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Auschwitz Photo Series by Eric Francis | Daily Articles Continue

"WHILE I WAS visiting Poland last week, I went to pay my respects at Auschwitz. I actually didn't plan to go, and I didn't really want to go, but I've also had a lifelong commitment to do so, and this was my chance."

Are You the Enemy? | by Heather Wokusch

"Since Congress recently handed Bush the power to identify American citizens as "unlawful enemy combatants" and detain them indefinitely without charge, it's worth examining the administration's record of prisoner abuse as well as the building of stateside detention centers."

Hell's Bells | by Eric Francis

"WE ARRIVE as the last few volts of daylight drain from the late-evening sky. The vacuous, unlit, anonymous streets of the city are cobblestoned and narrow and one-way, jarring and agitating with that distinct 19th century medieval Napoleanic vibe...."

Walking On The Moon | by Eric Francis

"AFTER ABOUT five minutes in this city, I had the distinct feeling of being inside of something. The word that popped into my head as I walked along the sidewalk was "insular," as in insulated."

Looking Down Your Pants | By Steve Bergstein

"Is it too much to ask that the police not look down our pants during an arrest? An interesting case recently from the State of Virginia highlights the limits of police conduct in arresting people on the street."

Princeton Scientists Hack the Vote | from Political Waves

9/11 Omission Commission | Video from Info Clearing House

"Video documenting the the conflicts of interest of the 9/11 commission and the many distortions of their final report.Video - Runtime 7 Minutes"

Flashpoints: The Continuation of Burning Man | by Eric Francis

"For all practical purposes, we are in the last months and weeks of the second millennium. Isn't it thrilling? Geeks will remind you that since there was no Year Zero the millennium does not end until midnight of the last day of 2000..."

Pluto's Demotion Divides Astrologers, Troubles Scorpios | By Jane Spencer

"The ruling by the world's top astronomers to boot Pluto from the planet category is sending shock waves through another set of dedicated stargazers: the world of astrologers, who are already mulling how this turn of events will affect our moods, our lucky numbers and our chances of getting a date on Saturday night."

Beyond Belief | by Paloma Todd

"The stock market crash had occurred just a few months earlier, and the world was sinking into economic depression. But 1930, the year of Pluto's discovery, has an astonishing history."

Before and After Pluto | by Eric Francis

"This is a good moment to take advantage of a very handy property of astrology: the cool detachment that it allows; and the perspective that it grants."

What is a Planet? | by Eric Francis

"This month in Prague, the membership of something called the International Astronomical Union will be meeting to decide the official definition of a planet."

The Continuing Discovery of Pluto

"NEXT WEEK, if all goes according to the cosmic plan, the solar system will have three new members, at least in terms of what we call planets."

We Were Here: Mercury RX News Timeline

"ASTROLOGY and history can be tracked many ways, one of which is the microcosmic moment. Such has arrived in the form of the recent Mercury retrograde, which is actually still ongoing since Mercury won't reach new territory until August 13."

The Wanderer | Arwynne O'Neill

"The word "planet" derives from an ancient Greek phrase meaning "wanderer," so called because the ancient astronomers observed that a handful of "lights" were in constant motion, each charting its path across the sky against the relative stillness of the fixed stars."

Goddess Power | by Eric Francis

"THIS week's turn of events at the International Astronomical Union (IAU) conference in Prague is original if nothing else -- based on news reports Wednesday, it would appear that Pluto, Ceres, Xena (technically known as 2003 UB313) and Pluto's moon Charon (not to be confused with Chiron, which does not factor into this discussion), will next week be accepted into a new class of "dwarf planets.""

Conspiracy of Silence | by Eric Francis

"In the blackness of a freezing morning in December 1991, a driver lost control of her car on an isolated road in upstate New York and slammed into an electric-utility pole. Two miles away, the electrical system at the state-university campus at New Paltz went haywire."

Liquid Moon | by Eric Francis

"MI5, the British intelligence agency, said Thursday that it had foiled a major terrorist plot to blow up airplanes mid-flight from the UK to the United States using explosives contained in fizzy drinks."

