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Oct. - Dec. 2004

Publisher | Eric Francis
Customer Service | Chelsea Bottinelli

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February Monthly Horoscopes

by Eric Francis

Revolution of the Willing | by Eric Francis

Across A Burning Bridge

Across A Burning Bridge | by Eric Francis

The old paradigm hasn't quite given up and the new one isn't in place strongly enough to work with easily.

The Fruit of the Poison Tree | by Eric Francis

Eve of the Revolution | by Eric Francis

Eclipse Note | from Eric

Hi there & happy Libra New Moon with a lot of Chiron and Saturn.

Eclipse Note


As the World Twists, and as it Turns | by Eric Francis

The planet and its people are now spinning into the singularity point of the Libra solar eclipse. The exact event takes place in the States just before midnight the evening of Oct. 13.


Horoscope & Astrology by Eric Francis and the Planet Waves writers.
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