Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 — The Day of the Unifier

If Your Birthday is Wednesday, Feb. 12
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When you see the world through a new lens, you perceive a new world. This is a year to cast your net wide and broaden horizons. Your joy batteries could use recharging, and opportunities for gratifying social engagement may be found in educational settings, or through travel of some kind. The point is to break up established routines, preferably in ways that bring you into contact with others. Tune in and follow the homing signal that beckons. A bridge to the future you seek may be found among those who share your ideals.
— by Victoria Emory

Written in the Planets for Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020

Last night the Moon entered Libra. Generally speaking, this signals a couple days when there’s a greater inclination toward things like diplomacy and beautifying your surroundings — but if you’re up really early, this morning could be a little different.

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The Libra Moon activates the whole Venus-Chiron-Salacia-Pholus-Quaoar configuration in Aries and Capricorn in the wee hours today. Is there a new layer of emotions coming through about your sexuality and your family history?

What would it feel like to bring it into equilibrium? Not according to “society’s standards” — or those of a parent or partner, either. Rather, what might bring this part of you into better alignment with yourself? The sensation will be one of greater inner spaciousness, not less. It might feel daring or a little scary to claim it.

Meanwhile, Mars is making a conjunction to the Galactic Core (the center of our Milky Way galaxy). If the Galactic Core represents our “cosmic homing signal,” what might it mean to channel your physical energy, ambition, desire or even your frustration and anger into the service of something greater than yourself?

That doesn’t have to mean trying to save the world. It could just mean engaging with your personal healing process, creativity, or steps toward individuation with a sense of newfound faith. It’s not about ‘god’. It’s about trusting who you are, all of who you are, and that you have a place here on the planet.
— by Amanda Painter

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Almanac: The Moon is in Libra today. It enters Scorpio on Thursday, Feb. 13, at 7:37 pm EST.

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