We are Astrology the Food, Not the Drug

“I just enthusiastically renewed my Galaxy Pass membership. Long before 2020, Planet Waves was a trustworthy and reliable media source; today it is one of the only ones. Eric Francis and his team deserve recognition for their priceless gift of sanity.” — Cheryl Corson

Dear Friend and Reader:

My approach to Planet Waves is to treat astrology like a food: nourishing, fresh from the kitchen, hand-prepared with love. That’s not the “industry standard,” which is to treat astrology like a drug, or like junk food loaded with trans-fats and salt that keep you coming back, never really satisfied.

My intention with Planet Waves is to offer you something solid, drawing deeply from wisdom traditions, and sensitive to the life you are leading today. My intent is to foster your spiritual independence — not dependence on “advice.” Read any Planet Waves article or horoscope and you’re tapping into a library and lifetimes of experience.

You are invited to read our customer testimonies from the past 15 years or so, which we have gathered onto one website. These are the first-hand accounts of people who have directly benefitted from the food for thought that is Planet Waves.

“Just listened to Metamorphosis. Fantastic reading as always. Eric Francis and Planet Waves are a valuable resource of the highest quality. Thank you.” — Kathleen Sullivan

33% Off Membership, or Metamorphosis Included

This week we are offering 33% off new subscriptions, renewals, and revived memberships. I’ve been asked if I could get the monthly membership under $10 — here is a chance. To take advantage of 33% off any Core membership, use the coupon code HGP47NWW.

Alternately, if you get a full-price, one-year Core membership, we will include all 12-signs of the METAMORPHOSIS video reading. That’s more than six hours of astrological analysis.

All Core memberships include a basic chart kit — a very nice, printed, hand-signed astrology set based on your personal data, with extra resources included. (We can also send an electronic edition.) PLEASE NOTE: International shipping is extra. We will contact you if necessary.

“Eric Francis is a deep-thinking intellectual packaged as a working man’s astrologer…He is a fresh voice in the winds of astrology.” — Rick Levine, founder, StarIQ.com, lecturer, horoscope columnist

The Weekly Horoscope is Back

After taking my once-per-25 year break, the weekly horoscope is back, and we are providing all of our content on a new, fully-integrated website.

If you have questions, please call us at (845) 481-5616.

Thank you for your business and your trust. We will leave you with one last testimonial.


“If it were not for Eric Francis’ PLANET WAVES…most people would remain clueless of the richness, splendor and eloquence of this archetypal language. What sets Eric’s written work apart is the spirit of generosity that infuses his unique brand of spiritual anarchy. You see, Eric is that rare breed of astrologer with heart, soul and a mind of his own.” — Antero Alli, astrologer, author, film director

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