Be The Light (Body) You Want To See In The World

by Donna Boyle

My first direct experience of being “more than my physical body” came while I was teaching a meditation. Guiding my students through a visualization, I was taken to a place in space where I was looking down upon the earth and floating in a vast universe — seemingly there for hours.

When I finally came back to the room, I was embarrassed and asked my students, “How long was I out?” They looked at me like I was crazy and said, “You only paused for a second!” I have held onto that experience for many years and it has helped me become who I am today and gain access to my own Light Body.

Photo by Danielle Voirin

Photo by Danielle Voirin

This re-acceptance of your Light Body is what you came here to do. You arrived in this current lifetime, this physical shell, as a being of light: a light body.

You also came into your new physical body with the intention to forget that, and then remember it at just the right time. You forgot so that you could learn the lessons needed for this lifetime.

Now is the right time. The stars and the planets are aligning to give you additional help — an added bonus. Let’s start re-connecting and re-membering!

Your Light Body is the you that is pure light. This light has been a part of you for many, many lifetimes and is the light that you truly are. This body of light knows no bounds, only knows love, and already knows who you are meant to be and what your soul/sole purpose is in this lifetime.

Your Light Body understands you don’t give yourself enough credit and remembers you are more than just your physical body. It waits patiently for you to realign with it.

Feelings of unworthiness keep you distant from your Light Body. Limiting beliefs do the same. There will be times when your Light Body will be in you — a part of you that is fully integrated. There will also be times when you cannot see it or feel it, and other times when all you can do is visualize it outside yourself. Repeat these words to yourself when you become aware of these thoughts, “I AM that I AM and I AM worthy.”

There is a reason you are reading this right now. Re-connecting with your Light Body is for everyone, not just light workers or those on a spiritual path. This re-integration is something all of us are meant to do. We are all awakening to the truth of who we are.

This new way of being can be confusing. For me, I needed to believe first that I was worthy of having a Light Body, let alone accept it as already a part of me. I continually used what I knew best — meditation and visualization. You can gain access to your Light Body by using these techniques, also called raising your vibration, and living in the present moment with all that arises.

The following exercises are from my experiences while integrating my Light Body and helping others re-awaken and re-access their own.

Merging with your Light Body. Stepping into it.
When I began this work, I would see my Light Body during meditations, but it was always one step ahead of me. I only saw it from behind, always beyond my reach. This vision reminded me of the limiting beliefs I had about myself; I was not worthy/love/light. During this time I was challenged even more because I was also accepting a new role — a new purpose for this lifetime.

Exercise: Take some time now and visualize where you are holding yourself back from accepting the fact that you are limitless! Can you feel the energy of light and love in every cell, in every space in your cells — the infinite energy of your being? Now hold an image of your Light Body in front of you and walk right into it. Merge with it. Notice how it feels and looks on you.

Unzipping your physical body to reveal your Light Body.
While in session with a client once, we were taken on a journey to the higher realms. In this space of light and oneness, we each accepted our Light Body. My client was drawn to unzip his physical body. It was as if the physical version of him was a suit he was wearing. As he unzipped his ‘body’, his Light Body emerged and he became one with it. Can you understand that you are so much more than this physical body?

Exercise: Close your eyes and visualize your physical body with a big zipper going down the front of you from the top of your head to your toes. As you slowly unzip this body, the light begins to pour out. When you reach your feet, stand up and accept: you are Light.

Your Light Body is just below the surface.
In that same session, another client was feeling very bright. She was “feeling the light.” I saw her physical body actually become a full body of light. Her Light Body started to emanate so brightly it absorbed her physical body and all that was left was light.

Exercise: Close your eyes and start to visualize light radiating out of your belly. Allow that light to move up and down your body. As the light becomes brighter it takes over your physical body and all that is left is light in the shape of you — who you were.

Movement with your new Light Body.
I recently went on a weekend yoga and meditation retreat. I’d been there many times before, but this time was different. While taking a yoga class I saw my Light Body moving right along beside me. My physical body no longer existed in this space on my yoga blanket. I was integrating this new version of me and it was showing me how to move. You can do this with any exercise or movement.

Exercise: While walking outside, can you visualize a new way of ‘being’ with yourself? Can you absorb energy/light from the trees and the earth? Imagine seeing your Light Body walking beside you and ask it to show you the way. Ask it to remind you that which you already know.

Re-accepting your Light Body is the new definition of ‘enlightenment’! You are becoming light. This light will guide you on your path. The way is being shown to you. Enlightenment sounds a little less daunting now, doesn’t it? Definitely attainable in this lifetime!

While doing this work/play, have patience and compassion for yourself. In turn you will gain the same for others. Shine as the light body you truly are.

As I was finishing the rough draft of this article, I saw my Light Body bow to me and say, “Namaste. The light in me sees the light in you.”

Shine on! Be the light you want to see in the world.

Donna is a Mystic Medium, Channel and Teacher, helping others align with their true Self. Her passion is to support the current shift of human consciousness. You can find her at

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  1. janey says:

    Hi! I wanna thank you for sharing this with us. I like you, bye….

  2. Great sharing, and just when I needed to hear it! Your suggested exercises are very helpful, and I look forward to being more Light! Many thanks……

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