The Return of the King

Dear Friend and Reader: So — what happens when you inaugurate the president with the Moon void of course during Mercury retrograde? Naturally, you have to do it over again. After all that astonishing fanfare, the real kind with trumpets and flags, along with $125 million spent on the swearing-in ceremony attended by some three … Read more

The Delicate Sound of Lightning

Dear Friend and Reader: BARACK OBAMA’S inauguration next week is the chart of a world in transition, or one about to unravel. These may amount to the same thing, necessary aspects of the same process: though if you ask me, this is a dangerous chart. We live in dangerous times and most of us have no … Read more

On the Cusp of Quantum Chaos

Dear Friend and Reader: AND WHAT, pray tell, is going on? We have a full edition for you this week as we approach one of the biggest and most emotional Full Moons of the year (in Cancer, conjunct Varuna and square Eris); and as Mercury slows to a halt on Sunday. It’s all the madness you would … Read more

Moving, Turning in Time

Planet of Another Star First Seen with Human Eyes Since 1992, we’ve known that planets exist outside our solar system (exoplanets), but until now we’ve never captured direct evidence of these planets. That changed Nov. 13 when American and Canadian astronomers gave us the first direct optical images of planets outside our solar system, orbiting … Read more