Weekly Horoscope by Eric Francis, March 2, 2021

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — It looks like you urgently need to be making a decision but are unsure what it might be about. Yet it may seem like your life will turn on any one choice you make. So in this case the thing to do is to bring that sense of urgency into every decision you make. This is a wholesome exercise, because if you get the knack, you’ll be seeing just how many times a day you are confronted with a choice. Then you’ll start to notice whether you actually make the decision or in some way abdicate it. You might be surprised to see how often you defer to others, or let them push you in a direction you were not intending to go. You are not as confused as you think, though you might imagine yourself so if you don’t like grappling with two or more sides of an issue, neither of which may be correct. One measure of a mature intellect is the ability to hold a contradiction for a while — long enough to have some other possibilities manifest.


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Most of perception is on a comparative basis. It’s about contrasts, conflicts and alternatives. Yet it’s also possible to look directly at the world and see it for what it is. The comparisons only get you so far. One of the easiest ways out of that maze is participation rather than contemplation. You are being asked to boldly answer the call of leadership, which will first feel like increasing your participation. More than anything, your chart describes a leadership of ideas. And while you might not think they are anything special, you may be surprised to see where they lead both yourself and others who are starving for some new approach to solving the problems of life. You hold a key, potentially an important one. Yet you will need to notice what you’re thinking, first of all. Any original idea will be just that: different from the usual drivel that is going around on the planet and on the internet. That is the whole point.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Mars in your sign will be offering the “go for it” message. But you will need some brakes with that gas. You can accomplish that by adding the step of scrupulous self-reflection to all that you do. This is the time to consider the wider implications of your actions, because they will actually exist. You may not see them coming; you may not notice the signs. You will have moments of foresight and you will get warnings, so rather than blazing ahead, now is the time to pay attention and listen. Listen to others and listen to yourself. That does not mean do what others say. I am not talking about taking advice. I am talking about learning enough to decide for yourself, confident that you are making the best decision that you can. This is going to require self-honesty of a kind that is rare for this world, and that is particularly out of fashion today. Yet you alone have the responsibility for what you create, and you are being summoned to create consciously and most of all, lovingly.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You are starting to get a much wider vision of what is possible for you, and you may be itching and antsy to make something happen. Start with one decision that you make entirely for your own pleasure or personal expansion. Not for a business purpose. Not for a relationship. Something that is entirely indulgent of what you, personally, desire for yourself. You might make a list of the possibilities, and then select one, and act on it. This might involve a modest financial investment, that is, doing something that costs money. Notice whatever fear comes up around this. Mars in your solar 12th house (whole sign 12th for Cancer rising) may provoke some anxiety or a little paranoia. This may be of the “I don’t want to be self-destructive” variety. Also you may be concerned that you will seem selfish. The truth is, you are going a little overboard with your concerns about others, and not taking good enough care of yourself. You need to get into that habit if you want to fulfill your aspirations of caring for others.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You may be wondering if someone is good for a promise or commitment they recently made to you, and the answer is: time will tell. That’s how it always is; there is an element of throwing the dice in every relationship. The thing to watch is your own negative expectations. This is particularly so if one person is proving to be difficult to deal with, while others are not presenting the same challenges. Your objectivity, which means a modicum of detachment, is essential. Notice your own bias. There may be some situation where the past seems to show up to haunt you: either someone who feels hurt, or who dramatizes a prior episode from your life, as if it’s some kind of reincarnation event. The challenge when confronting the past is to stay in the present. It’s a little like surfing a wave, where present consciousness is the act of balancing while moving. Let the whole scenario be a reminder that feelings have consequences, though that is no reason to not openly embrace experiencing them. Life is for living.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You may feel drawn into a romantic drama, though work is where the more productive action is. However, the lure of, well, some version of sex, drugs and rock and roll may be too much to resist. It is, though, a take-it-as-it-comes kind of episode. Whether it’s a fleeting moment or a thing that lasts a while is a question you cannot answer now, though expectations are never a wholesome thing in relationships. Neptune is involved; you never know how that is going to go, and you therefore must make the most of it while it lasts. That said, work is solid right now, and many problems of the past five or so weeks are working themselves out gradually but assuredly. You continue to have a leadership role because you’re organized and have the best ideas. It’s much more solid ground and you are building something that could well be a dependable gig well into the future. Friendship that emerges from a work partnership has the potential to become anything, if you take it slow.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — If you’re not sure whether you need to remember something, or forget something, your chart suggests you need to do a little of both. This implies psychic mobility: i.e., not being stuck on any fixed ideas, not clinging to reality too tightly, and approaching the world with a little detachment. That is the most creative space you can be in. It’s cool rather than warm; there are a few people around rather than just one; and the feeling is mutual rather than unrequited. The message of your chart is to focus on where you feel welcome and like you have companionship, rather than where you feel isolated — and by all indications, you have a choice. Or you can make the choice. You might think you’re looking for one kind of connection when life is offering you another. However, I can assure you, you need contact with others, and you need a way of expressing yourself that is not hooked into some idea of productivity. You need to give yourself space to be yourself.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Be cautious of thinking you’ve found the bone of contention in a relationship, whether business or professional. You are likely to feel that way, and then that sensation and the choices you make as a result will be the consequence of perception and not of reality. The problem in our time is that most people have disregarded the difference. The notion is that if something seems real, then it ‘obviously’ is. This is particularly destructive when there are any angry or aggressive vibes around, and there most certainly are at the moment. This is of heightened importance where digital communications are concerned, as they are particularly volatile and provocative. Yet it’s all a hall of mirrors, and your relationships could feel that way lately with your ruling planet Mars now in Gemini. This description often has an element of truth for you, but Mars is stirring the pot, and its eventual square to Neptune suggests you could spin deeper and deeper into a deception or delusion of some kind. Stay out in the first place.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You seem to be stuck on one idea of what will make you feel safe, secure, confident or loved. That is not going to help you with your goal of experiencing these things. You need to account for variables, most particularly your own emotional currents. That is the primary thing you’re experiencing, and it’s also what is driving your needs. You may also be feeling a false sense of isolation that is like standing in the midst of a fog and thinking you’re alone when there are many people around you. To make contact, you are the one who must reach out, and when you speak or write, consider the person with whom you are communicating. You need to speak their language if you want to be understood. You are way too inclined to consider existence from the perspective of your own reality, rather than those of others, and that is not going to get you what you want. It’s necessary that you hold multiple viewpoints at once, such as, “What is my experience, and what is the experience of this other person? Where is the meeting point”?