Hunting the Moon | by Eric Francis

"I step into the snap chill of the April night and before the motion-detectors see me and flood the world with incandescent glare, I see the Moon, in the clouds, in the trees, in the east. "

Chewing on the Rhind | by Eric Francis

"People have been eating meat for years -- perhaps even centuries. But along the magnificent shores of the pristine Rhind River here in progressive Germany, I came across an intentional community dedicated to supporting the meaten lifestyle -- in which the participants eat no vegetable matter of any kind."

Cunnilingus and Clover | by Eric Francis

"NORTHWEST HERBAL FAIRE in Bellingham, Washington is an annual, weekend-long outdoor festival where herbalists, flower essence specialists, and a wide variety of green witches and craftspeople gather to share their ideas and products, and listen to live music."

The Swiftly Tilting Planet | by Eric Francis

"IF WE have learned one thing from doing the ongoing Mercury Retrograde news timeline, currently tracking the turning points of the end of the 'shadow phase', it's that the news is difficult to deal with, and consumes a significant amount of emotional energy."

The Chart of Israel | by Eric Francis

"This is a good moment to take advantage of a very handy property of astrology: the cool detachment that it allows; and the perspective that it grants."

Chaotic Times & Turning Points | by Eric Francis

"WE ARE in the midst of a challenging, chaotic moment of astrology. However you look at it, whether emotionally, psychologically or if you dare to turn on the television, we have a lot to process and deal with."

Live Lunch | by Eric Francis

"Earlier in the week, George Bush and Tony Blair were caught on a live microphone having an "off the record" discussion that happened to be broadcast to the world. I have never seen the transcript of something arrive in my inbox more times, appear on more Web pages or get more attention. Transcripts are beautiful, because they break language down to its most elemental form, words. "

The Illusion of Freedom | by Dough Thompson

"A longtime friend, a career soldier, returned home from Iraq recently and said that, sadly, he is thinking of resigning his commission. After a record of service that extends from Vietnam to Panama to Desert Storm and, finally, to the invasion of Iraq, he says the will to serve his country is gone."

Marriage Teeming With Sexual Tension

"TRAVERSE CITY, MI—Although both believe that a romantic affair would only complicate their daily interaction with each other, Troy and Tania Knudsen find it more and more challenging not to act on a powerful mutual sexual attraction, sources close to the married couple said Monday."

Dark Side of the Aquarius Moon | by Eric Francis

"Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, the co-founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd, died earlier this month in Cambridge at the age of 60, it was reported Tuesday."

Cosmos & Psyche | by Eric Francis

"It's not every day that a really exciting astrology book comes out. Sometimes you have to wait 30 years. As an astrology teacher, I have two main complaints: 1. There are nearly no good introductory astrology books, and by that I mean ones that cover the basic territory and don't fill your head with prejudices; and 2."

Big Planets | by Eric Francis

"Well, so far so good on working our way through that tense, intense solstice energy. By Saturday, the Sun will be moving southbound again and we will have even more relief from the strange sense of urgency and focus of the past week."

Nessus Notes | by Eric Francis

"THERE is very little written about the third Centaur, Nessus. Over the years, I've made a variety of comments, but have not actually pulled together one full article on the subject."

The Gender Fear Thread | by Eric Francis

"We all know why women are afraid of men. Or do we? Remember that fears are not accurate, they are usually personal psychological prejudices. Sometimes they are based on bad experiences that have nothing to do with the next guy."

Sagittarius Full Moon & the Next Grand Cross | by Eric Francis

"One of the purposes of this column is to provide a window into basic astrology and help those who are curious get their foot in the cosmic door. The question is always where exactly do you begin? All writing presumes that the reader knows something (if only how to read). "

The Day the Sun Stands Still | by Eric Francis

"Do you value yourself as a human being? Many of us get better at valuing ourselves as our lives progress, but I'm sure it's safe to say that at some point in our lives, we each have harbored thoughts and feelings about ourselves that are not healthy, and that are perhaps even divorced from reality."

Gemini Letter | by Eric Francis

"I am traveling these days, which has turned into an unscheduled break from writing so very much. I've had Astrology Secrets in slow mode for a couple of weeks, which will continue this week, but I did want to check in with the news and weather. "

Generational Karma | Jyotish by Natesh Reed

"Do you value yourself as a human being? Many of us get better at valuing ourselves as our lives progress, but I'm sure it's safe to say that at some point in our lives, we each have harbored thoughts and feelings about ourselves that are not healthy, and that are perhaps even divorced from reality."

