Aries Secrets Revealed

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Aries Secrets Revealed: The Sign that Influences Everyone

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The Sun is now in Aries and a new astrological year has begun. While I’m working on your monthly horoscope for April and Aries Astrology Studio, I thought I would share some of my notes on the role of Aries in astrology. While Aries has distinct personal attributes for those with it prominently in their chart, it’s also a point of orientation for everyone.

Aries holds a special place as the first sign of the zodiac. The first degree of Aries is where we start measuring all of the signs, and the seasons. It’s also the place used to track the alignment between the tropical zodiac (the one we usually use here in the West) and the sidereal (sy-dee-ree-all) zodiac used in India, Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

My chart for the Aries Equinox of 2022.

In both Western and sidereal astrology, Aries is ruled by Mars — the god of motivation and war. Because there is so much competition and conflict on Earth, the prime directive of Aries is to be a spiritual warrior: to turn its power of assertion and conflict to the common good.

The Soul Declares, ‘I Am’

This sets the theme of Aries without saying a word about personality traits: it is a point of orientation, for everyone and everything. It is also the fundamental sign of self, the place where the soul declares, “I am.”

This can be controversial. Not everyone appreciates when someone asserts themselves, so you need to be persistent and confident — two attributes that Aries needs to master. It is vitally important to get over the appearance of confidence and the “fake it till you make it” approach, and find your connection to your true sense of your own abilities.

One of the tools I use to do readings without the birth date or time is called the solar chart. This is the horoscope for the sign itself, rather than for the individual — though there is plenty of overlap. For each sign, Aries turns up in a different place. Looking at solar charts for any of the signs, the place where Aries appears is where you know someone is likely to be searching for their true purpose.

I can give one easy example how this works, using the chart for Aquarius. We think of Aquarius as being about ideas. The Aquarius solar chart has Aries in the 3rd house (Aquarius is 1st, Pisces is 2nd and Aries is 3rd). The 3rd house addresses the mind: thinking and communications. Based on the placement of Aries, we see that Aquarius orients strongly on its ideas and mental abilities.

Aries on the 3rd house of the mind grants Aquarius the gift of being a pioneering thinker. This method has a way of working with all of the signs.

Everything Goes Where it Belongs

For the individual born with strong Aries (Sun, Moon, rising or even Saturn or Chiron), there is the desire to have everything be in its place. This works in physical space as well as mental. While there is always some overlap, work is work, family is family, friends are friends, intimate relationships are intimate relationships. It’s preferable not to let things get too blurry.

There is a place for everything, and everything has its place. This is perhaps to facilitate something deeper, which is that Aries wants to break through the ice and crust that encases the usual mentality, and open up new territory wherever it goes. To appeal to an Aries, propose doing something new.

It’s not easy to be an ardent individual in a world where most other people are trying to conform to something outside themselves. Aries is happier setting trends than it is following them. Yet this is not just about style; whatever looks good must always work. Everyone and everything has a job to do, so let’s get busy.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Hints from Esoteric Astrology

Clues as to the true nature of Aries come from the book Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey (1880-1949). Though it was of the most influential astrology books of the 20th century, you will rarely hear people talk about it.

Esoteric Astrology proposes alternate rulers for all of the signs. For Aries, the esoteric ruling planet is Mercury, emphasizing the idea quality and the drive to communicate and assert oneself. There is also a second ruling planet for each sign, and for Aries, it’s Uranus — which is about breakthroughs, inventions and revolutions.

These qualities become available as Aries focuses on its spiritual rather than material needs, and on communication rather than competition. We also learn that these three rather important planets — Mars, Mercury and Uranus — all have something in common and are related through Aries.

The Current Transit of Chiron

Let’s end with one transit that is fully activating the sign Aries, making it impossible to miss, and raising its prominence for everyone: Chiron is making its way through the territory, which began in 2018 and ends in 2027. Chiron spends nine years in Aries, more than in any other sign.

This is driving individuality and self-actualization. They are related: the process of actualizing oneself leads to one being an individual. But it’s a journey; you don’t usually wake up fully realized one morning. It happens a little at a time, and then you figure out you’re someone deeper, and living in a different state of mind.

Chiron can emphasize the discomfort of asserting oneself against groups, and also the necessity of doing so. Though hiding out may work for a little while, it’s not a long-term plan for anything except getting cramped in — and this will not happen. As a result, Chiron’s mission is to help you master the two deepest necessities for Aries: persistence and self-confidence.

I’ll have more to say about this in my Aries Studio reading for 2022, coming soon. You may also learn about your Key Life Transits in this excellent e-Book.

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