Welcome to the Aquarian Age. It’s arrived a little early, with the help of electricity.

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With the Sun and four planets now in Aquarius, we have the perfect astrology for today’s theme. We know Pluto is there. Mercury and Mars recently jumped in, with each making a conjunction to Pluto in the first degree of that sign — that was my concept of the “real-time test” of the new era we are in that I wrote about earlier this month. Venus as well is on its way to Aquarius now.

Aside: I read the Sally Brompton horoscope in the New York Post every day (her teacher’s column is where I first discovered the beauty of astrology in the early 1990s). Earlier this week, Sally had an interesting commentary about Mars entering the 12th solar house of Pisces (Aquarius), forming a conjunction to Pluto. The 12th is a house associated with veiled or difficult matters, including gossip and scandals.

In honor of that aspect, she wrote, “Like it or not you will have to deal with an unpleasant situation today but the good news is it won’t be half as bad as you fear. Trying to run away from what’s going on, or even to pretend it does not exist, is not a viable option.”

Naturally, I wondered what that might be.

The Phony Covid Truther Bureau

I don’t know if you follow my other channels, but the past few years, the Lord has blessed me with the assignment of exposing phony “covid truthers.” In short, I write about activists and claimed scientists who say they are working in the public interest and are doing no such thing. (This goes back to my days as a grad student when I wrote about fiscal abuse by student leaders at the City University of New York.)

My recent investigative targets have included someone working the podcast circuit falsely claiming to have two Ph.D.s (in immunology and virology) lying about how she personally proved there was no virus; and a presidential candidate whose allegedly science-based campaign is based on a science fiction scenario.

I write about major presenters avoiding the most important issues; various people with actual MDs and Ph.D.s making up science, stoking paranoia, running interference and abusing the public trust; and assorted fullofshitnicks capitalizing on the chaos, confusion and mistrust of our times.

In an environment where most people believe that their opinion is the truth or alternately that there is no such thing as reality, it’s easy to take advantage of them. And it’s also easy to take advantage of people’s sincere desire for justice and use their ideals and their anger against them.

After covering these people the past three years, it’s become clear that the “celebrity level” of the response to the claimed pandemic is no better than Fox and CNN, except that people trust the presenters a lot more.

And here, we are deep into Aquarius country, which I will first describe with a parable: the Reiner Füllmich disaster.

Reiner Füllmich, via Infowars.

This Week’s Case in Point: Reiner Füllmich

One such figure I’ve been pursuing since 2022 is named Reiner Füllmich. Let’s see how efficiently I can sum this up.

Füllmich says he is a fraud attorney, though in this capacity he sounds like someone claiming to be a professional baseball player who scored the big touchdown and won the World Cup. I’ve worked with many actual fraud lawyers over the years; I know what they are supposed to sound like, and how their minds usually work: logically.

Füllmich is considered a global leader of the “covid truth movement.” He’s the guy who organized the Corona Investigative Committee, and then “Nuremberg 2.0.” These were a series of widely broadcast interviews said to expose the atrocities of the lockdowns. They were conducted under a foundation-type of organization called Corona Ausschuss (which translates to “Corona Committee”).

Füllmich’s projects were sold to the public as vehicles to expose the coronavirus fraud. Yet they systematically excluded credible witnesses who have documented the most significant fraud of all — what I call the missing virus problem. Numerous world-class presenters on this issue were excluded from testifying.

The Lanka-Kaufman Disaster

When two missing virus experts were finally called as witnesses — Drs. Stefan Lanka and Andrew Kaufman — what ensued revealed that the Corona Investigative Committee was not offering an impartial hearing of the facts.

I saw the testimony of Lanka and Kaufman live, and witnessed their abysmal treatment by two of the three committee members. Füllmich himself stood back and let it go on, refusing to moderate the discussion. To my ear, their appearance was staged as a trap, and also to allow the committee to claim that the missing virus position was represented and not omitted. Look how hard we tried!

Many other missing virus people deserved to testify, including Mike Stone of ViroLIEgy.com, and FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) master Christine Massey, who has succeeded in getting more than 220 governments to admit in writing they do not have a scientific paper proving that SARS-CoV-II exists.