Do or Die: In Search of Hillary | by Eric Francis

"I hope you are planning to give us a few paragraphs on Hillary, and soon. She is creeping me out. First, the comments about Dub in today's news, and what a charismatic guy he is, blah blah, and next, the news that she and Rupert Murdoch are pals in fundraising. "

Buddha Moon World | by Paloma Todd

"May's full moon, called Wesak moon, is considered the most auspicious day in the Buddhist calendar. It is the celebration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. Spiritual energies are at peak during full moons, and in Buddhist tradition the Wesak moon is the most potent amongst these."

From Beltane to Solstice | by Eric Francis

"May 5 is Beltane, the Pagan holiday that celebrates the birth of spring. Of course this applies to the Northern Hemisphere, since autumn is beginning in the southern regions. At the time of Beltane's creation, the southern hemisphere had not quite been 'discovered' by Europeans."

The Sugar-Coated Placebo Effect | Jyotish by Natesh Reed

"Have you ever had one of those moments where you catch the underlying psychological theme of current events? I hope that doesn't sound too confusing. Those were the best words I could muster for such an inexplicable phenomena. Perhaps if I relay the thoughts I'm experiencing, I can explain further."

The End of the Age of Cheap Oil | by Pod

"FOR MANY of us, oil and the valuable by-products its refining process creates are so much a part of everyday life it would be difficult to imagine existence without them. Take a moment to consider its manufacturing uses: hair dyes, cosmetics, manmade fibers and textiles, are all made using petrochemicals. "

Them Pesky Gremlins | Jyotish by Natesh Reed

"Okay, so I know this is going to sound like a big case of "my dog ate that page." I had this wonderful essay written filled with flowery poetry that would have made John Donne envious, but when I woke up this morning, alas, it wasn't there."

A Date for July 14? | by Anne Lamott

"I'm drawn to almost any piece of writing with the words "divine love" and "impeachment" in the first sentence. But I know the word "divine" makes many progressive people run screaming for their cute little lives, and so one hesitates to use it."

Beltane New Moon | by Eric Francis

"Dear Readers Around the World: We have just experienced the Taurus New Moon yesterday (Thursday), which this year is the beginning of the season of Beltane. Beltane is the celebration of abundance, which casts away Old Man Winter and welcomes the Green Man of spring."

Twins Separated at Birth? | by Natesh Reed

"As a part of the experience of being human, there comes a time within the lives of each of us when we sense a schism. This separation is something that can present itself in various areas of our lives."

How to Learn Astrology | by Eric Francis

"ONE of the great astrology secrets is how you become an astrologer. It takes some natural talent, but more than that, it takes devotion. Part of that devotion is managing your relationship to the unknown, that is, to all the mystery that abounds when you start to get into a topic like this and go the places it leads you."

Fear is the Mind-Killer | by Natesh Reed

"There's nothing like a little sci-fi spirituality every now and then to get us through the bumpy parts of life. This one's a gem and it has stayed with me for years. At times when I am facing great challenges, it has become my personal mantra. "

The Surfer and the Spiritual Warrior | by Natesh Reed

"The words of Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita came to me a little while ago while showering. Being fishy by nature, insight often comes to me while in the shower. Maybe it would be helpful for me to have a kiddie pool in my room. I don't know. Or, perhaps I should live by the ocean."

Libra Full Moon | by Eric Francis

"WHEN the Moon visits the sign opposite the Sun, the Full Moon is never far away. And that's where we are now -- with the lunation happening at 5:40 pm Thursday London time, Thursday afternoon in the eastern United States and in the morning in the western states. The Full Moon is overnight Thursday to Friday in Oz."

The End of Evil | by Eric Francis

"Many of you have been asking what Wednesday's total eclipse of the Sun on the Aries Point really signified. I will tell you: the end of evil. It will take a while, but this is the thing that will have started the whole process in motion. "

Stand | by Natesh Reed

"Yeah, I know I quote songs a lot. But, when I feel the funk I just can't hep' myself!!!! I gotta' get up out of my seat, and express myself. And when I smell the funk, I gotta' open up the door and get some air. And you know what party people? It's too funky in here! Know what I'm saying? "

Her Name is Radha! | Planet Waves April 1 Edition

"SERIOUSLY, what is it with these annoying astronomers? Sometimes they're in a big hurry; sometimes it takes them forever and a few light years to get the simplest things done. In fact, if astronomers ran astrology, there would be no such thing as a daily horoscope."

