Sun Sign Horoscopes

Eric Francis Coppolino, founder and editor of Planet Waves, is a professional astrologer and journalist.
Part of how Eric presents his astrological interpretations is through Sun-sign horoscopes. Eric has set the standard among professional astrologers and horoscope writers for bringing intelligence, sensitivity and authentic, in-depth interpretation to this mode of writing. Eric is able to write directly to his readers, bringing unusual warmth, honesty and clarity to the horoscope tradition.

"In all of the astrology writing I prepare," he wrote recently, "I pour in the full force of my soul, drawing on my knowledge of traditional astrology, psychology, the new planets and a lifetime of work as a journalist." The writing in these horoscopes is so solid that the entries still have relevance 10 years later -- unheard of for a Sun-sign astrology column. Eric's older horoscopes are archived from 1999-present in a database called the Oracle. Subscribers can research any time in the years covered by sign or keyword, as well as call up a random entry.

New horoscopes come out seven times a month (as part of Planet Waves by Eric Francis and Planet Waves Light).

Here is what some of his most respected colleagues have said about Eric's astrology writing:

Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey, describes Eric as "a master of applied astrology, dealing with real issues, real people and real suffering, while engaging intelligently with the astrological tradition. This is grassroots astrology at its best, and very elegant writing, too."

Sally Brompton of The New York Post and The Sunday Mail describes Eric as "a skilled astrologer, a stylish writer and an acclaimed investigative journalist."

Jonathan Cainer, a mentor of Eric's, describes him as "a very nice chap -- and a clever one too. He writes with a rare combination of passion and insight and his astrological judgments are both shrewd and sensitive."

Rob Brezsny, who got Eric his first gig as a weekly astrologer, says, "Eric is knowledgeable yet humble. I admire his ability to open my mind with his insights without having to impress me with his expertise. He's the kind of teacher I like best -- specific and authoritative in communicating what he has discovered even as he pushes ahead into the unknown with relentless curiosity."

And Rob's close colleague Antero Alli offers this: "What sets Eric's written work apart is the spirit of generosity that infuses his unique brand of spiritual anarchy. You see, Eric is that rare breed of astrologer with heart, soul and a mind of his own. I get the feeling that he deeply cares about whatever he writes."

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