While the missing virus viewpoint is well-supported, it opens up many questions, and those questions call for coherent responses from people who have developed the issues. Yet this viewpoint was excluded as a matter of policy, which in turn perpetuated the mainstream narrative of virus and pandemic.

Instead, the committee has hosted some seemingly legit presenters plus a wide diversity of sketchy ones (for example, claiming that society was poisoned by snake venom in 2020, creating the effect of a virus). And they did so to great acclaim, garnering millions of euros worth of donations from the public. But never once did this committee, whose stated goal was to uncover fraud, give a fair hearing to the missing virus side of the discussion. This is the very definition of a “limited hangout” — an intelligence term for the hanging out of a limited part of the issues.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Füllmich was Arrested for Embezzlement in October 2023

Meanwhile, following more than a year of controversy over alleged financial malfeasance starting in September 2022, Füllmich was arrested (at the German embassy in Mexico) this past October for embezzlement from the publicly supported organization he founded. His criminal trial is ongoing this week.

Füllmich is accused of withdrawing committee funds from the bank and putting €1 million into gold bars held privately (in someone’s apartment); plus withdrawing €700K to pay off his personal mortgage, improve his garden and install a swimming pool on the grounds of his home.

He is accused of making a series of separate payments of €20K that allegedly went to his wife. Just shy of €30K per month went to his law office to ‘answer emails’, adding up to another €600K-€700K, which someone else was already doing for modest wages. Füllmich personally admits some of these allegations, and claims these things were done to protect the committee’s money.

Füllmich also promised his supporters he was going to bring a class action lawsuit related to the (in fact) fraudulent PCR “covid test” designed by Christian Drosten and used worldwide (problems with the Drosten assay, the WHO’s official “covid test,” are described in detail in my chronology). Many people and companies donated money (about €800 each) in hope of becoming plaintiffs and collecting damages. That lawsuit never happened and the money seems to have gone into the garden and pool.

Photo by Eric Francis.

He’s Being Cast as a Saint and Martyr. Plus There’s a Scientology Angle.

Füllmich meanwhile claims to have not taken a penny from the committee, and said in a recent statement he was sure he would be vindicated. This was re-posted by major bloggers (now called Substackers), who as usual did not bother to look at the available facts.

Ever-reliable Infowars this week cast him as one who was illegally captured and detained by the “deep state” or “the establishment” for being such a big threat to their New World Order — a view held by much of the mainstream “covid truth movement” and many interested onlookers I’ve communicated with. The Infowars article was titled, The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Füllmich.

The net effect is the message that you too will be kidnapped and persecuted if you dare to be a courageous truth-teller. It’s also depressing and demoralizing to see a respected leader taken down (whether or not he deserved the respect).

Then a Scientology angle entered the story Wednesday when I was innocently writing your weekly horoscope, and it goes deeper than I can say here (for length). I seem to be the first U.S.-based outlet to break this angle open.

In short, an email came in with an investigative report out of Germany documenting Füllmich’s alleged involvement at a high level in Scientology, specifically a real estate lawsuit scam with a similar MO of charging thousands of people advance legal fees and then taking no action. You can watch my interview with the author here.

I will have more on Planet Waves FM this weekend, where I will discuss the controlled demolition of the truth movement by Trojan horse attack. In sum, my theory is that this was all a setup designed to discredit and demoralize the grassroots movement. The vast majority of people concerned with the events of 2020+ have been drawn in the direction of these top-tier presenters, and now this is a new source of bitterness, mistrust and cynicism.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Shadow Aquarius: The Problem of Leadership

Here, we get into the core problem with Aquarius: how groups are organized, managed and influenced. Usually, a leader is involved, and the minute that happens, the public trust is in jeopardy.

It does not help that the public loves to throw money at liars, which is the same thing as saying people love to pay to be lied to. I am sorry it’s nearly that simple, but that’s what I would have to write in my forthcoming Report from Earth.

