William Pen and Ling Ling: Writer’s Cats

FOR A while I lived in New Jersey, and behind a butcher shop in the town that I covered was a tribe of feral cats that I loved. They were fluffy and savage looking, and their fierce, intent round eyes were irresistible peering back from the midst of grass and weeds. One of these cats … Read more

The Road to Nowhere

Dear Friend and Reader: ON SUNDAY, Sept. 30, I drove from the Hudson Valley down to New York City and then to Long Island on a mission to visit my parents and collect the bits of my property that were scattered around the New York area. After nearly a decade of living in many cities … Read more

Truth Be Bold: Mercury from Scorpio to Libra

Dear Friend and Reader: Today, the edition went out with a typo that reversed the meaning of a paragraph on which the theme of the issue rests: that of so-called “appropriateness” being an excuse for not saying how we feel or what we need. Normally, I would not resend the whole issue due to one … Read more

Working With Mercury Retrograde

THREE TIMES a year, fast-moving Mercury comes between the Earth and the Sun, creating an effect called Mercury retrograde. Once people know enough astrology to figure out where their natal Moon is, one of the next things they typically hear about is Mercury retrograde. Since the Internet became the primary conducting medium for astrology in … Read more

Libra Equinox – Sept. 23, 2007, 09:51 UT.

By Eric Francis and Kirsti Melto | Lunations EQUINOXES and solstices begin the seasons and take us to a new phase of our lives. They are the times when the Sun turns a corner and makes a 90-degree angle to either the equator or one of the tropics (Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn). In the … Read more