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Eric Francis. Photo by Jeff Bisti.
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Dear Planet Waves Visitor:

If you love astrology, you just hit the jackpot. You found Planet Waves.

My name is Eric Francis Coppolino. I'll be writing the Daily News horoscope, offering you practical guidance every day of the year, plus weekly and monthly. If you want to go deeper into what astrology has to offer, then read on.

This letter is designed to give you an easy sampling of what we do at Planet Waves. We are planetary, by the way, with our crew spread out from Los Angeles to New York to Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

I write extended weekly and monthly horoscopes, which you can sample here. If you want your extended weekly horoscopes delivered to your inbox every Monday morning, we've created a low-cost subscription for you. This also includes three extended monthly horoscopes for all 12 signs.

For two hours every week, we can hang out in an informal radio studio atmosphere on Planet Waves FM. Part of the Pacifica Radio Network, the program goes up at 7 pm each Tuesday. Planet Waves TV updates most Fridays; both are available at Planet Waves FM.

We offer astrology-based news coverage, and an interesting theory of why the world is in such a crazy state right now. You can find that in this special resource area.

And you can sign up for our free daily almanac, referencing many kinds of astrology, called The Four Winds Report.

One other thing: If you want an extended reading for 2017, I've just finished a project called The Book of Your Life. These are generous, in-depth, sensitive readings that will help you find your potential and feel better about your life.

That's what astrology is for: a spiritual tool that's elegant enough to make sense of the chaos of our world.

You have a home at Planet Waves. Welcome.

With love,

PS -- One thing you may notice is that we don't have any ads on our websites. This is a tradition at Planet Waves, from back when we started in 1998.