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In recent years, Eric has oriented his work on providing the best written astrological information possible. Planet Waves products specialize in getting you the information you need, when you need it. Eric is gifted at providing the essential information to help you navigate the rapidly changing planetary landscape, making astrology information easily accessible to whoever needs it.

Eric Francis Coppolino, founder and editor of Planet Waves, is a professional astrologer and journalist.
Cassini image of Saturn. Photo: NASA.
Astrology has been trying to do this for years, with only sporadic success; to do it well requires combining several talents: knowledge of the world, extensive training and practice in astrology, insight into people, and the ability to explain ideas in context.

Presenting astrology information in written format allows Eric to put his best work in your hands for a greatly reduced cost, providing much of the same information that he offers in custom consulting. For what you would pay for half an hour of his consulting, you get his best analysis and writing for a full year. Notably, many of his clients draw from both sources, which augment one another nicely.

We offer two services currently:

Planet Waves by Eric Francis, a Tuesday-Friday service delivered by email and on the Web. Astrology News provides up-to-date perspectives on current astrology, its challenges and its opportunities. Planet Waves includes Eric's incomparable Sun-sign horoscopes. Eric's astrology writing takes a personal growth approach rather than a predictive one, keeping the emphasis on his clients rather than the influence of astrological events. As a news reporter with a focus on the inner journey of astrology, Eric presents occasional articles on major news events and how they influence us personally.

Light Bridge, an annual publication (with special updates) that provides a one-time, extended-length horoscope with audio and written segments for each of the signs. Light Bridge readings are organized by Sun-sign and rising sign and we recommend that you read both.

We offer Planet Waves Light for clients who only want access to Eric's Sun-sign horoscopes.

For a full list of subscriptions and products available to you, click here. Existing clients get substantial discounts on all new publications.

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