The 2015 Edition of Planet Waves : Project Credits

640+web-iceAstrologer – Eric Francis Coppolino
Designer and Concept Artist – Lizanne Webb
Music Composed and Performed by Casey Smith
Web Developer – Anatoly Ryzhenko
Articles Editor – Amanda Moreno
Astrology Editor – Amanda Painter
Astrology Consultant – Len Wallick
Copy Editor – Jessica Keet
Art Consultant – Chelsea Bottinelli
Astrology Assistant – Kirsti Melto
Customer Service – Ali Gruber
Business Team
Chelsea Bottinelli, Lauren Gdovin, Robert Schwartz, Ben Shor
Additional Software Development – Nick Gagne of Artifex

Charts for this project were cast using Time Cycles Research, by Tracy Delaney and the True Node ephemeris by Jon Dunn.

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