaneous Mercury and Mars retrogrades, a lunar … Read more

Mercury, Saggitarius and the Freedom to Think for Yourself

Dear Friend and Reader: Mercury is a prominent factor in the sky and in our lives this week. I’ve suggested many times that in our world of communication devices and grannies who twitter and mommies who blog and 13-year-olds who text all their friends about their new boyfriend, Mercury is an incredibly important planet. By … Read more