One problem with leadership is that from an evolutionary standpoint, the first boss role was to call out danger to the rest of the tribe. We have not gone much past this. Anyone who can point to an enemy or a threat and sound the alarm seems to immediately get both respect and the willingness of people to surrender their power (and money, which is often their power) to them.

It does not help that one of the primary functions of electrical devices, and of digital in particular, is to push people out of themselves, strip their individuality, and get them to tribalize. By that, I mean to join electrically-induced tribes. The internet is organized into cults that tend to surround and elevate alleged heroes, who in turn promote ‘safe’ and ‘non-threatening’ points of view that are acceptable to their readers, listeners and viewers.

Individuality — one’s reflexive sense of an inner being — developed under the influence of thousands of years of the gradual proliferation of the alphabet, from writing on scrolls to the Gutenberg press to the New York Post horoscope. And this individuality was unraveled nearly overnight by radio, starting in the 1920s. Re-tribalization was accelerated and enhanced by television, and taken to the current extreme (and getting extremer) state by digital technology.

I believe that for these reasons, the Age of Aquarius is now underway, though far too soon, induced by an artificial technological catalyst rather than by the natural measure of evolution marked by the location of the Aries equinox against the constellations.

In the real Aquarian Age (which by stellar timing is not supposed to begin for another 300 years), the idea is that people will learn to think for themselves, and collaborate with respect for one another. Aquarius rules groups, and groups are collectives of individuals — not the masses that attend football games, where everyone automatically knows exactly when to stand up and cheer.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Let’s Skip to Aries and I’ll Cover Pisces Last

These problems find some answers in Aries, the sign of individuality and self-actualization. And Aries is hot right now, with a total eclipse conjunct Chiron in the offing. This eclipse represents a shocking emergence of individuality. Aries stands apart, Chiron stands apart, an eclipse is highly distinctive, and combined, we can then multiply these factors by one another.

I wonder how this will go over in a time when most people would have to look up the term “self-actualization” in Wikipedia.

To most people, individuation is terrifying because to express true individuality means to surrender the benefit of group support. Express something original or controversial and you may notice that there’s nobody around to give you a gold star.

Individuation translates to courting rejection by the tribe. It’s no small wonder people are not so interested, or find ways to fake it.

But Chiron does not fake anything. The crisis of Chiron is that it’s so real, it peels paint and gets to the surface below. We came to this planet and incarnated in human form to learn how to be ourselves. It should not stop you if most of the people around you are not into this idea.

The problem is, you would not necessarily know it if you don’t challenge yourself to do something daring.

Many feel that eventually, circumstances will push them into being themselves. But that only counts for half-credit. The idea is to awaken within yourself and choose to be real with yourself, and with the world. While this is challenging, the idea is a lot more frightening than the reality. And the reality is where the rewards are.

Photo by Eric Francis.

As for Pisces: Here Comes the Sun

Tune into STARCAST (distributed with the weekly horoscope) for more details, though here is the short version. The Sun enters Pisces Sunday, Feb. 18 at 11:13 pm New York time. The Sun entering the last sign almost always comes as a relief — to everyone. Pisces opens up the realm of the intuitive, connecting us to the beauty of life. It’s the sign of music, art and unconditional love.

This will take some pressure off of Aquarius (where there are four planets gathered), and serve as a reminder that there is something besides the internet. Yet Pisces is also in rare form, currently hosting Saturn, Nessus and Neptune.

Many, particularly if you have strong water sign placements, will find this to be motivating and practical. The approach to the Sun’s conjunction to Saturn on Feb. 28 has a lot of get-it-done energy without losing the feeling and sensory level of Pisces.

This same event raises the issue of veracity and trust. Neptune in Pisces has made it difficult to tell what is real and what is not — a factor that arrived soon after the introduction of the “smart phone” (a Neptune in Aquarius creation). Pisces is beautiful but for most people, easy to corrupt: with drink, drugs, denial, false idealism and fantasy.

The prevailing message is to keep it real, which means going beyond appearances. I suspect there will be more revelations of deception through the rest of the month and the essential factor here will be not losing your faith in yourself or in existence. Anger is a trap. Beware: the same people who acted with stunning credulity are now seething with rage at what happened in 2020+.

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