The 3/29 Cluster | by Eric Francis

"Last week I spelled out the concentrated sequence of astrological events that is keeping the pressure and tension on right now. We are in a moment with a lot of Aries and a lot of Pisces, exploring a kind of paradox. The Sun is in Aries, pushing things ahead, but Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, emphasizing the past and working things out in a deep, invisible way."

The Divine Restlessness of Spring | Jyotish by Natesh Reed

"Here in New York, the buds are finally returning to the trees, the grass is slowly starting to turn and there are more birds filling the air with song than the week before. Springtime means rebirth. New hopes are sprouting, the cold weather is fading and desire and warmth are returning to hearts."

Once There Was A War | by Jeanne Treadway

"ON A CRISP, glorious day in September 1968, I arrived at Colorado Women's College wearing a lovely straw hat, gloves, patent leather shoes, and a frilly, feminine dress, all in pale yellow and in the latest middle-American, upwardly mobile, young girl fashion. I was in love with everything I saw."

Born in the Sixties | by Eric Francis

"IF YOU WERE born in the 1960s and look up some of your planets in an astrology book, you're likely to read that people of your generation are restless, rebellious and idealistic. You may read that they are motivated by service to others, and have an unusual, practical spirituality."

Sophie Scholl | Jyotish by Natesh Reed

"Have you ever heard of Sophie Scholl? She's been a personal obsession of mine, lately. A heroine, if you will. I've been thinking a lot about her acts of resistance during the reign of the Third Reich, and with the threat of growing totalitarianism in the United States, there seems to be a connection between the two political environments."

Beyond the Book of Jobs | by Eric Francis

"SINCE PROPOSING an article on 'using astrology to find the perfect job' in my PS to this week's gift subscription pitch (call 877-453-8265 to order), I've gotten a few emails back urging me to get on with the show. And I've been getting tons of questions to the Cainer Q & A page asking things like, What the heck am I supposed to be doing with my life? So we will begin this week, with the Sun still in Sagittarius, indeed, at the peak of Sagittarius with the Sun conjunct the core of the galaxy (exact Saturday)."

Happy Birthday | Jyotish by Natesh Reed

"IT USED to be that I would judge my progress on the spiritual path by whether or not I felt angry. When something would happen that would really piss me off, I would try to stay calm, even though I was shaking and trembling beneath the surface. Similar things would happen and still do in association with my feelings of insecurity, jealousy and frustration. "

Love & Work | by Eric Francis

"MANY, MANY TIMES in my astrology career, I've heard people say, "This is what I wanted to do, but this is what I wound up doing."I even hear fairly young people say this, often with the feeling that they cannot change their course in life: that it's too hard, or that they have too big of an investment in getting to where they got so far. There are always beliefs operating behind these conditions, and if people become trapped in one thing on this planet, it is their beliefs."

Wrestling With The Bully on the Block | by Maria Cavit

"WATCHING CURRENT global affairs, one can't help but note the US movement underway to 'spread democracy' throughout the world. Most of us were taught that a democratic government is a just, free and fair government, or, as Lincoln put it standing on the Gettysburg battlefield, a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people.""

Shot in the Foot | by Eric Francis

"An astonishing event on the American political scene has taken things from perversely odd to the acutely bizarre. As most of you have likely read or seen by now, Dick Cheney, the vice president of the United States, shot a man last weekend with a shotgun, seriously wounding him. "

Cunnilingus and Clover | by Eric Francis

"NORTHWEST HERBAL FAIRE in Bellingham, Washington is an annual, weekend-long outdoor festival where herbalists, flower essence specialists, and a wide variety of green witches and craftspeople gather to share their ideas and products, and listen to live music."

