We have organized a group of helpers. And we have some suggestions to help you feel better.

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

We had an excellent response to our request for helpers of people who are in distress. We are currently getting organized and have at least established an email address for the project: help@planetwaves.net.

Eric Francis.

Over the weekend, about 14 different Planet Waves readers stepped up to the task of helping people in distress. They include several astrologers (including Chinese astrology), various forms of intuitives and readers and two homeopaths. They have a vast array of experience working with people.

If you are feeling in distress, under extreme stress, or don’t know what to do, write to us and someone will help — potentially more than one person — if only to lend you an ear. One or more people will do what they can to assist.

A Few Suggestions for Feeling Better

Meanwhile, I have some suggestions. One of the conditions of society right now is extreme confusion about what is true and what is not. This is not an accident. Public officials are saying contradictory things every time they open their mouths.

I might not have a clue what was going on, though I do, thanks to the assistance of 10 experienced people (including two other top investigative reporters) diligently helping me sort through articles, papers and interviews, so I can relate. Their work can be found here.

However, doing “deep dives” on the internet is not necessarily a way to allay anxiety or distress. It can be, though you may discover things you don’t like very much, so go with what feels right.

Worse yet is the commercial media, which I have never, ever seen in such a prolonged state of fear mongering and crazymaking. It’s like the Gulf War coverage on CNN, but going on for two years.

This is pure abuse: of your emotional state and of your trust. Anything you see that might be true is there to conceal that which is merely designed to keep you in a state of anxiety.

What I am saying is, turn off the TV, and avoid the news sites. If you are trying to fact-check something, write to us and we will help you with that.

Performance at Backstage Studio Productions. Photo by Eric Francis.

Get With Like-Minded People

If you cannot find anyone to relate to, then I suggest making a conscious effort. Part of breaking the spell is gathering with people face to face — in the same space.

There is no stock formula for finding them, though there are likely to be groups in every region, even if you must travel to a different town or county.

Some are support groups; some are resistance groups; some are having potlucks, swap meets, food security groups, and so on. What are you looking for? The place where people are not afraid. Not afraid means people with a loving vibe, taking action.

You will need to take the chance of expressing your real views. Only then will you meet people. Here is a clue: talk to anyone not wearing a “mask,” and they are likely to become a friend. You are more likely to find companionship among those who are “conservative” than those who are “liberal.”

This is a good time to drop your prejudices and evaluate people for who they are, not by their label. There are some churches that are hip to the situation; call around your community. I am seeing a revival of the actual Christian spirit among all of this insanity.

Valentina, left, and Kathleen, about five minutes after being born. Photo by Eric Francis.

Help Others — You Will Feel Better

One way to feel better is to help people. There is always someone worse off than you are. Assisting them will help you both feel better.

There are plenty of opportunities to do that, from the local food bank or homeless shelter, to churches doing community support work. Look for places where there is no sense of panic, and where you are not treated like a disease vector.

This is the dividing line: are you seen as human, or as a walking contagion?


Some of my collection of handmade pottery mugs. Photo by Eric Francis.

Peace-of-Mind Content, All Free, All the Time

Free, commercial-free channels are available at STARCAST, Planet Waves FM and Planet Waves TV. There are endless hours of my voice and presence offering reassurance and peace of mind. None requires login and there are no content restrictions.

We have made public (visible, no restrictions) my previous Dharma, Story of I Am and Metamorphosis readings. These are all on Planet Waves TV. We have also added these readings to the monthly horoscope pages.

At any time, I try to keep one or more of our live streams going.

For those with specifically spiritual needs, you can tune into my Course in Miracles channel. There are many programs available free there.

For those who need some guidance or grounding in matters of sexuality and gender exploration, we have a project called Tantra Studio.

If you’re feeling at the end of your tether, reach out to us by replying to this email, or by reaching out to me personally through Facebook direct message. I accept messages from “non friends” and I should see them immediately, if I am awake. I will do what I can.

All correspondence is confidential within our organization.

View from Blue Studio toward Dominick’s Cafe, Kingston. Photo by Eric Francis.

Do You Want to Help?

If you want to help us in this effort, there are several ways. Reach back to me if you’re a spiritually-proficient reader, consultant, therapist, or psychologist and are willing to assist some people at no cost. You may do that by writing to me directly. I will make the referrals personally. Please let me know your skill set.

Second, we run all of these no-cost operations at considerable cost to ourselves, and if you want to support our efforts, please make a donation to our nonprofit Chiron Return, or our astrology company Planet Waves. We have always provided our services free to those who cannot afford them and have never asked for donations to cover our fee and sliding scale access specifically.

I would love to create a Planet Waves spiritual hotline; if you would like to co-create that, please reach out to me directly.

Thank you for your participation. Please stay in touch.

My desk in Blue Studio, Kingston, NY, where I wrote hundreds of horoscopes and photographed dozens of models, 2008-2017. Photo by Eric Francis.


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