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — It’s time to step out of the presumption that you are always right, which is just a scrim thrown over thinking you’re wrong. Between uncertainty and false certainty there is vast space to work and explore. The barrier you are currently running into is thinking you know something when you do not. This is ‘easier’ than acquiring knowledge and the experience needed to validate it, but it’s worse than worthless. Be alert to the feeling that you ‘have’ knowledge because what you need is the feeling of every new thing you learn changing everything that you already know. That is how both knowledge and experience work. They are cumulative, but also relational. For example, you learn this thing, but it disproves that thing in the process, and also argues for that other thing, and raises a question about this other bit. You are dealing with multiple variables in a world that wants to think that one particle can do anything and everything, with no proof required. You want proof, which means being willing to disprove your own theories on a regular basis.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The forthcoming conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter (exact overnight March 4 to 5 in most time zones) may seem to deliver answers, but what you want are questions. The same could be said of Mars, which enters your fellow air sign Gemini one day ahead of that, which is giving you a false sense of right and wrong. That is perhaps the easier planet to assess because Gemini describes a binary — this or that — and Mars wants to push the issue. Herein lies the problem of humanity at the moment. Our whole discussion and mental framework have lost the notion of a gradient, that is, of the importance of exploring gray areas. If this is true, then the rest of that must not be. If someone says something, then that means they believe the following list of things (that someone else made up). A common lie goes like this: If you question what is on the news, you must be a Trumptard, because he used the term “fake news” so often. Be careful of all such types of idea. They could prove to be costly, most of all to your peace of mind.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — The past haunts nearly all matters of love and affection. Whether we are talking about nostalgia or past injury, what happened before often lingers like a fog that obscures one’s view of the present. Please, get into the moment. Really and truly find yourself exactly where you are. You will appreciate your life more if you do, and you will also be able to find your way. Remember that when driving through a real fog, it’s better to use your low beams; that is why fog lights are mounted low on the front of a vehicle. Remember to slow down, and relax into the art of driving. It’s OK to stop and wait for a while — often a good idea, as is opening the window and sniffing the air. In other words: be aware of your environment and use your tools effectively. Those include your senses, shamanic objects such as computers, and most of all, your power of decision. The thing about choices is that it comes down to options. You need more of those, so you can evaluate each and dismiss what you know is not right for you. And you do have that knowledge.

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