In the Mood to be Nude | by Natesh Reed

"A FRIEND of mine, who once used to live abroad, told me that people are perplexed that when there are things of much more importance happening in the world, the focus of Americans seems to be on what is happening to Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. "

Mars Conjunct Chiron | by Eric Francis

"WHAT DO the worst disasters of the Vietnam War, the downfall of a hawk president and the resignation of his distinguished, long-time secretary of defense all have in common? The answer is Mars conjunct Chiron involved in the process. "

All Dogs Need Jobs | by Eric Francis

"I AM WRITING on behalf of all dogs on the occasion of the Year of the Dog, which begins with the New Moon on Jan. 29. Dogs were among the 12 animals who responded when Buddha summoned the beasts of the Earth to his side, and this is why they have a place in the Chinese zodiac."

Living on the Edge | by Greenbriar

"ALZHEIMER'S disease is not something we usually think about if we don't have to. For me, it all started when my father, at age 70, began seeing visions."

Aries 2006 Annual Horoscope | by Eric Francis

"WHAT IF it's true that how we experience ourselves is not just the way we experience the world, but the way the world becomes?"

To The Core: Sagittarius Secrets Revealed, act two | by Eric Francis

"Dear Friend and Reader:

"EACH YEAR in late [Northern Hemisphere] autumn, just before the winter holidays, the passage of time seems to be compressed. "


Astrology of the Indigo Children | by Arwynne O'Neill

"The generation of children born from approximately 1983 to 1999 (broader estimates say 1978-2003) includes a special classification of individuals first identified by authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober [i] in their 1999 book The Indigo Children."

Sagittarius Secrets Revealed, act one | by Eric Francis

"Dear Friend and Reader:

Though this is an "off week" for Astrology Secrets Revealed, so much is happening that a brief update seemed worth the investment of a few kilobytes and a cappuccino. Thursday was the Sagittarius New Moon."


Sagittarians I Know and Love | by Eric Francis

"IN MY NEVER ENDING quest to do things slightly differently, I am going to spare you my usual boring, textbook rendition of Sagittarius this year, and get a little more personal, speaking mostly from direct experience."

2012 is Up for Grabs | by Eric Francis

"I DID NOT UNDERSTAND 2012, you know, the jury was out for lunch, and the astrology seemed incomprehensible, and none of the people I'd asked or encountered for the past 18 years could spell it out for me in a way that went aha, until my friend Bessie, who lives near New Paltz, said casually one day, "2012 is up for grabs."

Open Letter to George's Mama | by Cindy Sheehan

"Dear Barbara, On April 04, 2004, your oldest child killed my oldest child, Casey Austin Sheehan. Unlike your oldest child, my son was a marvelous person who joined the military to serve his country and to try and make the world a better place."

The Dream of the Ancient Tree | by Eric Francis

"WHEN I WAS LIVING in Miami in 1999, often I would fall asleep playing an unmarked blue CD that was left behind by a friend named Ramona, one of many visitors to my momentary life there who dropped in from unusual places. "

Days of the Dead | by Jeanne Treadway

" La Catrina is the reigning queen of Dias de los Muertos, the Mexican fiesta honoring the dead. Finely dressed in an upper-class Victorian style, an oversized, feathered and flowered hat perched primly on her skull, elegant but skeletal, La Catrina was popularized by Jose Guadalupe Posada in his political lampoons of the corrupt regime of Porfirio Díaz. "

Addictions | by Tamara Guhrs

"Addictions creep in on us like ants in the night. Red ants which give the signal to bite only when they have the body covered. "

Pisces Power | by Eric Francis

"I have always loved the way those two words sound together. I think I first made them neighbors writing to one of the Fish I know from swimming around the Internet, which can be a truly Pisces place: images and illusions abound, one must sort out truth from lies on one's own, it's so large you can't see it or even really think of it all, and the whole thing has the feeling of a living dream."

Weekend of Listening | by Eric Francis

"THAT SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the world felt still as a reflection of itself. I stepped out of the dining hall into our backyard and the wet spring air was sweet. Low clouds rumbled with distant cracks of thunder and the river was swelled with the recent downpours."

Whole Earth Review | by Eric Francis

"TODAY'S EDITION is long and pretty serious. But the main themes explored here seem to deserve some coverage, not just a dash of pop psychology: Mars retrograde, the Libra solar eclipse, and developments in the Presidential Inauguration chart."

