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I have been wanting to write to you for a while to tell you how much I enjoy the planet waves newsletter. Eric is very gifted with a rare combination of unbelievable intuition, amazing process, cool astrological abilities AND he is a really good writer. In a world of hocus pocus and smoke and mirrors I am very grateful to have such guidance. Thank you for walking the walk and being an extraordinary company that under promises and over delivers and loves and cares. It feels great to be your customer. I hope you get my positive energy every time I read your newsletters because I always remember to send it every time!
--Jac in Bali

I just happily renewed my subscription and upped it to a full year. I can't off the top of my head think of any suggestions for improvement - you guys simply throw a wonderful party!

That said, I do like the recent changes to the website organization. I also like the pitches, in print and from Eric's mouth, to hopefully remind and persuade folks to subscribe. Ya'll have an important product that goes beyond astrology. It's worth it to remind people what a deal everything really is. Really. I could spend $88 on one Stones (or some such) ticket. Or one visit to the doctor with a blood test. With you I get an entire year of soul guidance including: education on planetary movements and their meaning and influence, discussion of current events, art, music, literature, relationship wisdom (both sexual and platonic)....
--Amy in New Mexico

PW is an enriching presence in my life and although I will likely never meet any of you, I would like to heartily express my great appreciation of the benefit that I receive from Eric's work and the PW team's collective passionate existence in the world.
-- Wendy in the UK

Just a note of affirmation on today's subscriber article.

" would be amazed who is still dealing with the same things that stripped them of their confidence, or is still trying to please their parents, well into their 50s and 60s."

I will be turning 63 this year. Last month I had the opportunity to turn some inner questioning around to finally resolve and release issues with my Mother (now 90). We are both water signs, she, a Cancer w/Pisces moon, and little old me, Sun/Moon in Scorpio. Seems we have both been in leaky boats for waaaay too long! The resolve did not come with relief or guilt, just a quiet breath that has made room for living a little larger.

Living a little larger is what you so generously allow us to contemplate and act on and I thank you from the heart.
--Donna in Canada

After today’s second installment as a new subscriber I just have to say that this is not really what I expected, but I now really understand what some of the reviews meant and I don’t how I lived without you all these years. Thanks!
--Robin in Pennsylvania

"The outstanding difference between Eric and even the best of others in the field is the fact that at all points personal responsibility is never undermined.
Eric's work is always spirituality -- never religion. This is why the work is consistently therapeutic. Yet, in common with the best examples from many established traditions, Eric's work offers the gifts of 'the seer'. The best of therapeutic paradigms, finds this kind of assistance just outside its reach."
-- Alex Brocklehurst

"Even a casual reader will recognize that Planet Waves does something truly unique in the astrology world. It's timely, it's substantive, and it's aimed at every reader's total growth."
-- Shanna Phillipson

"Planet Waves is one of the strongest voices against the constant barrage of programming to be less than wholly who we are in order to belong. Subscribing is giving yourself permission to grow and to be free, and most of all to be who you are. And in doing so, you allow so many others to do the same. Thank you, Eric, and everyone else who works to make Planet Waves happen, for all you do and will do to increase the overall level of consciousness on the planet."
-- Maya Dexter-Cook

"Psychotherapy and astrology have each helped me to increase my awareness of self and other, create more choices for myself, and to some extent, achieve a measure of freedom. Astrology has made a unique contribution, which cannot be separated from the community that is Planet Waves. A few years ago I took a sabbatical from my marriage to explore myself apart from a relationship I had been in since the age of 16. I would not have done this without the community of Planet Waves. I know this to be true. I had almost no support for this decision from my immediate communities, but I felt Planet Waves behind me, under me, supporting me in taking what for me was a very difficult step."
-- Christine Farber, Ph.D.

"Planet Waves has been a strong guiding light for me in understanding the changes that are occurring in my life and the changes that I need to make. It's helped me find the courage to embrace sometimes difficult decisions to be truer to myself. I've spent the last two years going through a time of tremendous internal and external change, and wish I had found Planet Waves sooner. It's been a hard, long journey. It's been made even harder by the fact that I had no guidance, no one to turn toward to give me a few good ideas that could really make a difference in helping me make the changes life wanted me to make, and no understanding of the forces at work. I ended up bumbling around in the dark a lot. Since May I have been a subscriber to Planet Waves and it has made such an amazing difference in helping me understand the internal and external changes that I'm going through and that I'm not alone in this waking-up that so many of us are experiencing. Eric's amazingly insightful, clear, meaningful and practical horoscopes and interpretations of astrological events really has given me the guidance to be a creative force in my own life and understand events in my life (both internal and external)."
-- Genevieve Hathaway

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