Weekend Notes: February 20-21 | Mercury Stations and Everything’s Happening

Victoria Emory

On Saturday at 7:52 pm Eastern time, Mercury in Aquarius stations direct.

It does so positioned between Saturn (the past) toward which it has been back-tracking, and Jupiter (the future) toward which it will resume forward motion.

This Mercury phase includes 3 exact conjunctions with Jupiter in Aquarius: January 11th, February 14th and after Saturday, Mercury heads toward their final meet-up on March 4th.

photo: Lanvi Nguyen

The Moon will be in Mercury-ruled Gemini through Sunday night (10:53 pm ET), having squared the Sun in early Pisces on Friday.  We’re in the 2nd Quarter lunar phase, where momentum grows to push forward with intentions sown at last week’s Aquapalooza New Moon.

All this occurs with the first pass of the uber-aspect of 2021 still exact to the degree – Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus.

As that became exact this week, structures and systems, particularly with regard to electricity and internet technology (the purview of both Uranus and Aquarius) received some unexpected blows. In the US that’s most notably observed in the ‘Lone Star’ state of Texas, where extreme and unusual weather (Uranus in Taurus) froze out the state’s power grid (Saturn in Aquarius). Texas chose to remain independent from the rest of the nation’s electricity grid; to rebel (Uranus) against the restrictions of government regulation (Saturn), for the sake of corporate profits. As a result, recommended infrastructure-upkeep measures were ignored, at the expense of lives and untold economic losses.

Eric has called Saturn square Uranus “The Big Squeeze,” and it does describe a tense passage through a kind of birth canal: an element of shock, an ‘awakening,’ which ignites an imperative thrust out of some form of structural restriction toward greater freedom.

The tension arising when planets form a 90-degree angle demands action to resolve. This particular square poses a particularly intense challenge: much like a snake, in order to grow – in order to live — must break through its own skin. Birth and rebirth – a vulnerable, tricky time, ripe with uncertainty, some degree of pain, and profound potential.

Lanvi Nguyen

On the personal level, pressure to break through structural limitations can register in any number of ways. Literal bodywork may be necessary; addressing built-up physical tension to re-align muscular-skeletal systems.  The framework might be environmental, such as the sudden need for repairs, or “I can’t take it anymore” resolution to somehow manage that upgrade to your living space.  Or — your website may have been hacked, sounding a wake-up call to reconfigure security and technical infrastructure, as we experienced here at Planet Waves. (We’re ok!)

This weekend’s Mercury station plays out amidst a lot of Mutable and Fixed energy, further emphasizing the theme of changing patterns. This particular 2nd Quarter phase urge to move ahead has a potentially frantic, mental buzz, driven by so many planets in Air signs, and under the evolutionary Big Squeeze rays of Saturn square Uranus.

It’s possible that trying to do too much, in order to get Back on Track, in order to catch that train you want to ride into the future, ends up in a speed-wobbly spinning of wheels, dissipated forces, or careless stubbing of toes.  Less could be more for a while. That means focus and identifying core priorities. Consider what specific foundational steps are necessary to recreate the structures and networks most important to you.

Lanvi Nguyen

Saturday and Sunday’s Gemini Moon trines many planets in Aquarius, so socializing, communicating, and making plans — bright green lights for all. Just organize time realistically, keep your awareness handy, and don’t force anything. Green lights are not a sign to accelerate through intersections.

Another interesting thing about this Mercury station: as it seems to stand still and make a 180, it turns away from the traditional ruler of Aquarius to face the traditional ruler of Pisces. This mirrors the Sun’s recent departure from the last sign of Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) and ingress to the transitional and final stage of the zodiac: the harbinger of Spring and new solar year.

Saturn and Jupiter are archetypes of ultimate law; ultimate wisdom and ultimate truth. One limits, the other expands. One disciplines, the other inspires; one is realistic, the other is visionary. One represents the past and pull of time, the other beckons toward the future and all its possibilities. Mercury changing directions away from Saturn toward Jupiter, and that final conjunction in less than two weeks, is indeed a positive portent for the road ahead.

Yet seizing that potential is entirely up to us.

Actual rebirth demands committed participation, including the willingness to endure discomfort and uncertainty, for the sake of forging something new and something real.

Lanvi Nguyen




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