Whole Mars Review | by Arwynne O'Neill

"If scientific breakthroughs seem well-represented in history under the earthy, ambitious influence of Mars in Taurus, then perhaps the retrograde phases of Mars in Taurus provide the period of germination that enables those flashes of inspiration or discovery to settle into something concrete."

What is it about Libra? | by Eric Francis

""As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot," opined John Lennon, who was a great man with a great woman next to him. Every astrologer has their poster children for the various signs, and Lennon is one of mine for Libra. I am not alone."

The Yod and the Moon | by Eric Francis

"I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, but I've had a difficult week. It seems to be going around. The Sun made its exact square to Pluto Wednesday; that was tense, and we've turned a corner."

The Anti-9/11 | by Eric Francis

"BESIDES CAUSING A LOT OF suffering and changing the course of history, one thing the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and Hurricane Katrina have in common is that both events were preceded by unusual Sun-Moon aspects exactly on the summer solstice."

Katrina, the Awakener | by Eric Francis

"ONE IMAGE keeps haunting me from this week's journalism, spun by William Rivers Pitt at -- that of presidential advisor Karl Rove standing on the roof of the White House in a magician's hat and cape, with a big staff, conjuring Hurricane Katrina."

When the Molasses Levee Breaks | by Eric Francis

"Dear Readers: Last week we began our study of the history of Saturn in Leo, in response to hundreds of questions on the subject in recent months."

Katrina Astrology | by Eric Francis

"THIS WEEKEND BRINGS the first quarter Moon in Sagittarius. But as I begin writing Wednesday morning, the Libra Moon is conjunct the familiar planet Venus and the less familiar planet Pallas Athene; all three are in one degree."

The Cosmic Voice of Reason | by Eric Francis

"SINCE IT'S POSSIBLE for horoscope columns to be effective without astrology itself working, we can look a little deeper into what makes this so."

How Could It Possibly Work? | by Eric Francis

"I'VE BEEN HEARING this question a lot lately: "Do you really believe in astrology?" I spend a lot of time writing horoscope columns in cafes, and a laptop screen is easy to see. "

Before & After Chiron | by Eric Francis

"Virgo is what's called a human sign, being one of the few regions of the zodiac represented by a person, specifically a young woman."

Don't Thank Me. Thank Jerry. | by Eric Francis

"I MISS JERRY GARCIA. The Grateful Dead hold a special place in my life because it was in their presence that I first experienced happiness."

Leo and the Sphinx | by Eric Francis

"Once I lived down the street from the Great Sphinx for a week. What was most impressive was how unimpressive it was -- at first sight, that is."

All the Usual Suspects | by Eric Francis

"If there was a warning about the London bombings, it came in the form of the Capricorn Full Moon two weeks ago, exactly on the summer solstice -- an extraordinarily large event on a deeply sensitive part of the zodiac."

Transcript of Monday's White House Press Briefing | (Courtesy of Political Waves)

"...and the White House press corps is FINALLY playing a little hardball with Scott McClellan, White House correspondents tried to nail down some actual info today; read the transcript below -- thanks, Stephanie, for the link."

Twice: The Capricorn Full Moon (plus horoscopes) | by Eric Francis

The Moon is full in Capricorn not once but twice this year: on Wednesday, June 22, and again on Thursday, July 21. This is the June 17 edition of Planet Waves Weekly.

At the Edge of the Stage | by Eric Francis

"Now we know who to thank for helping two young reporters take down the second most evil American presidency of our lifetimes."

What Would it Take? | by Eric Francis

"While we have a lot to thank Deep Throat for, I think it's a good time to go over what else it took to bring down old Dick Nixon."

How To Be Your Own Lover | by Eric Francis

"There's more to a healthy relationship to yourself than great sex -- but it helps. A lot."

The Land That Time Remembered | by Eric Francis

"I heard the story of Delos, in summarized form, from a souvenir shopkeeper on the 4th of May, the eve of Beltane with the Sun approaching the midpoint of Taurus. I realized at that moment that going to Delos at this time was why I had come to Mykonos."

Beltane: The Tree of Life | by Eric Francis

"Beltane, traditionally celebrated the first week of May, is one of the four High Sabbats (days of worship) of the Pagan calendar, a calendar closely intertwined with astrology."

