After reviewing voluminous testimony from scientists, doctors and people we assess to be credible, for months, there are essentially four theories:

1. This happened totally naturally — the Bat Soup theory (no longer in play, due to failure to contract trace 13 of the first people who got sick to the Wuhan wet market). This is a speculative, interspecies “conspiracy” theory which says that in late 2019, the virus jumped from a bat to humans via some other unidentified species (that speculation does not hold up to scrutiny either).

2. Escape or intentional release from one of the Wuhan BSL 2/3 or BSL 4 labs. Credible people are saying this is a GMO virus, that was militarized, or concentrated through “gain of function.” Sources we cannot discount say that this virus has attributes of HIV that are not found in coronaviruses.

3. Influenza vaccines are known to be highly contaminated with coronaviruses and other infiltration from animal cell lines. The particular virus we are seeing now has been circulating for years and only came to the surface recently. This is true of other viruses, which have a long smoldering period prior to igniting (HIV is an example, which is documented to have been circulating in society since the mid 1960s at the latest.) Under this theory, a bad batch of influenza vaccines in late 2019 started things off in Italy, where there were potentially cases before Wuhan but in any event, a bad scene that started early.

4. A wide diversity of “perfect storm” factors came together, or a “tinderbox” situation was set off by some kind of igniting event. These include the use of statin drugs, ACE inhibitors, immune suppressing drugs, loss of immunity through massive gut flora depletion (much of it driven by Roundup), stress, EMF poisoning and other factors working in concert. Under this set of theories, there is credible evidence that we are not seeing a coronavirus or any virus but rather the results of other problems, some other kind of virus, or no virus at all.

5. The exosome theory claims that we are not seeing a virus but rather the production of exosomes, or virus-like particles produced by cells by people in proximity to one another under similar kinds of stress. This mimics transmission because it seems to “spread” around the world and into communities.

6. There is the false flag dimension, all of it surrounding Bill Gates, whose statements going back years, and recent events centered around Event 201, reveal both intent and prior knowledge of events.

Gates Foundation, is involved with WHO and the World Bank, all have an agenda to immunize everyone agenda. Gates has said this comes after a novel corona outbreak, following which there will be economic collapse, a global shutdown and midscale censorship of ideas, that will not end until 7 billion people are “immunized” 18 months into the crisis. This was the Event 201 Scenario and also what Gates has been saying in various public forums. The technologies involved include ultraviolet marking that can be read by a device and tied to a database lookup, and an electrostaticstatically charged injection device that “stimulates” the immune system.

Is it, or isn’t it? (non mainstream pandemic theories)

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