Tom Di Ferdinando’s message to the March Against Masks & Medical Tyranny in Albany, NY | added August 31

Greetings Albany! Let’s party like it’s 1934!! Yea!!!

After all, we’re told they’re following the science. Remember how they followed the science when they told us the Jews were inferior people; or when they told us that Blacks were inferior people? Now they’re telling us that the “unvaccinated” and “unmasked” are inferior people. They say we won’t be allowed into stores, concerts or sporting events, schools, universities, museums or theaters, on trains, planes or automobiles, or even be able to get food. Food! Wasn’t it Stalin who starved the peasants to death for refusing to conform to the approved ideology?

Then I’m told, “Oh no Tom. that’s not a valid comparison. It’s an exaggeration! Masking and distancing and injections have nothing to do with racism, anti-Semitism or Stalinism. It has to do with our health, our safety and our well-being. Think of the kids! It’s all for our own good. After all, we’re just following the science.”

Again? Following the science? Well that’s a lie! And it’s easy to prove. If there is one takeaway today remember this. One of the cornerstones of science is to invite dissent; to seek contrary views; to falsify your hypothesis. But with Covid, there is nothing but censorship. No contrary views allowed. I work with many legitimate scientists, physicians, professors and journalists from around the world and they can tell you first hand, if you contradict the CDC, or Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates, you get de-platformed, silenced or banned. That’s not science. That’s tyranny!

Make no mistake. The enemy of the First Amendment is the enemy of freedom, no matter how they justify or gradate their infringements. I don’t care who it is. And you don’t need to be a scientist to understand that!

Let me tell you something. We’re here today because of our freedomfire – that inner sense that somebody is after your freedom. For example, asking somebody, “where’s your mask” or “where’s your child’s mask?” or “have you been vaccinated?”, are all hostile questions. It’s not about safety, or “respect”, or whatever else they’ve told us it’s about. It’s about compliance, and is not so innocent as people like to think. In fact, telling somebody you want them to wear a mask, or put a mask on their child, or take a jab, is offensive and insulting. You know why? Because the implication is that you’re too stupid or out of touch to know if you’re sick or not. It means you’re not capable of basic adult judgment, self-awareness or making your own health decisions; that you cannot know your own body, and worse, that you are such a callous bastard that you would actually deliberately go out and put people – including people you love and care about – at risk, in danger or in harm’s way.

Really?! Well let me think about that. My response to those folks is, you’re the one who thinks it’s possible to have a deadly infectious, contagious disease ravaging your body, and at the same time have zero symptoms. You’re the one who thinks, again, with no symptoms, that you can transmit that deadly infectious contagious disease that you allegedly have, to somebody else without any symptoms, and can do so without even knowing it. In other words, you’re the one telling me I can be sick and not sick at the same time.

That’s not science. That’s hypnosis! It’s well-known by hypnotists that if you want to put somebody into a trance and make them vulnerable to suggestion, you give them opposing commands simultaneously. Then, you act like something is wrong with them if they’re unable to comply. It’s like an abusive parent, which is what this is all really about. It’s a bunch of bullies who have paternalistically drawn the world into an abusive relationship. It is nothing more. It is not about science, or your health or well-being. It’s about them setting up bogus mandates to get you to participate in your own self-harm. That’s why I say they are sociopaths. “I command you to sit down and stand up at the same time.” “I command you to inhale and exhale at the same time.” “I command you to be healthy and sick at the same time.” “Don’t question me. Just shut up, put on your mask and take the jab already!”

It’s abuse! The question here to solve is not, “How do you cure a virus?” It’s, “How do you get out of an abusive relationship?” And get out alive and with your freedom intact?

Listen to me. There are NO comfortable choices here. I’m sorry to tell you that. We are at the stage where you have no choice but to take a stand. There is no longer any middle ground. Putting masks on children?! Mandating “vaccine passports”?! These are fascists we’re dealing with, not doctors, not scientists, not public heath officials. It’s 1934 and Kristallnacht is right around the corner. It’s not hyperbole. It’s an easy prediction. Just look at history. They’ve studied it to their advantage. We have to study it to our advantage.

More and more people sadly will die from these toxic injections and, because the CDC defines “being fully vaccinated” as “the 14th day after you get the jab”, then, just like we’re already seeing, all the vaccinated people who get sick or die from the jab within that 14 day period will go on the books as “unvaccinated Covid deaths”! It’s cynical and evil. And then they’re going to try and blame those of us who suffer from fascism hesitancy for the rise in bogus “cases”.

