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The Centaurís Arrow

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America My Love

A few of our favourites from the Planet Waves archives.

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aquasphere | 2004 Planet Waves Annual Edition

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Options to Hysterectomy

Of Senators & Pubes

Cosmic Tofu: Spicing Up Your Mercury Retrograde

Without Honor

Love in the Time of Depleted Uranium

Conspiracy of Silence

Beyond the 9-Eleven Hoax

Options to Romance

How to Be Your Own Lover

Love and Trees

The River of Night


Aspects of My Sex

Flashpoints: The Continuation of Burning Man

Healing Through Conscious Choice

Death and the Moon

September 11 1984

How to Dance

The Case of the Occultation

Donkeys of Mass Destruction

Images and Truths

Iraq Facts

Too Dang Much

When One Man Dies



The Politics of Consciousness

Not Just A River in Egypt

Remember A Day

The Drama of Drama

The Anus and Bush

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