We Must Change Ourselves, Not a Virus

By Jeremy Sherr

This letter is a response to a recent article by a naturopath, who has suggested that we, as the homoeopathic community, support the C.Ov.1d.19 vx program. This has left many confused and bewildered.

Rather than taking time to answer the myriad misleading and erroneous details, I am offering this short response based on homoeopathic principles. I leave a detailed deconstruction of the fallacies in the article to others.

Jeremy Sherr, homeopath and teacher.

Once upon a time a severe epidemic plagued the land. It had traveled the trade routes from far away exotic lands to infect Europe and America. The symptoms were dreadful and disfiguring, people were dying by the millions. Every country blamed its neighbour for starting it.

Wars broke out, economies crashed, marriages and noses dissolved, cultures changed, people lay dead in the street. There was no cure, and it was clear that the disease would rage for many years to come.

Some, like the doctor who first diagnosed and defined the epidemic, predicted its effects would last for five hundred years. The world was devastated. Everyone prayed for a cure.

Finally, a cure was found, the peak of medical science of the time. It was a kind of vaccination, because it was roughly based on the law of similars, however, like vaccination, it did not match the totality, did not individualize, and was certainly not a minimum dose.

Thus, it was toxic. Few were cured; many were palliated and mutilated; most were suppressed; all were poisoned. That is the effect of medicines and vx that do not cover all the tenants of homoeopathy.

The disease was called Syphilis. The cure was called Mercury.

The purported cure, which seemed innocent at first, created a miasm that raged for over five hundred years. Its effects were much worse than the disease. We supplemented the acute with the chronic. Way not to go.

Suggesting the C.Ov.1d.19 vx as a means to alleviate and palliate the condition shows a short-sighted, narrow view, typical of allopaths who concentrate only on primary effects.

Here are a few points from the philosophy of homeopathy, for those who may have forgotten:

1. Acute diseases are curative. They cure by death or recovery. They expose the truth hidden within the chronic. Their mission is to heal the patient, at the expense of a few million cells and inconvenience, sometimes even death.

2. Chronic diseases are the most miserable condition. They maim and devastate, last forever, and are never curative.

3. Epidemics are acute diseases. Their mission is to heal the planet, at expense of individuals and inconvenience. Many die.

4. Miasms are chronic diseases. They devastate the planet and its population, slowly and painfully distorting our reality.

5. Suppression of an acute disease leads to a chronic disease. In the same way, on a grand scale, suppression of an epidemic leads to a miasm.

6. Definition of suppression: cutting the chain from source to symptom without healing the source. (as in cutting a DNA/ mRNA chain.)

7. Definition of real cure: Healing the source. The symptoms will heal as a result.

8. Definition of real cure of an epidemic: Healing the collective source by uniting the epidemic symptoms ‘As If One Person’, then perceiving the true nature of the source, and aiming our remedies to cure the source and consequently heal the symptoms it produced.

9. Definition of palliation of an epidemic: Prescribing only on individual patients’ symptoms, regardless of the whole and ignoring the source. Similarly, routinely using ‘well known’ remedies from previous epidemics.

10. Definition of suppression of an epidemic: Cutting the chain of links between source and symptom, disregarding the source, totality, and bigger picture. The source is left to fester. Forever.

11. Definition of naive or irresponsible behaviour in this context: Suppressing the epidemic, while continuing to support the precise factors that promote and perpetuate it, including Big Pharma or Big Bill and Co.

Promoting vx might suit green allopaths who buy into half-baked, rushed studies sponsored by big bucks. It does not suit the real homoeopath who knows her truth and sticks to it.

Sure, we all want to go back to normality. Sure, we are all devastated. We are all scared for ourselves, our family, our friends, and our finances. Some of the pillars of our community have sadly fallen to this disease. But it has only been a year. This epidemic is still very minor in historical context, puffed up by media, politicians, pharma, and the powers. The planet invited this pandemic, because we are slip-sliding into chronic ecological and economic oblivion and not hearing her plea.

Glaciers are melting, islands are vanishing, forests are burning, skies clouding with poison. The population is exploding. And the powers that be are pushing their covert New World Order. What was she, our planet, to do? What choice did she have? Are we to suppress her efforts so we can return to a sick ‘normality’ ASAP? This is what the article I am referring to suggests.

If we balk at the short-term suffering and inconvenience of an acute epidemic and choose palliation and suppression, our children and grandchildren will suffer for generations. Because there is no way any vx will heal the source of this epidemic.

I am not suggesting doing nothing. We have the answer. The worldwide homoeopathic community has treated tens of thousands of cases with our remedies. My team achieved 92% success. I am sure your teams have too.

This success comes from healing the source. Rather than supporting the allopathic corner with fancy new drugs, which already enjoy the support of multibillion dollar Big Pharma and Big Bill, why not stand tall and fight for our corner, side by side with the minority that represents the path of light and truth.

The article states,

‘I would rather change the virus than change ourselves’.

I say,

‘I would rather change ourselves with the help of the virus’.

‘Convenience is the mother of Psora’.

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