Dare To Be Happy!

by Britta Dubbels

A few weeks ago, a client looked at me and said: “You are so lucky, you are so light and so happy!” The truth is, while happiness is our birthright, it has nothing to do with luck.

I’ve worked my butt off for my happiness. Happiness is a choice.

Photo of Britta Dubbels courtesy of the author.

Photo of Britta Dubbels courtesy of the author.

My name is Britta, and I’m in the happiness business. I don’t belong to any religion or belief group, but honor them all. I’ve been a channel for Light information my entire life. As a channel, I hear, feel, sense, know and see guidance and information from Source. In my truth, happiness is 100% your birthright.

However, no birthright is just given to you; it has to be earned. I have learned the hard way that happiness is directly related to the intimate relationship with oneself.

There was a time in my life when my happiness depended on what I was getting from my boyfriend, my work or my friends. The moment my expectations or attachments weren’t met, happiness flew out the window.

Of course I don’t mean to downplay the fact that it feels real when the shit hits the fan in your life. I get it, and it’s perfectly normal to get sucked into the drama. But it is possible to relax when facing outside challenges. This may seem counter-intuitive, but my experience leads me to believe that you will benefit if you give it a try.

But how? Most of us continually seek approval from the outside: from our lovers, spouses, kids, the boss or our environment. When outside circumstances please us we’re happy, and when they don’t, we aren’t. But the pursuit of happiness only prospers when the search begins within. Our happiness is entirely up to us.

So, what is the secret to my personal happiness? I love myself. I have grown to love myself so deeply and so fully that there is nothing I am unwilling to see within myself. Also, there is nothing that I am willing to engage with on the outside that wouldn’t reflect back to me the love, respect and honor I feel for myself. I have fallen head over heels, totally committed, fiercely devoted, in love with ‘I’.

One very important piece of information I would like to share is that just because people such as spiritual teachers, religious leaders or gurus may have innate gifts or are considered to be on a ‘spiritual path’ doesn’t mean they are healed and whole within themselves. The very term ‘spirituality’ has been skating on thin ice recently, with a trail of disappointment, pain and even exploitation experienced when people place others on a pedestal. Another can never give you what you’re looking for, although they may indeed help awaken the truth that already exists within you.

In addition, know that our relationships mirror our self-worth. I have to laugh when I look back at the temper tantrums I subjected myself and my boyfriend to back in my twenties.

I wasn’t wrong about what I was feeling, and he certainly wasn’t worthy of me, but at that time I was still in a place of deep unworthiness myself. So, in truth, my boyfriend was the reflection and embodiment of my own personal lack.

Happiness isn’t only our birthright, it is who we already are. We are brilliant extensions of Source, infinite joy, clarity, love, wisdom and creativity. We must understand that the fear, anger, pain, struggle, worry and doubt present within us simply represent the duality between the human illusion and the true Light-self we were brought here to understand and become aware of.

You deserve to be you, fully and completely in your own, beautiful uniqueness. When you free yourself from the chains of external judgment and mental pressure to fit into the wrong boxes, you will feel happy.

So how does this process into radical self-love and happiness manifest? Relax. This may sound simple, but it’s true: relax. By finding your personal tools to relax in any given moment your focus on this ‘relaxing’ will make it so in time.

Modern science, such as quantum physics and string theory, has confirmed that we are all energy, and we are all interconnected as One. This is no longer a spiritual slogan, it is a proven fact. Energy must always be in flow, it cannot be stagnant. When does our energy stop flowing? When we’re uptight and stressed out.

You are energy and it is time you identify with yourself as energy just as much as you identify with being human.

The moment you stress out and think negatively, your energy tightens, becomes heavier and dense.

The more you learn to stay relaxed with life’s challenges, the more your energy will continue to flow and the solutions will appear. Self-awareness = conscious energy maintenance, on your journey of your soul’s evolution here on Earth.

The layers of human programming will take time to peel away. What you need to know is that while facing challenges on the outside, inner triggers will flare up. In these moments of heightened emotion and negative mental perceptions, you can assist yourself by stepping back, and creating space by taking a few breaths.

Once you learn to relax in moments of intensity, you take control and open yourself to new points of view, healing, new solutions, possibilities and responses. By consciously keeping your energy at flow you will shift into strong, self-honoring choices and conscious response, creating happiness.

The good news is, your consciousness evolution is inevitable. Life will push you, and you will respond to its call. Your process is already in full swing. What you can do to assist your personal process is to master the art of relaxing into what is in any given moment.

The more you relax into any negative emotion or perception, the further you distance yourself from it. By relaxing, you tap into the deep, powerful and wise truth that is and always has been you. From here, you can see the unsupportive programming and the resulting unhappiness clearly. At the same time you will begin to disengage from identifying with the unsupportive conditioning that may have run your life up to now.

Your happiness does not depend on a person, a bank account or a certain outcome. Of course it takes practice and patience to acknowledge one’s own jealousies, insecurities and fears, and to relate to these as options, as choices — but not as identification. The breakthrough comes when you’re able to face thoughts and feelings from a new place of separate identity. From this new place of observation — as this separate identity — the brand-new romance with the self begins…free to fall in love with all that you are.

The old relationship with your unsupportive conditioning won’t disappear, but things will change. Things change on the inside. We begin to feel less hungry, less alone, less dissatisfied, less empty. We become ready to embrace new, lighter experiences that progressively convince us to start believing in this powerful, new way of responding, and that our happiness belongs to us, in intimate, loving and supportive ways.

Relax into the journey that is your life. Choose to make it an easier, more joyous experience by remembering that happiness is who you really are. You belong here in your human body, as a beacon of love and light — clear, strong and empowered.

Your life isn’t meant to be a survival trip, it’s meant to be a celebration! So relax, let yourself flow and celebrate you.

With love and Light,
Britta Dubbels

Born and raised in Germany, Britta’s gifts of ‘seeing’, ‘sensing’, ‘feeling’ and ‘communicating’ with Spirit opened up early in life. After living life to the fullest and getting to know the dark side of ego experiences as a high-end fashion model, she came full circle in her personal transformation and is now in total commitment to working for ‘the Light’, as she lovingly calls it. www.BrittaDubbels.com

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  1. Ichrak Dahou says:

    Yes, I can totally relate to this! After getting through a debilitating Saturn transit to my Venus last winter, I thoroughly relish every positive emotion that courses through my being. I don’t discriminate–> this thoroughness of experience applies to the horrid emotions I experience too. Since I learned that I can be with myself through difficult experiences, I let myself feel them, knowing that they will pass. This creates space for me to dwell in all feelings in the now, hearing their messages for me. What you say about relaxing into negative experience resonates with the lessons that I have earned. Earned, not a typo 🙂 Relaxation releases the density that can spiral us downward into harmful trajectories of self talk, which influences how we relate to our world. For me, self awareness that leads to centered action is the key, along with a broad measure of grace. The only thing I struggle with and continue to explore along this line of thought, is applying these truths (I think they’re Truths!), to troublesome global/domestic political-ecological-humanitarian situations. Still exploring there. Thanks for the absolutely fabulous article. There is richness and wisdom in what you have shared with us.

    Much love,

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