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Tune In 2022 art and concept by Lanvi and Eric.

New York, December 30, 2021

Dear Friend and Reader:

The Planet Waves annual edition has been written or recorded in Paris, Brussels, Miami, New Jersey, and from Maury Island on Puget Sound. The 23rd annual edition has been created in the mystical hills of Upstate New York, and is now available. This is Tune In 2022.

These are intimate, professional astrology readings that take in the astrology of our strange and challenging moment of time. Presented in audio format, they are live, unedited readings of what is called your Solar Chart: the chart for your sign. Think of it as an archetypal representation of your astrology, where I read many planets that barely touch the surface of mainstream astrology.

TUNE IN 2022 is just shy of 18 hours of material, tuned to rising signs and Sun signs, applicable to Moon signs. Each reading is about one hour and 20 minutes, in three or four segments. Original music is from Vision Quest, the Planet Waves ambient ensemble.

Eric Francis in Montauk.

I would say that this year’s annual readings have an even more introspective emphasis than my work usually has. There is an exceptional article included by Chiron pioneer Dale O’Brien, about Chiron in Aries.

Summary of ’22 Astrology, Sans Too Many Details

The past two years have been riddled with violent, contentious and chaotic astrology. We have witnessed the commencement of a war, as described by commentators from every corner of the social and political spectrum. This will continue to have toxic effects, though those are only as persistent as people indulge themselves.

We are now in a phase of calmer astrology overall. Some emphasis shifts from Aquarius to Pisces. This is likely to come with a more easygoing style of communication among the plebes, who tend to follow fashion.

However, there are important scores to settle, particularly the delusions that have swept through society with the force of Elvis. Mars is going to be very active in 2022, with all roads leading to a retrograde in Gemini that will be influential from this coming August through March 2023.

Pisces Power to the People: Mars and Jupiter

We get a precursor to the action of Mars as it moves through Pisces in the spring; along with Jupiter, this is going to arrive with a somewhat shocking awakening that spreads through society in waves. I am looking forward to the first week in March, when it seems like something previously concealed will become plainly obvious.

Pisces is the actual sign of Power to the People. It’s also a more pleasure-seeking energy; we could use some of that right now. Pisces does not want to dominate anyone.

Pisces wants to have a good time. It likes subdued light and muted colors, not bright, glaring, noisy environments. And Pisces does not really care what you do, as long as you don’t mess with it too much (and is also extremely patient about that).

My desk after finishing TUNE IN 2022 on Thursday evening.

Saturn in Aquarius: Facing Social Phobias

The conformist and transformational pressure of Aquarius (largely imposed by Jupiter in the past 2 months) is now focused on Saturn. He at least gives you the option to be your own individual if you do the work.

Saturn in Aquarius is also about facing the social phobias that tend to lead people to conform at all costs. For those who have taken this approach, whether sooner or later, the bill comes due, as does potential remorse about what was purchased.

With Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces (one of the standout aspects of the year, which is exact in April), we are going to see a fair amount of Kool-Aid going around among the hardcore, though after a while for others, that starts to smell like the thing that it is.

The Self-Actualizing Power of Chiron in Aries

One last item, which I will cover in my summation video, and which I cover in every one of the 12 signs of TUNE IN 2022. The tension under all of seemingly wide acceptance of “do what I say you should do” of the past two years (and “make me do it so it’s not my fault if something goes wrong”) involves Chiron in Aries.

This is a full-force motivator to be yourself, even when everyone else is telling you to kiss their ass. It has various pseudo-modes (buttons, recycled slogans from 1965, phony tribes, thinking it’s rebellious to wear blue jeans) but ultimately, Chiron threads the needle. As my cousin Bob said, “If you try to be anyone but yourself, you will fail.”

I find that reassuring.

Meanwhile, TUNE IN 2022 is available for the preorder price, if you purchase all 12 signs. People who are subscribing to Planet Waves for the first time may call for a special offer. Reach us at (845) 481-5616.

Thank you for your business and your trust.


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  1. I’m so looking forward to this series and have already placed my order. People are very crushed at the moment and the most unlikely people that you meet are quite suicidal, but the interesting freaks are also coming out of the woodwork. Something’s up, up above. Looking forward to some new inspiration just so that we can get our heads in order and move forward!

  2. This is Catherine Walla – It is January 1, 2022 – I cannot seem to find my Capricorn 2022,
    and once I find it, can you please tell me how to download it into a printable form so I may
    refer to it as often as I wish. Catherine Walla

  3. Dear Eric and team, HNY! Having made my way through most of the signs for Tune in 2022, I wanted to convey my appreciation for such stellar work. I found the readings to be a blend of uplifting, provocative, deep, and with a call to be our best selves. I marvel at the power of the sun sign method and Eric’s mastery in conveying the wisdom available to all of us through the charts. In these very disturbing times, our higher selves need to be utilized, in fact, I am not sure how else to navigate as old ways of being no longer serve in the mayhem. May we all engage with purpose and continue to support PW in small and large ways so that we can have access to independent media, outstanding investigative journalism, astrology at depth, and generosity from a small team of peeps. Love to all, Rebekah

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