Words to Pictures | by Eric Francis

"Writing is an active construction. Photography can be more passive; it can observe; it is not right or wrong."

Light Bath | by Eric Francis

The light hydrogen pond. (Continued from part two -- From Aboard the Mothership Dawn.)

Wednesday Afternoon at the Bastille | by Eric Francis

Coverage of the April 13th student protest in Paris, with photo essay.

From Aboard the Mothership Dawn | by Eric Francis

"A six-mile long spacecraft is not really a spacecraft; it's more like a portable asteroid." (Continuation of An Open Letter to the Space Brothers.)

An Open Letter to the Space Brothers | from Eric Francis

"March 31, 2005. Dear Space Brothers: Please forgive the formality of a typewritten letter ..."

Spring Horoscopes | by Eric Francis

Extended Spring forecasts for 2005, from the March 25 edition of Planet Waves Weekly.

Mars, Chiron & Iraq | by Eric Francis

"Since Mars is the planet astrology associates with war (among other subjects), and Chiron was a renowned teacher of military sciences, battlefield medicine and ethics, with the Mars-Chiron cycle we have a useful tool to describe and analyze military situations."

Is This About You? | A review of the film 9 Songs by Eric Francis

"9 Songs by Michael Winterbottom depicts something more taboo than sex: it explores the sexual psyche of a young woman. Indeed, to do so, it must first concede that she has one."

Cosmic Child Horoscope | by Eric Francis

"The idea of the Cosmic Child Horoscope is to use astrology as a source of information for parents, providing potential insight into what their children are feeling and experiencing but cannot say."

Chiron in Your Child's Birth Chart | by Eric Francis

"When approaching the chart of a young person, I recommend that extreme care be taken ... I would stay away from any form of prediction, any ideas about destiny, or making up any complicated stories about who this person is."

Love & Work | by Eric Francis

Beyond the Book of Jobs Part II, on the 6th and 10th houses.
"Many, many times in my astrology career, I've heard people say, 'This is what I wanted to do, but this is what I wound up doing'."

Beyond the Book of Jobs | by Eric Francis

Part I: "Astrology has a lot to offer the discussion of profession, both in theory (the best we can do without your individual chart) and in practice (as we take the discussion to the level of your personal chart, on a self-study basis)."

An Excellent Moral Crisis | by Eric Francis

"Slowly, I am assembling the pieces of Chiron in Aquarius. I recognize that this is a speculative venture; the transit starts Monday and spans about six years ... ... But astrology can beg the question: So what's really going on here?"

Are the Obscenity Laws Obsolete? | by Steve Bergstein

"Obscenity law is back in the news. The Supreme Court has rarely spoken on obscenity law in recent years ... ... But obscenity could wind up again on the Supreme Court's docket."

In the Belly of the Stars | by Eric Francis on

"Imbolc, also called 'Midwinter,' literally means 'in the belly,' and at this time we are deep in the belly of winter, held in gestation for the coming spring at the Vernal Equinox around March 21."

Growing Up Now | compiled by Joni Mitchell & Michelle Perrin for Planet Waves Parenting

"Planet Waves Parenting asked kids around the world what it's like to be growing up today. Here is what they told us, in their own words. We also asked for their birth data, and have provided some of their basic astrology information below their quote. We saw some interesting patterns in the astrology ..."

Days of Aquarius | by Eric Francis

"The Sun flew in to Aquarius overnight Wednesday to Thursday, joining a newborn Gemini Moon in the air signs. A stampede of planets now follows the Sun, soon blossoming into the most impressive Aquarius alignment since January 1997 ..."

Talking with Kids about the Tsunami Disaster | by Brian Donohue for Planet Waves Parenting

"To speak and listen honestly, openly, and respectfully with your kid (or any kid, for that matter) is one of the truly nourishing moments in a parent's life. These are the moments that promote the general healing in the field of consciousness that is so urgently needed after a crisis like the tsunami disaster of Asia."

The Great Wave | In the Wake of the Flood | by Eric Francis on

"What if it were true? What if the Earth was reeling in our abuse of the environment and humanity's endless tampering with nature? What if the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunamis were a message of some kind, a warning of what can come if we don't take action?"

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