Trump’s Charts Are a Real Shit Show

Trump does not have the world’s easiest natal chart. It’s amazing he’s held up this long. For example, he’s born an hour before a lunar eclipse. In the chart of an average Don, he would need to be conscious to stay out of trouble and not get involved with the wrong people.

In case you’re curious, these are Trump’s current natal and progressed charts. Trump’s very late Leo ascendant is truly remarkable. His progressed chart is interesting in that he’s recently had a New Moon, which happens only every 29 years or so. I did a detailed reading on him three years ago.

However, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. In the case of The Donald, a corrupt head of state, his natal eclipse could prove to be a serious detriment. Yet, currently this is the least of his worries.

Now that he has officially been impeached, Trump is politically injured. It’s one thing to be under investigation. It’s another thing to be under indictment, which is what’s happening.

Trump’s Solar Return Chart

I am not a big user of the Solar Return technique, but this morning I called up Rob Hand to get his impressions of the impeachment chart.

Rob went right to Trump’s solar return last June, which features Mars on the North Node and Saturn on the South Node, exact to the degree. This translates to Saturn and Pluto on the South Node (they are within three degrees of one another) and Mercury-Mars on the North Node (they are within three degrees of one another).

Trump’s solar return chart from this past spring. Note the opposition of Mars and Saturn, aligned with the lunar nodes. This is a lot of friction, in an explosive environment.

Saturn on the South Node describes his lack of discipline. Mercury and Mars on the North Node amplify Trump’s emotionally driven Twitter tantrums, which some days exceed 100 rounds.

All of these heavy-duty planets aligned with the lunar nodes ramps up the karmic implications of current events, personally for Trump, and for the rest of us. They describe someone who is caught in his own “unconscious” tendencies, which wrap around his neck like a vine. And the nodes always point to something much larger than is obvious; something much larger than himself. The nodes point to collective reality.

With Cancer and Capricorn in the picture, he’s caught in his early childhood dramas, which is why he seems like a three-year-old. But this is blown out to the size of society by his position and his power.

Under Pressure: Trump’s Natal Saturn

Trump’s natal chart features Saturn at about 23 degrees of Cancer. You may recognize that degree — the grand conjunction of Mercury, the Sun, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto are all opposing his natal Saturn and will be peaking during the impeachment. His natal Saturn is now taking an endless (many years long) square from Eris, which is even more pressure.

Said another way, during the impeachment trial, Trump will be having his Saturn opposition, with Pluto also about to oppose his Saturn for a year. We have the image of someone fragmenting emotionally, who didn’t have much together in the first place. Eris in the picture means that his not so secret weapon, the internet, will come home to roost. And women will serve more in the role of destabilizing him than supporting him.

It is possible for ordinary folks like you and me to grow and adapt our way through transits like this. We can call the astrologer or go to therapy or stay in bed for a few days, or go work out in the garden.

But for an overgrown baby with a thousand secret scandals and the nuclear suitcase three feet away, and someone who cannot really get along with anyone and who probably has no actual friends, this is not going to be easy. Among the possibilities are what else comes out, but also Trump buckling under the pressure.

We can take Nancy Pelosi’s lead — and pray for the president.

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