Weekly Horoscope

Dear Friend and Reader: I have a horoscope for you this week, but everything else is on hold until the Spiral Door is finished. Aquarius birthdays part one will be distributed with the February monthly horoscope on Monday. I will send an announcement when The Spiral Door annual edition of Planet Waves is ready. Thank you.   … Read more

The President’s Speech (About Iran)

Wednesday night, we saw and heard the image of a different George Bush, one who I suspected for a moment or two might have had Botox injections in the corners of his mouth (it wore off, however). The speech was given from the White House library, a new place, suggesting that Bush, now presented as … Read more

The Hanged Man

In a little hilltop village, they gambled for my clothes I bargained for salvation, but they gave me a lethal dose— DylanNEW YEAR’S weekend, the world was confronted with images of the execution of Saddam Hussein. The official video takes us right up to the point where the noose is placed around the former Iraqi … Read more