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How Did We Get Here? This Week: Part Two

Dear Friend and Reader:

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With the June monthly horoscope, I began an article series asking how we got here. By here, I mean, from "sing happy birthday twice while washing your hands" to a shutdown of the culture to everyone standing in a little box -- and now, to experiencing nationwide protests and in the United States.

Me visiting the 1969 Woodstock Festival site this week, which event is central to tonight's Planet Waves article. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
This week I'm here with Part Two of the series, called They Were Barefoot in Babylon (this edition opens in newsletter format, not on our primary website).

The article looks at current events in the context of the Woodstock Festival, which happened during a global pandemic in August 1969. I use the media theories I learned from reading Marshall McLuhan and my conversations with the McLuhan family to size up the stunning differences between what happened (and didn't happen) then and what happened this year.

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I have also published a series of essays dating back to early March documenting the spiritual, medical, social and political aspects of the crisis. One problem with the way this issue (and many others) have been covered is nearly total intellectual chaos. I do my best to offer a cohesive point of view, even as it evolves.

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