Some of the people you talk to will take a gentler approach, and will tell you they’ll agree to disagree… but only as long as you get the jab. Get it? In other words, there’s no middle ground. It is awful, because the conflict is going to cost you friends. It is going to cost you family. It is going to cost you a job, a home, or giving up seeing people you love, if it hasn’t already. It is a messed up situation. Welcome to soft tyranny. Welcome to soft fascism. Welcome to soft totalitarianism. The bully is in charge!

Well, let me tell you something. There is only one way to take the bully down, and that is through non-compliance. No matter how you go about it, that is his achilles heel. He can’t stand it. Forget reasoning with him; forget negotiating with him; you can’t reciprocate with him. All you can do is rob him of the opportunity to laugh at you, humiliate you, express contempt for you; rob him of the opportunity to suffocate you, isolate you and poison you. This is why he wants to see you and your children in masks. It’s not because he cares about your health and safety. It’s because you look ridiculous! Remember that!

Wear a mask; don’t wear a mask; wear a mask; don’t wear a mask; wear a mask until a vaccine is available and then don’t wear a mask; get the vaccine and now wear two masks; get the vaccine and wear two masks and a shield; then get another vaccine; now there’s a “variant”, so let’s start the whole thing over again and blame the non-compliant. Can you see? It’s a trap! They’re just stringing you along. And they’re laughing at you! They make their demands more and more ludicrous just to see how far you will go before you say “no, I will not comply”! It’s marketing and bullying at the same time.

One last thought. The governors are wholly responsible for this. With stakes this high, like locking down society, destroying businesses, isolating elders, quarantining healthy people, pretending everybody is at risk, putting masks on children; all this, and they didn’t seek a second opinion?! It’s a serious dereliction of duty! They’re on a power trip and need to be stopped, now. Because they can’t stop themselves. And worst of them all, are Fauci and Gates. All they have to do to ramp up the fear and elicit more compliance is unscientifically raise the PCR cycle threshold and make it appear like there’s a quote, “explosion of cases”. That, and add to the counts of the quote “unvaccinated”, the hundreds of thousands of people with vaccine-induced injuries. They are sick people! They do not belong in office or in any position of power. They belong in therapy… or in jail.

Do you see what I am saying? Is it igniting your freedomfire? Wipe the slate clean! We need to go back to February 2020, reclaim the lost territory, hold a second Nuremberg Trial before they install the new Nuremberg Laws, and install the guards of our future security!

Just to wrap up, and this is important. It’s not just refusing to wear a mask or refusing to take a jab. It requires more careful organization and more persistent effort than that. Like I said, there are no comfortable choices here. We need to take a stand, a stand on freedom and a stand on medical freedom, and confront this madness at every level it is operating. We have to find out where our police commissioners stand, where our sheriffs stand, where the store owners and managers, the media heads, the political leadership, the school boards stand, where they all stand on freedom and health freedom. We have to meet with everybody and let them know where we stand and that we’re taking a stand. We have to let them know what we think; and we have to know what they are thinking and going to do when we act. Then we have to enter a situation that forces the issue, to dramatize the conflict, as Martin Luther King Jr. said. That’s the task.

It’s hard. It’s anxiety provoking. And it always costs something. We haven’t been dealing with reality. We’ve been drawn into a fantasy world of superstition, non-sensical science, magical viruses, talismanic masks, and painful rituals, by bullies who don’t care about our health or safety, but who only care about our compliance. It ends there. They just need you to comply. They are sick people, and cannot rest unless they are regulating or micro-managing every spontaneous expression of human freedom you’ve got – whether it’s speaking freely, assembling freely, publishing freely, worshipping freely or registering your grievances freely, like we are organizing to do here today. Again, the enemy of the First Amendment is the enemy of freedom.

New York Governor Hochul – congratulations on your new appointment. If you are listening, I want a meeting with you, along with a group of the censored scientists I work with, and I want the meeting broadcast live. If you really care about the science; if you really care about our health, safety and well-being, if you really care about New York, then you will be open to hearing the opposing views that the previous medical fascist in the governor’s mansion should have welcomed, but instead recklessly rejected, because he was having too much fun playing dictator and getting an Emmy award for his performance. I hope you will openly respond to our request. This is serious and we are serious.

Thank you very much.

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