We are here today, to witness file sharing on the computers of the Isle of Vashon, as well as across the nation, nay, the entire world. -- Jordan.

Here are the audio files, which are samples of the recording work done for the aquasphere CD. They are in MP3 format; your computer will hopefully open the default music player in your browser. If you don't have one, track down Real Player or Quicktime.

[ Monday 1/12/04 - We have received word that the operation on the audio files was successful. Please let me know if you have difficulty. ef ]

chiron, pholus, nessus, asbolus, chariklo, hylonome, pelion, thereus, elatus, 1992 QB1, varuna, ixion, chaos, huya, quaoar, psyche, hybris, minerva, orpheus, panacea, persephone, phaethon, nemesis, niobe, requiem, sisyphus, urania, kassandra, pandora, apollo, diana, eros, sappho, amor, hidalgo, bacchus, hebe, child, hopi, dionysus, isis, icarus, sphinx, tantalus, siva, toro, lilith, arachne, achilles, atlantis