What is Planet Waves?

Planet Waves is a place to access vital, life-giving ideas in a time of profound change.

Eric Francis Coppolino, founder and editor of Planet Waves, is a professional astrologer and journalist.
Planet Waves has two incarnations: the free daily magazine edited by Eric Francis (with several other contributors participating), and a group of professional services offered under the same name. These include twice-weekly professional astrology reports offered as Planet Waves by Eric Francis , an annual edition called Light Bridge, and special reports and updates.

In truth, Planet Waves is a philosophy, an approach to astrology and to life. Eric has a gift for presenting complex astrological information in a way that is both understandable and has immediate personal relevance. He encourages readers to explore their talents, question their beliefs, and to participate in life in the ways we have always wanted to.

Eric's writing has a sensitivity to the challenges that each of us faces daily. In a time when we are confronted by the prospect of rapid growth, evolution and cultural crisis, we must leave behind many of the ideas that seemed to work in the past, and embrace a new approach more suited to the moment.

Eric wrote recently, "Going in through a kind of spiritual side door, I use an astrological approach to current events that reveals their direct human relevance. Astrology reminds us that we are part of every story, explaining something about where you connect with the world. If you imagine what the media of the future would be like, it would not simply be good news; it would simply not be bad news; it would convey spiritually and psychologically relevant information that you can experience in the context of your own existence."

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